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Zed General Guide by Jordo789

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jordo789

The Forbidden Shadow

Jordo789 Last updated on November 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi guys, welcome to my very first League of Legends guide. This is my thoughts and play style on how I would play Zed. Whenever I do not explain a term thoroughly whether this is a skill or an item I would assume that you already know and if you still don't know be sure to leave a comment on which one. If you can please leave me some feedback that you think would go great with this uber damage dealer of a champion and be sure to thumbs up or thumbs down as this can show me what you guys think of my builds and give me a strive to show you my other builds. Cheers lads and ladies :D Peace.

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Considering that I have only two rune pages I combined together my Tank and AD runes and left the AP mid runes as separate. I was a little sceptical at first but after a while it turned out to be in my favour against most lane opponents, here is a summary of my chosen runes.

Armour Pen Marks X8 - Armour Pen is a great addition to any AD carry/offtank, dealing more damage at barely any cost

Attack Damage Marks X1 - This was only to give a little boost to the early game AD which would stand at around 10 (bearing in mind the masteries), this is a good amount of damage at the beginning but this will soon change to around 400 if played correctly

Armour Seals X9 - Since this a combined rune page I kind of had to put this down but it turned into a huge advantage as you will begin with around 30-40 armour which is a good amount at level 1

Magic Resist Glyphs X9 - The same reason applies to this as it does to armour but for the opposite effect from AD and AP

Attack Damage Quintessence X3 - This could be substituted for Armour Pen but I found that a little extra AD would prove to be more effective than your already 10%+10 Armour Pen but this is down to personal preference really

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Early game Zed is a real squishy guy in my opinion to he'll need all the defence help he can get which is where these masteries come in. I've seen a lot of players go for the full AD tree but these guys often died a fare few times or struggled at their lane until they got their items.

I went with 16 in Offence and 14 in Defence to provide a good amount of early game damage along with a solid defence. Health, Armour, Magic Resist and Health Regen is a big help for a champion like Zed, he's really squishy and needs to survive until the Jungler comes and rapes face. These little boosts may not seem like much but it really does have a good impact.

The 16 in Offence is to gain that good Armour Pen and help with last hitting, at some popint in your lane you're going to come at a toe to toe collision with that odd GP or Renekton and this is where the Armour Pen and the additional damage comes in. If you land your skills correctly you will easily wilt down these guys with no sweat.

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Like most champions Boots of Speed and Health Pots are a great start in which I follow this but the second tier boots will depend on the enemy team comp, More CC= Merc Treads but in most cases Ninja Tabi is the way forward.

Zed is an energy champ so most people may think that CD boots are a must but no....this is where the other items come into action i.e. The Brutalizer, this bad *** item gives even more Armour Pen, more AD and fills the void of CD, if you want you can upgrade this into Youmuu's but do it last as you have to prioritise your heavy damage and sustain items.

If you haven't noticed or didn't really look into Zed's passive it allows you to deal 8% of a target's MAX HP once they fall below 50% Health, this is so OP beyond a lot of things as there is no limit when its activated i.e. Super Minions....1000 Damage?!?! Need I say more? and this will even your odds of the kill of an enemy champion with the help of Frozen Mallet, this beautiful thing slows, gives you Health and more AD. Zed's passive is only active every 10 seconds PER target no slowing them and constantly dealing damage will ensure you of the kill (unless a Karhtus or some other KS pro champion player feels the need to be a D.I.C.K) almost all the time.

Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge and Madreads are to get you to your 400 odd AD mark which is greatly helped by Zed's second passive which is at Max Rank of Living Shadow (W) it gives you an additional boost of 25% AD (Wow even more AD) At this point you can just about take down every champion there could be without a sweat (although you should focus the glass cannons before smashing the Tanks and other guys)

And finally Guardian Angel is the item fit for kings, this thing of magnificence revives you, gives you more durability and the picture looks pretty cool as well. This item IMO should be on every AD carry or any AD heavy champion for that matter.

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Skill Sequence

IF you guys saw the spotlight (which if you haven't I highly suggest watching it) it explains the skill sequence, in my build I kind of follow it in terms of Maxing out Razor Shuriken First (Q), get an early point in Living Shadow (W), Maxing out Shadow Slash (E) next and Maxing out your Ultimate whenever you can. Doing this gives you a lot of harass potential as well as an escaping method and a heavy amount of damage.

Razor Shuriken (Q) is a prime damage dealer, good harassment and a good creep farming tool because you can get the minions that are out of Basic Attack range and be able to hit your lane opponent as well whilst keeping a good distance from them or closing the gap, this is a win-win situation.

Living Shadow (W) gives you extra AD, an escape tool and is your main harassment method, just send out you shadow and fling those shurikens. Done. Oh and always always always use your shadow in line with Zed himself to deal Uber damage all the time.

The other skills are self explanatory, they deal damage......a lot of damage...thats about it

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All in all Zed is a hard champion to play as but once you get a hang of the ropes hes a literal beast of a champion. Buy him and take your time mastering him.


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