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Leona Build Guide by xIchi

Support The Everyday Hero - A Leona Guide by xIchi [Aborted]

Support The Everyday Hero - A Leona Guide by xIchi [Aborted]

Updated on January 22, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xIchi Build Guide By xIchi 49 11 430,422 Views 59 Comments
49 11 430,422 Views 59 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xIchi Leona Build Guide By xIchi Updated on January 22, 2014
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Janitsu (569) | March 10, 2014 5:16am
abortion pls
brunocf (1) | January 2, 2014 8:27pm
PoisonIvy (16) | January 2, 2014 2:48pm
Amazing banners :)
xIchi (65) | December 15, 2013 2:55am
I max Q over E for the lower CD on the stun, having less CD and more DMG on E won't really help.

I did not try 0 17 13 yet, if it works best for you, go ahead :p!
But it indeed sounds like some useable alternative for 0 13 17 and 0 9 21

As I explained above. If you want more damage, AD runes help more than MPEN runes. And you might want to use flat MR or a mix of 4 flat MR and 5 scaling MR glyphs.

Also, if you are using the above stated runes, Ignite is good, indeed. Go for it!

Your start works, but the ward coverage is really weak, so use it against junglers that wont be ganking much, or are bad at ganking bottom^.

And I'd rather not go for Shiv. The stats it gives you do not really help Leona. If you really want something offensive an Icebourn Gauntlet is the choice :p!

My Winrate is pretty ****, because I used to troll alot with her, so its even lower than urs hihi xD
PerMorten (1) | December 14, 2013 3:34am

I would like to say this is a good guide. But i would love for it to contain more bot laners, of those who counters you and how to play against them. Like those i absolutely hate for sure are taric/annie wich are both viable supports.

Also i would like you to explain why you choose to max q over e as second.

I've been doing leona for quite some while now and I like her because of the strong initiation and holdup she got on a lane.

Have you considered a more sustain build like 0/17/13 where you go down the health regens on the defence tree. And just down to biscuits and gold income?
Also I like to use 9x mark of magic penetration/9x seal of armour/9x glyph of scaling MR
In my combination im often using ignite to help get the extra burst wich i think are great as it allowes my adc to secure a kill much better.

My most starts with relic, 1 health potion and 1 ward and lens to help getting lane domination early.
Also as Leona, i like to provoke out skillshots and then initiate.

Also have you considered including a shiv into your build? As a shiv would most definetively be a good item on leona due to her initiatios, And it would add even more burst.(especially if you think you will kill your lane)

And what kind of win rate do you have with your leona?
Mine are at 57%(including alot of matches where i learned to play her)

I am still a bronze player so i dont really have these experiences as you on high elo. And i still learn alot.

But regardless of something missing from your guide. I still uprate it as it was a good guide.
xIchi (65) | December 8, 2013 4:09am
Haha thanks, there are still 5 banners missing but my GFX-guy went afk for a long time now...

And my very first downvote w/o comment came D:
YayaFTW (134) | December 7, 2013 10:39am
Sick graphics!
xIchi (65) | December 2, 2013 1:39pm
Basically, all her skills scale with AP, but the scalings are horrible and the magic damage dealt won't increase much (as a support) by using MPen or AP Runes.

Since you are a melee and mostly in all-in fights as Leona, AD runes increase your damage more. While your skills are on cooldown, you will be using basic attacks to deal damage while your ADC is repositioning/running/fighting.
rulezz (1) | December 2, 2013 12:47pm
Somebody explain me plz, I don't really think there's something wrong, just have no idea why there're so many AD runes on Leona? W, Q, E, R scales with AP... So her famous combo W-E-Q can inflict a tons of damage. So what's the deal?
xIchi (65) | November 30, 2013 10:32am
I included 0-21-9 in the guide, but I will indeed try them out in the teamrankeds this evening and will see if our outcome improves more.

About the warding pictures, I am aware, I just dun have any friends to go into custom games with me and make new ones huehuhe.
No - I will update them together with videos of how to escape, triple-hit combo etc.

Edit: tried it in 2 games.
In boght games I did **** and fell behind, but in the end I still ended up having only 1 k less gold than the enemy support and my other laners c:
Jovy (935) | November 30, 2013 10:25am
I think that you'd be better off buying 3 stealth wards, 1 vision ward + 4 pots. Like you said Relic shield is pretty weak and I think it's better that you just rush for the Targons without getting relic before. You start with the consumables and you won't have to sacrifice vision to keep yourself sustained. You get targon's on your first back and you'll barely miss out on any gold. I mean you might as well count in the gank you didn't see coming cuz lack of vision. Anyway try that out Ichi I think it's a better choice.

Also why aren't you going 0-21-9? You get in the utility tree down to Culinary master and Defense down to the 21st point while getting tenacious.

Well I upvoted but I really think getting those masteries is a mistake. Hope you test both of these things out, I'm sure you'll like the outcome.

PS: the warding pictures are outdated, the brush isn't like that anymore, remember?
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