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Morgana Build Guide by kuku

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kuku

The dark side of Angel

kuku Last updated on August 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi this is my first guide for Morgana so pls try it and comment for resolve and improvement.
Morgana is my fav ap champ to use because of her good farming and very useful in team fight.

If my build is not good and my english is bad i im very sorry please dont be mad.

Enjoy and have fun:)

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Morgana gains 15-35% spell vamp.
One of the fck up passive in this game. you can solo with no problem with this passive

morgana release big blck ball to snare an enemy(require skill shot and dumbass enemy)

morgana use her ability to create a black pool deal damage over4-8 sec (very good spell for solo lane and killing minions)

morgana shield herself or allies to prevent them from magic damage and disable (good for getting away and fight against caster)

morgana deal dmg to nearby champions and after 4 sec the enemy take another damage from mogana and stun for short period of time(work well with zhonya and in team fight)

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Summoner Spell

pretty good summoner spell. can stop enemy to get away and good for champion that have crazy regen like mundo.

flash is one of the best summoner spell. it can get you out of trouble or killing ppl (I always pick this for every champion )

good for solo lane and mid. use this to save your friends, tower or help ppl in team fight

morgana is pretty low on mana this will give mana back to you and team mate

good for getaway and save team mate

your choice spell use to slow em from chase you or use it when you chase them but you already have rylai

for support and morgana dont need ithmm no you have a shield

useless for morgana you not a tank or support no need.
not for you keep it for sivir lol

morgana not a jungle so NO

ummm no

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About the item..
doran ring is pretty good for early game give you a bit of ap health and mana regen always buy this first.
boot get this on your first base if you have enough money buy Amplifying Tomeand go back to lane

on your second time back(if you careful on laning your second back will be at lvl 6 or 7) once you come back buy Sorc shoesand buy Will of Ancientthis will give you more survive in lane and spell vamp which is very op for morgana because she already have her passive15-35% + 25% from WoA is pretty much GG

Right now you will be able to get a kill or two before you come back to base but if you low(around 40%hp with no mana ) pls come back now you will have enough money to buyblasting wand or needlessly large Rod(if you have enough money for needlessly buy it immediately )

now when you come back you will have enough for Death capbuy it and if you have enough money for wandbuy it or if you think you have hard time in lane buy Giant belt:)

now you will have money to buy rylaiwoot now you will become tanky and annoying cus of the slow\

after you get rylai now its time for ZHONYA(very important)good for all purpose lol

The last op item is VOID STAFF :Pvery good for pen enemy armor and kill em :)

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Pros / Cons

Pros farmer in the game in my opinion (you get about 6minion per wave )
2.ungankable if play smart(black shield)
3.can turn around the team fight losing>winning
4.great survive in lane and fight(60% spell vamp )
5.easy to kill squishy

1.looks tanky but very squishy if been focus
2.mana dependent (if you grab clarity or have blue you are fine)
3.enemy will focus you if you doing good

Extra very expensive so farm up and good dmg

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To get a good amount of farming and dont get haras use your Torment soilbetween the melee minions and mage mionion to get the most effect. You will start have a good farm when you lvl 5(lvl 1-3 take two torment soil to kill one minion wave but lvl5+ take only one if placce right)

If solo against range put one torment soil and stay back and when the spell its over put it one more time if minions dont die. This keep you from get haras and also keep melee champ away from minion

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Skill Sequence

For skill Sequence Use your Dark bindingto snare the enemy and put Torment soilto make the enemy HP low and then Use Dark shieldto prevent stun and etc from the enemy team that want to stop you killing your target then Use Igniteon your target to make the most effective and then Use your Ultto finish them if enemy get away place one Torment soilunder them to instantly kill(if get away with 100 hp that is sure kill)

So it will be you have ignite use it before use your ult for the best resolve

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Team Work

Team Work

This is probably the hardest part if you in solo q

You always want to lane with Melee champ that deal a lot damage like Tryndamereor Xin Zhaobecause when you snare one of the enemy this two can dash in to the enemy and kill them (Remember to use your Black shieldon them)

In team fight always put Torment soilunder the enemy team for deal dmg over time + its very hard to notice then use Black shieldon your Carry then if the enemy have around 60% HP go in and USe your ultimatein middle of the enemy team to do the most effect (MUst have zhonyaif you want to do this because it will make you invulnable of 2 sec and after the duration is over your ult will stun the enemy team once again use your torment soil and binding to finish em off)

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Player skills


First thing first must practice your Dark bindingbecause this is very slow moving spell(slower than nidalee spear:( so it very hard to aim)

Second thing is Placing your Torment soilis a bit difficult for new Morgana player

Here the right spot
if you place right you will get about 6-8 minion per waves