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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deferio

The Card Master

Deferio Last updated on October 6, 2010
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Alright well this is my first build on here... so excuse me first up if its really peasent but this is the build i use almost every game and it works very well.

My summoner skills are exhaust and ghost. This i have worked out for a few particular reasons. Firstly that exhaust is a good all round move, its good for chasing, fights, and escaping... your a very squishy character and the few seconds you get with exhaust is just what you need to get that advantage. And secondly ghost.. ghost with the mastery towards it is fantastic for doing what you do well. Teleporting and ganking... generally speaking people tend to run away soon as they see that dot over there head this will give you that extra advantage you need for that one last gold card you can pick or that escape aswell cause again... your a very squishy champion

Before we start.. just some adivce on champions with you, tanks are your best friend... your not a tank.. you never will be... dont run in thinking your top **** and youll penta kill them by yourself with the turret attacking you aswell cause this **** just doesnt work. Champions to work around.... MORD...**** this guy is rediculous. Hell eat your up if this guy knows what hes doing. same with rammus and pretty much any armour heavy champ early game till you get your old trusty cleaver to help you out with there damage reduction


To start the game i use boots of speed and 3 health potions.

I always go mid and this is how my skills are worked. Generally speaking if your not mid i would go stacked deck 1 then pick a card at 2 and 3 for harassing both players and red card does alot of early damage.

With mid you work at harassing the hell out of the usually squishy champion they play in mid against you. What is a good idea is that you wait and farm minions and only at that 3rd stack you attack, getting boots of speed first most champions you will verse wont have it and it will give you that advantage again, or otherwise after level to level 2 with your pick a card you can attack with your gold card when you only have 2 stacks cause there generally not expecting it then and whilst there stunned get that stacked deck shot in. With red cards buff at lvl 2 with my damage runes you can do about 45% of a lvl 2 anivias health with a stacked deck red card shot... which is epic. Continue to do this in mid until your lvl 6 dont bother going into other lanes unless there is an almost 100% chance youll get a hit off and preferably a kill. With harassing with stacked deck and your cards generally you will get 1 kill at least depending on how good your opponent is, alot of baiting is great bait them away fromthere tower ghost in stun them stacked deck them giving you more distance to kill. Stay until 6 you shouldnt need health and mana with your blue card and three health potions unless your being ganked alot or even worse being harassed more then you could.

Depending on how well youve gone buy beserkers greaves and either a recurve bow or a dagger, depends on how much money you have either will work and then dont go back until you have enough for a sword of the divine
( I know in my build it doesnt say that its in there... but thats because late game i swap it out for a much more effective phantom dancer)

From now on is when the ganking begins, go back to your lane and either patiently wait or just go for it, generally no other lane will have there ult perfect for you, look out in both top and bot for potential gank watch for an easy destiny into the bushes behind them with a ghost to catch them or just come from your lane, this is the time when you begin to shine with your increasing attack speed your stacked deck and cards (and soon sword of the divine) will make up for alot of the damage your are lacking by going attack speed early and continue to gank or lane at will making sure to always be on the look out for potential opportunities.

Following all of this it is just the same generally from here on in you want to build your dsword of the occult next for all the attack damage it gives. BUT IF YOUR GAME IS NOT GOING WELL SWAP FOR A MALADY FIRST AND BUILD A BLOODTHIRSTER LATER INSTEAD OF IT. Yes i know that was in caps... it was very necessary to tell you that though, i HATE people whose stats are something along the lines of 1/7/3 or 2/12/5 yet still continue to have there sword of the occult or mejais. Its rediculously fraustrating to see.

Continue on your merry ganking and destroying after your occult feel free to build a malady or a starks, a starks would be great but only if at least 4 or at minimum 3 of you are fighters. After your malady next is your black cleaver, finally alot of damage... i know right.. black cleaver is awesome +75 damage... who the **** doesnt want that? and youve already got enough attack speed so last whisper is alto of overkill plus if you dont get black cleaver your damage is really really peasent. so pretty much ignore last whisper get black cleaver. Next is the real big gun which should put the nail in this epic rape coffin..... Infinity Edge. 80 damage... **** YES, 20% crit chance....YES.... 250% crit damage...*****ES PANTS* so yeah its good, really good. and finally if your game actually goes for this long... which is pretty rare usually but yeah if you do what you wanna do is save about 1700 then sell your sword of the divine because by now the 100dmg it gives you every few attacks isnt very good, especially when a cho gath has like 4000 health.

By now almost no champion will stop you, if you have what ive built with your occult stacks at max it will be will have about 300 or something attack damage almost 2 attacks per second about 50% crit chance with your 250% crit damage and your 500 movement speed being able to chase down even the speediest yi with your ghost.

Pretty much to summarise this all up i cant emphaise enough how important some harassment is early game. If you dont there gonna get confident... there not gonna be scared of you if they think your a litte ***** who does **** all and runs away its just not gonna work out here. From level 6 on the game is yours gank at will work with your team a good team will always overpower just a good player on the other team. Towers win games.. but ganking will go a long way :) work your attack speed and always look out for other lanes... dont wait for other people to call MIA you should know yourself. Help your teammates. work your control with your attack speed damage combo, your red card is super damage plenty now so its great.

This build isnt perfect i know that, nor are the runes that i know for sure. Id apprechiate your comments anyhelp will always be apprechiated. Sorry there arent any fancy pictures and **** but its still a good build and reading isnt all bad for you.
Everyone has a bad game and just cause you dont go well once doesnt mean this build is bad. It works well in alot of games ive played this build about 100 times so i know it well and how to use it, it may take a few games sometimes... but itll work out.

add me in game if you want im always down for a game... have a good day guys.