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Wukong Build Guide by AnthraxMegadeath

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnthraxMegadeath

The Flaming Monkey...King!!! (Trinity off-tank, solo top)

AnthraxMegadeath Last updated on August 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Wukong is a fun champion who excels at both getting into and out of dangerous situations. THis wukong guide will set you up to be 1st or 2nd champion into combat and often the last man, er...primate, standing.

Pros- Great initiator/interuptor, Phenominal gap closer/follow up shot for great burst, very mobile, nifty stealth escapes, AOE ultimate with a knock-up and good damage, likes to monkey around. He is best suited to solo top lane, he even says so in one of his many one liners, but can easily duo lane and do it well. (I often lane with a friend who plays Kennen, it rocks)

Cons- Offtanky initiation & disruption is a dirty job, but you seem like the right summoner for the job. Also he may throw poop... The Monkey King is still a monkey after all.

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Wukongs cool gear!

I start out the game with a dorians Blade because 100 hp and some damage and lifesteal is quite nice.

Mercury Treads - These are the right boots for Wukong. Your CD's are going to be low enough thanks to the blue buff you will be taking from your fallen foes... and they are pretty low in any event. if you absolutely insist on having ionian boots for CDR grab yourself an elisias miracle or cloak and dagger and don't worry about getting Atmas Impaler for end game, which you will rarely see.

Triforce - I build Phage, Sheen, then finish it. this is where most of your damage comes from and makes you a beast.

Sunfire Cape - a good tank item that is just amazing on wukong given the role he fills. It also helps snag a dozen or two or three more last hits over the course of a game. Could you imagine Wukong if these still stacked? hue hue hue.

Banshees Veil - Hitpoints! They are stacking up! So is your MR! And you have a ton of mana too now! Oh hey, nifty bubble thing... it absorbs stuns and stuff? ZOMG!

Frozen Mallet - Yeah, triforce procs are cool and all but please give me the REAL whack-a-muh-slow-thing along with 700hp and some more attack damage please. You will be forcing enemies to flash or lose very consistently once you have this item completed. I love this phase of the game!!!

Atmas Impaler- More crit, armor, and an extra 78 attack damage... sign me up, Immediately! Wait, no.... scratch that! last item! Or 2nd to last! your call! I like my mallet a lot so I build this last but the math is solid for putting it before mallet.

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Gold Per 5? Not gonna lie about it, it's pretty rad.

I typically do not want to build these items but in many matches you will know that you are in for a long fight in your lane simply by eyeballing your opponents pick and often it can be a 2v1 situation when pub-stomping. Gold/5 items are absolutely perfect for situations where you know you will have a hard time pulling the early kills from your lane.

When you are going to play a GP/5 game start yourself off with a Regrowth Pendent and a Health Potion. You will soon be building your Regrowth Pendent into a Philosophers Stone (along with grabbing boots I hope) and you may also opt to follow that up with a Heart Of Gold.

After these GP/5 items are completed simply proceed with your normal build and sell them off to complete your Banshees Veil.

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Optional Monkey stuff? OPTIONAL MONKEY STUFF!!!

Randuins Omen - Some people are not big fans of the Sunfire Cape or the don't have the Volcanic Wukong skin, and I get that, so if you are one of these people I suggest this item. I also suggest in in games where the enemy team is heavily AD as it can be a lifesaver for you and your team.

Force of Nature - An alternative to Banshees Veil that also gives you even more movespeed? Winning! Buy this if you don't need more health, mana or a spell shield... ok only buy this if you REALLY need to be the fastest guy on your team and hunt down some snarky escapists.

Black Cleaver - Replaces Frozen Mallet if your AD carry is a baddie or is just getting shut down. I hate it when this happens but your team may very well thank you for picking up the slack.

Bloodthirster - Replaces Atmas Impaler if your AD carry...

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Disclaimer: this isn't a pro guide or anything (I don't get paid)

Is this the best way to play Wukong? **** I have no idea! This is what works for me and it might even work for you too. It seems to be the right build for darn close to every game I play with Wukong, however, and I usually go 4-5/1 KDR when I play him.

I hope you enjoy playing Wukong and take the time try out my build and give it a big +1 because you know who's awesome? Yeah, You are awesome.

Thanks, -Numbr1 En Brazil, NA Server.