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Alistar Build Guide by Rendruk

The Definitive Dominion Moo Cow

The Definitive Dominion Moo Cow

Updated on September 30, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rendruk Build Guide By Rendruk 1,971 Views 0 Comments
1,971 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rendruk Alistar Build Guide By Rendruk Updated on September 30, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



This is an amazing Alistar build that will allow you to put out more damage (or at least similar damage) as anyone else on your team, while also making you incredibly tanky with 230+ armor, 170 MR, built in heal, ultimate, and finally the hexdrinker shield.

Your Alistar will also be exceedingly mobile with a speed of ~445 MS and built in initiation ability.

So, you'll pretty much have it all.

After playing Alistar in dominion I actually believe him to be exceedingly overpowered. I have not been up against anyone who could 1 v 1 him, except an AD carry with Lifesteal (but not if ignite is up).
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Rune choices are pretty set except for your Marks. Other Viable options include MR, AS, CRIT.

Attack speed will help you proc your tri force slow more often, MR can help round out your early game before you pick up hexdrinker or your FoN... Since those are later on in the item build list. Crit can really help your attacks on the sheen procs.

The CDR runes bring you up to around 40% which is very important as Alistar, so keep them. The dodge runes are just your best choice in dominion because you'll have enough armor, HP is wasted since you have a built in heal... dodge is just the best choice especially with your dodge mastery.
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Masteries are your basic 9/21/0 tank build. Alistar needs little edges in his damage output to be effective, so the 15 spell penetration is helpful - also, since Alistar tends to be on the front lines the extra 4% damage mitigation is essential. None of the other trees will give you as much bang for your buck with this build.
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The most important aspect of any build is *NOT* what items you get, but what order you get them in.

Example: If you were solo bottom in dominion vs a caster - your build might be Merc, Zeal, followed by Hexdrinker.

How well you do in the game is in large part based upon what items you buy and when. This isn't something that I can really teach you in a couple of paragraphs, but as far as this build goes it is usually best to finish your trinity force first, and then focus on whatever form of mitigation you need. Keeping in mind that you also need CDR, I usually grab Glacial Shroud next. If I'm really getting my butt kicked out there I would tend to skip over Hexdrinker for an item and get more resistance.

Everything is situational, and knowing what item to get and when is the #1 most important thing you can learn (other than learning how to play in general).
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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence maximizes damage output, but there are times when I feel like a rank 1 heal is worth the point, and there are times when I skip over getting ulti levels 2 and 3 until levels 15 and 16. In fact, if you're doing pretty good, skipping over your ulti (as long as you have the level 6 version) can give you a great advantage.
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Summoner Spells

Without a question I take Ignite and Flash for Alistar. Flashing past someone so you can knock them back or stun them to pick up a kill with your teamate is very clutch. The ignite will help your damage output significantly and put a hamper on those lifestealing Melee Sons'o'*****es who try to 1v1 you through your sun-fire cape and passive.

I would honestly not recommend anything else.
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Team Work

Alistar excels at protecting his team by knocking people up or away from his squishes. Alistar excels at feeding his team by stunning and then knocking enemy champs back into the fray (also fun to knock them back into the tower).

The optimum way to make a kill with Ali is to run up to someone and Q, and then walk in front of them while they are being knocked up so you can W them back into your ally. It's not always possible to catch someone with your Q, so keep in mind that your W + a Sheen proc can still do a lot of damage. Never be afraid to just use your W the same way you might an AP caster nuke. It can really whittle someones health away.

Alistar is also great for defending towers due to his W skill. It will not only stop someone from capping, but push them back far enough for you to deal with a second person with an auto attack.

When you have a high amount of CDR you can keep this up for a very long time with no aid.

I once got a Quadrakill with only me and my tower for assistance using this very method.

Just make sure you hit anyone who is trying to cap.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rendruk
Rendruk Alistar Guide
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The Definitive Dominion Moo Cow

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