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Udyr Build Guide by BlizzardTurtle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlizzardTurtle

THE GODYR (Pre-Season 6) (JUNGLE)

BlizzardTurtle Last updated on November 26, 2015
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Threats to Udyr with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kayle She's one of udyrs only counters she might not counter him now cause she was a s5 jungle champ im not sure if she can jungle still just watch out.
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If you want a strong early game run the runes i use if you want a strong late game run tank runes.

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I know a lot of people are going to look at this build and say "yea hell no" the build does indeed look stupid give it a try and i promise the outcome should be good.

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Udyr scales early to late game making him a REALLY hard champ to counter mostly because of his spells his spells are really good, he can tank go ad ap ect... I recommend start tiger for early game and phoenix for the late game.

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Ranked Play

If you know how to play udyr and your team does udyr is good for ranked but if you're not the greatest with udyr he's not that good for ranked cause he's a pretty high skilled champ. (Alot of people think he's easy he is not, trust me.)

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Pros / Cons

Scales great late and early
Not easily countered
Strong against most champs
Ganks are nasty AF
Lots of mobility
Can 2v1 (for the most part)
And more...
Requires a decent bit of skill to play
Not great for ranked (unless you know how to play him)
Melee only
And more...

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Team Work

Udyr takes a good team to work around him NUFF SAID

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You're going to have lots of farm if you go the gates (Trick2g phrase) (Gates = Split push most of the game). Harm farm jungle early you will get a big lead.