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Skarner Build Guide by Dretven

The Champion Hunter

The Champion Hunter

Updated on August 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dretven Build Guide By Dretven 1,519 Views 0 Comments
1,519 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dretven Skarner Build Guide By Dretven Updated on August 18, 2011
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Hey everybody i want to welcome you to my first build on skarner the crystal vanguard.
I wanted to show off this build because of some of the poor skarners i have seen in LoL.
I hope you enjoy this build i know it has helped me through quite a few games. Since this is my first build if you have any comments leave and i will try to fix my stuff as best as i can.
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    Great Crowd Control
    Decent burst
    Fantasic Chase
    Good Farming
    Terrific Late game
    Great Jungle hunter

    Easily Focused down
    Not the best Early game
    Mana Issues
    Madreds is a nightmare
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I pick attack speed marks and glyphs to utilize skarner's passive with flat mana regen to help his beginning game. My quintessence are flat ap to help get the first blood and take control of the lane
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For Mastery's i go 9/0/21 to get the magic pen, ap per level and cooldown reduction in offense and cooldown reduction, reduced dead time, health and mana regen, and move speed in utilities.
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Summoner Spells

Teleport- fantastic backdoor capabilities, lane coverage and helps with some quick purchases to over take your lane

Flash- I use flash for either escapes or to get in position for my ultimate

Good Spells
Ghost- ghost is nice for the beginning and chasing down enemies but since you already have a movespeed increase from your w ghost does not prove its worth

Cleanse- nice to get ride of crowd control but pointless if you can get away with your q, w and flash

Exhaust- same as ghost you already have a slow another one seem ineffective but if you need it for your team then go for it

Ignite- nice spell all around, great for that first blood

Clarity- nice if you are having mana issues or want to switch out your seals for some magic resistance or armor

Clairvoyance- nice to catch that gank when youre to busy being awesome

Fortify- Nice if lane with some one that cover for you when you leave and good to stop the enemies from pushing a turret but otherwise not the best choice

Bad Spells
Heal- you should not be needing this with your w

Revive- never gonna need to be up that fast

Rally- never useful unless you want to screw around and your team can cover
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Start with a regrowth pendent and a mana potion to help stay in your lane till level six.
Next grab Philosophers and boots. If you are gonna need mercury treads before sheen that's fine but i usually get sheen to get the bonus damage. Once your items look like Philosophers stone, mercury treads, and sheen, grab a zeal and work on finishing Trinity force. Next grab Catalyst for some more mana and health. this will allow you to start to build the survivability that makes you a true hunter of champions.

By Mid-Game you should have
    Philosophers(for gold per ten and regen)
    mercury treads(for magic resistance)
    Trinity Force( because it is all around great for skarner)
    Banshees Veil( to help control the focus you will get)

Begin building your Thornmail by getting a cloth armor or chain vest(depending on your money) and a B.F. Sword to bring the damage to a new level. Once you get a Thornmail and Black Cleaver start saving up the money to grab a recurve bow or madreds razor(depending on the situation) and sell the philosopers.

End Game
Once everything is said and done you should finish with
    Mercury treads
    Trinity force
    Banshees Veil
    Black cleaver
    and Madreds BloodRazor

Some situational items would be Force of Nature in place of Banshees Veil for mor health regen and/or a BloodThirster in place of Black Cleaver for some life steal
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Overall this build bring Skarner to a level of beefy Dps, with great burst and survivability.
Skarner has risen to the ranks of one of my faorite champions to play because of this build. I hope this helps all you young scorpions get the edge out on the fields of battle.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dretven
Dretven Skarner Guide
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The Champion Hunter

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