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General Guide by Darkwhitezie

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darkwhitezie

The guide to challenger; Darkwhitezie's famous guide

Darkwhitezie Last updated on August 15, 2015
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Chapter 1

This chapter is about in-game rules.
1. Uninstall your LoL. Uninstalling LoL is good for your health. If you don't know how to uninstall your LoL, its quite simple. Find that on youtube.
2. Waste your flash. Flash is for the weak. Flash is useless. They are for showing for special plays, such as; flashing towards a wall.
That's all for this chapter. IMPORTANT! You MUST follow this chapter for an immediate win!
This chapter has been verified by player Darkwhitezie. You can find him on SEA server.

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Chapter 2

This chapter is more on carrying noob team tips.
1. Flare at them. Sometimes you have to rage in order to get them listening to your commands. Sentences such as, 'geegee noob team' and 'f*** my noob team' or such as 'report my team'. Your teammates will start listening to you because they know, you are from challenger.
2. Most important of all, feed. Feeding is the most dominating way of make your teammates understand your command. Some of your teammate might have see this guide or other guides to flare at you. So all you can do is to feed. Feeding will make your teammates wake up their ideas.
3. Type all your in caps. You will make your teammates scared and horrified. This is how you can command your teammates to do stuff for you like a dog.
4. Purposely dont save your weak teammates. Every teammate is weak. Remember that.
This chapter has been verified by player Darkwhitezie. You can find him on SEA server.

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Chapter 3; Guide on winning

This chapter is mostly the basic ways for making big plays. The most important spell you must have is FLASH. Having flash, you can make any plays you want!
1. If you are playing Vayne, buy YOMMUS as FIRST ITEM. Yommus give you the best stats that are best for adc! Myself, im in challenger because of that. Yommus crits 100%, the flower make you look better so taric will most likely to come to you for free kill.
2. If you are playing Rengar, you must buy BLADE OF THE RUINED KING as first for infinite lifesteal! More hydra + bloodthirster combine! GG! People will start to admire your beautiful. HOWEVER! You must credit me, darkwhitezie :)
3.If you are playing irelia, you must trash talk to enemy team and to your friends. They will start to believe that you are the pro! To give them a perfect score, try to get 1/12(Death/Kill). They will think you are doing better than them! They will start to admire you. The most important step is to trash talk your friend in garena talk!
This chapter has been verified by player Darkwhitezie. You can find him on SEA server.


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