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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mindsplitter

The four button destruction

Mindsplitter Last updated on May 15, 2010
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So to start let's say that no matter what champion you play, you will be good IF you are a good player. If you think because you have an OP (overpowered) champion that you can just run in and kill the whole other team... no, it's not gonna happen. You need to sit back and wait for your opponent to make a mistake and then strike as a team.

So Ryze is definitely one of the easiest champions to play and from what I have seen is the best burst if you can fight someone 1v1. Your basic combo will be to use rune prison on who you are attacking, but! before you get the cast off on him make sure your ult is on. So once your ult is on you will cast rune prison. From here some people will say that "you have to use spell flux first" this is not true however usually it would be best. What ever combo you do next (overload and spell flux) doesn't matter as long as you hit your target 3 times with the spell flux. This is usually best done by getting them one on one with no one around and right up next to them or just one enemy right next to them and casting it. If you can get really good against a melee character you will be able to cast rune prison and then get just out of range of there melee attacks but still close enough so spell flux bounces from him to you and back all 5 times.

Now in team battles you should be the main focus of fire so do not run in there at the head of the charge. First identify your teams main focus target and let the tank or melee run in then go unload everything you have and get out so you don't get stunned and bursted. Even if people complain that you didn't do anything, don't worry you did a lot. Without your abilities you are useless because your normal attack is super slow. Remember too that you have deathfire grasp this does massive damage to your target.

On to the items. First I would like to mention that void staff is not necessarily the last thing you get, and if you are playing anything decent of a team it will not be the last item you get.
First you will get doran's ring and a health potion, if you are soloing a lane this health pot will be very nice and doran's ring is the best starting item for any spell caster in my opinion. Eventually you will sell doran's ring however because after a few levels it doesnt do a lot for you and you could use the over 200 gold it gives you back to buy something better... more destructive. I read many builds and they say "go back at this point in the game and buy all this at this exact moment" this doesn't happen in League of Legends. If you are harassing someone hard and they are almost dead then you probably don't want to go back right now and let him push to your tower. So get what items you can and what pieces you can when you have to return for health or... if the worst is to happen... you die. Let's face it, you will die Ryze is pretty squishy however his quick use of abilities allows him to stay in the danger zone for a minimum amount of time. This moves to my next point, I didn't put any health items in the build because I prefer to run in and unload as much damage i can. If you really absolutely need a health item than you can get Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This just isn't my play style. All my items are based on giving Ryze more ability power and mana. Plus the extra benefits are nice in the items. I say mana not because I ever go OOM (run out of mana) but because the more mana you have the more damage your overload spell will do.

Summoner spells. Flash is a great spell for almost anybody. Especially burst characters because you are squishy so it is good for porting through walls or just getting to your tower when your slowed. Also it is good for when you know your going to kill someone but you can't quite reach them so you flash towards them and rune prison... etc. Clarity is one that you can decide on. I do not find myself out of mana ever unless I am harassing constantly, and thats only early game. Really use whatever suits you, HOWEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER get revive. Neither ignite, i see a lot of people get this and never does it do more than 1 bar of their health in damage so... You don't need smite either because once you are killing minions your health wont matter much anyway.

Your masteries. I like to get the magic pen first in offense tree because magic pen is really nice for Ryze. However their is nothing else that is good for him in offense tree so... Off to utility tree since you don't need defense either. It should be pretty obvious which talents to get since there are only certain ones that pertain to Ryze but that is the best build from what I can see.

That seems to be all that I can think of right now. I will be writing a 3v3 guide for Warwick (he is my main) since that is where he excels and the only good guide is for 5v5. Hope you have fun, good luck and I didn't bore you with lengthy paragraphs.