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League of Legends Build Guide Author aproncookin

The Growing META

aproncookin Last updated on January 6, 2013
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What is the new META?

The new meta is this annoying mob that picks many characters with TONS OF CC and disabling effects to catch and kill other players traveling in a huge pack all game and with disables they dominate team fights.

Not many people including myself agree that this is a viable META and that it should be thrown to the side and just forgotten about.Why you as? it is because even with the earlier description of the META it is absolutely awful it hardly ever wins. The lanes become abused and free farm everywhere for anyone using the correct META all it does is get you generally fed early on but that dosen't help you at all later when they have adapted to being passive and farming the hell out of the lane.

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Why would someone try this?

Game are sped up no matter what the outcome is and the only people using this META that ever win are the ones using alistar and cho'gath to disrupt team fights long enough for the 1 0r 2 ADC's on the team to pick up several kills. so in turn the damage output is very strong with this META.

I have used this META myself before and won it isn't hard but you must make sure that the team is viable for what you are doing my guide suggests a very viable team for the META that team has TONS of disruptions to ruin the time of anyone who plays against them because with a team like that against you your team won't have enough time moving to be able to fight back.

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Why would you lose?

Even though you can win you normally don't because your lanes are completely abused and pushed down and because you can't leave the Mob of teammates then you can't stop hard pushing against 3 lanes at once so your team will definatly lose by then.

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Then how would we win?

If played correctly you have 1 or 2 fed ADC champions or a fed couple of others so then by focusing down Mid lane and disrupting and killing anyone who tries to stop you you may win. This only works if they are too dumb to finish off your seriously pushed lanes and they didn't have any CC or heavier disabling abilities to counter yours out.


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