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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author odamaron

The Great Initiator - Tank Nunu Build

odamaron Last updated on October 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Initiator Nunu

Nunu is of the best support characters in a game. First of all he has decent stats for a tank and second he is one of the best (if not the best) jungler in League of Legends.

The main idea behind this build is that you want to initiate battles with your ultimate and to support your carry with bloodboil in every team fight.

Mastery points distribution:

Thing are pretty simple here. Like most casters we have a classic 9/0/21 setup.

You can go with a more defensive setup like 0/21/9 or be realy crazy and choose 9/21/0 but

you will need all the early mana regen and cooldown reduction u can find. You will help your team a lot in the early game if u are jungling and if u can kill dragon at level 4 so the cooldown reduction in summoner spells is pretty important.

Some people say greed is awful.... but i like it. The amount is small but it will help buying your items sooner.

In the build above i used haste but if you are using flash u can skip it and take blink of an eye for the improved cooldown on flash.

Summoner spells

I will make a list with all the spells and my opinion on each:

  • Smite - very good if you are jungling (which i strongly recomend). It's also helpful in the early-mid game for farming and gaining money. The bad thing is that late game the spell is all but useless.
  • Ghost - very good defensive spell that can also be used in more offensive ways. Combine this with your blood Boil and you are a very fast Yeti.
  • Flash - and excellent escape spell and initiation move.HIGHLY RECOMENDED. Why ? If you are fast you can use it to... flash in the middle of the enemy team and use your ultimate.

All other spells are pretty much a bad idea for Nunu. I mean why Heal when u can Consume, why Clarity when u have your passive and the list can go on (rally ?? teleport ?? revive ??? )


I like to go with a classic tanky setup with 3 hp quints, magic penetration in marks, evasion seals and magic resist in blues. You can choose something else. But you will want to have defensive type runes. More magic penetration or cooldown reduction are also decent.

Sunfire Cape - the best option for an armor item. This thing will help you because it will increase your hp AND your armor. It will help u farm and it makes a good combination with your ultimate. If the enemy team is stupid and have little to no CC you can safely stack 4 or 5 of these babies... cast your ultimate and watch them die(mua ha ha ha ha).
Banshee Veil - the best choice for magic resist. The bad thing about Nunu's ultimate is that Any stun, silence or knockback will cancel it.. 90% of heroes can do it so the unique passive will help you. It's also the only item that gives you hp and magic resist.
Abyssal Scepter - Great source of Magic Resist, AP and has an aura that decreases enemy's MR. Goes great with Absolute Zero. Bad thing about it : its pretty expensive.

Skill order

This is pretty obvious. You will want to max out Consume and your ultimate first. The rest is all relative. If you are laning with a carry i suggest to max blood boil after consume. If you want to be more aggressive then max out ice blast.


The thing about all initiators is that you need to have COORDINATION WITH YOUR TEAM in order to win. Your job is to get the enemy attention. If you use your ultimate they can run or they will be forced to waste your cc on you instead of the others. If they choose to stay then YUPIIIII they are probably dead or have 10 Hp left.

In the early game you will want to jungle if you can. If u cant do it (another jungler and/or your partners cant 1v2 a lane) then relax and enjoy your lane :)

If you see a double stun lane (or something) or something then i suggest to switch fast if you can.

Until level 6 there isnt much you can do. If u are jungling make sure to get dragon at level 4, and get red buff so you can gank someone.(red buff + blood boil + ice blast can help you or your partner to get a kill).

Mid - Late game

This is where things start to become interesting. Stay with your team at all time and roam the map looking for stupid enemies who over extend.Dont forget to always blood boil your friendly carry and to poke enemies who get too close to them with an ice blast.

PRO TIP : You are a support hero so...... please don't forget to buy wards.

If you can do it, force your enemies to fight in the forest.
Here you will have the option of [evil laugh] using your ultimate in a brush [/evil laugh]

I mean enemies cant interrupt some hero that they don't see :)

Special friends:

These guys are your best friends. They like you and you like them.
Can someone say BEST ULTIMATE IN LOL ? If u can coordinate with this friendly mummy the enemy team will simply die in a lot of pain. The trick is that u need to start first then amumu 1 sec later so they can all receive the full damage from your ultimate
Another special friend Galio can taunt an entire enemy team letting you use your ultimate in peace.The problem with galio is that he will get hurt in the process (unless he casts his shield first).
Vlad's ultimate is interesting. For 5 seconds enemies take more damage. Combine that with your ultimate and they are gona be in a world of pain. Bad thing about this combo: mobile teams....they will simply run away :( and you cant do anything about it.
Sona may not seem like much on paper. But in reality she is a great support. Like mummy she has a ultimate aoe stun. Like i said before: cast your ultimate then 1 sec later sona casts her ultimate so they can all receive full damage.
Cowgirl has a nice aoe ultimate that can do a lot of damage. The thing is she is kinda stunned when she casts it and can be easily dodged.


Nunu doesn't like these people. They can stun, silence, knock back or something like that.
They are too many to list them here so beware if you see them.