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Leona Build Guide by Vaillantime

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vaillantime

The Guide for Jungle Leona

Vaillantime Last updated on August 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Why would i jungle Leona ? Why wouldn`t i play her as support or as solo top ? Well. she ain`t rly viable option for solo top. She aint the best champion for last hittin + her huge cds doesnt allow her to harras the enemy laner and push him out of the lane. Her only + as soloer is she can`t be pushed easy out of the lane. And why not as support ? Sure support leona is viable but i think her disables and passive can be used at their best as jungler. If you dont miss your Zenith Blade, then you can land rly easy Shield of Daybreak. Wait a litle bit for your laner to trigger a mark of Sunlight, then use your Solar Flare. So if you dont miss your Zenith blade, enemy laner will be disabled all the time, maybe without a chance to use even a flash. Thats what makes Leona imo extremely good ganger. Please, dont rate the guide low just becouse you haven`t seen Leona jungle on live streams or tournament play. Try something before actually rate it low.

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I don`t like amor and mr runes on leona - her "w" gives enough of those. On the other hand she rly needs the as and ad to jungle faster.About Quintessences - you can also change them for HP per lvl ot just flat hp (this will improve your diving. But im not rly a diving person even late game, so the runes i used in this guide just suit me. If you belive some other runes let you jungle faster or gang better, let me know.
Never take magic penetration runes on Leona. Her cds are so huge, thats its just gonna be a waste. Same thing goes for ap runes imo.

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No utility mastery ? Well Leona doesn`t rly relay on red or blue buff to gang. All she needs are her teammates to trigger the passive marks, while u disable the enemys like mad. Feel free to change Scars to Ardor. But i find scars as a "must" for leona becouse with the "w" and this extra hp u can tower dive sometimes even at lvl 5. I also tried 21-0-9, which actually worked rly well early game, as my gangs were stronger and jungle was faster. It made me useles mid tho and from 4-0 i ended up feeding the enemy. So if u are thinkin of 21-0-9, it can be done but only with something vry tanky on your top lane. Imo 1-21-8 is a safe and nice bulid, even tho your wont be the best jungler early on.

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If you are going to use this runes and those masteris Trinity and Wits are a "must" . Those 2 items combined make leona dmg output rly huge + they add some tankynes to her. I like to get Force of Nature to add some more tankyness and for the MS bonus. With trinity and nature ur ms is gonna be 450, which makes u super mobile, something vry important for Leona, as she is great at zonening + when u chase , ur disables allow ur teammates to catch up. But imo any items that add some defence and some dmg are nice on leona. She doesnt rly need pure dmg or pure defence. Find the balance ;)

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Creeping / Jungling

Start with the blue and do standart lvl 4 route. You can gang when u are lvl 4. If u dont miss ur "e" fb is almost 100%. Never try to counter jungler with leona. She isn`t that mobile and strong at start. Focus on ur own jungle and try to gang as much as u can. You can make fancy moves only when u have Trinity. Play realy safe early game, if you get counterjungled once the comeback is extremely hard.
Never give you first blue and red buff to one of your laners. Second buff to mid is fine, but i think the ad carry should get the 3rd ot 4th reds. Jungle leona rly needs the first 2 red buffs to make her gangs successful

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Skill Sequence

I like to max Eclipse first, as it helps you a lot in jungle and also makes you the tank , your team needs you to be. It also helps a lot in tower dives or when u have dps spell on you like Malzahar`s visions. Great skill, a lil bit op imo. Then i belive it`s a matter of choice if your gonna max Zenith Blade or Shield of Daybreak. I like the Shield more, becouse it resets your auto attack, which leads to better dmg output. Try to use it only after an auto attack, else i belive its just a waste. Of course take your Ultimate - SOLAR FLARE whenever you can. Its rly strong spell with rly nice range. After lvl 6 if you miss with ur Zenith Blade, you can stil engage with Solar Flare.

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Pros / Cons

Leona is grat at gangin with her 3 stuns. Her passive also gives a nice dmg durin gangs if ur laner aint asleep. She is great in team fights. Even if u dont get a lot of kills you will get always gold from assists. WIth leona u will have more assists even then the support. She is also great at pushing enemy ad or ap carry away in teamfights.
Not the fastest jungler tho. You also relay rly a lot on hitting with "e". If you fail ur "e" u failed the gang. Also a huge con is that jungle leona is vry item dependent. A kill til the 10min mark is a MUST so u can own at mid and late game.

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I play jungle leona like jungle Alistar. Focusing more on ganging and puting enemies under pressure then actually farming my jungle. If you try to farm ur minions u will end up 2 lvls behind when enemy jungler is 11. With Lena you aim for lane presence and pressure. The double gps provide you with the late game so you should not be worried about enemy nocturne having +30 cs on you. By the 30th minute you both will have the same gold but if you have done your job your lanes will be ahead thnx to you.
I find Leona the better and harder to play version of jungle Alistar. And i`m glad its underplayed and overlooked. People have no idea what to expect vs me and i have even more ezy gangs. People figured alistar out. Lvl 2 gangs are so mainsteam that ppl almost never die again to it and alistar players fall behind becouse they put so much hope in that first 2-3 gangs.

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A great choice if your team wants to go double ap or have something like trynda solo top. Jungle leona rly wont work in every setup and in every game. Rly nice choice if are bored of all other champs u usually play and u want to try something new and funny. I had rly fun time jungling leona. (Guide tested and worked rly nice at the 1500 elo - 10 games 70% win ratio).

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After the new masteries and jungle camps were introduced i think jungle leona is more viable and underplayed then ever. This changes allowed strong cc-ers like Alistar to jungle, why not leona ? Move speed quints makes it so easy to gang nowdays. Even if enemy have warded with 420 movespeed you can come from turret and land easy "e". I belive jungle leona is more viable then ever.

Note: Updated runes items and masteries.
Note 2: New "Playstyle" Chapter"
Working on 1.5 - 1.6 elo.