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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by iEatNoobs

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iEatNoobs

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Fiddlesticks

iEatNoobs Last updated on August 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Fiddlesticks is one of the most under-used, and yet overpowered champions when used correctly. With all of the changes made to Fiddle in recent patches, I know that it is clear to Riot that the League of Legends community still has yet to come up with an answer to efficiently deal with a properly played Fiddlesticks. This guide will focus on mainly covering up Fiddlesticks' main weaknesses in mana-regen, long cooldowns, and lack of movement, while looking to capitalize on high AP (ability *raping* power) to maximize damage and potency in both team and individual fights.

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The cost for these 30 runes is roughly 12,000 IP, but I assure you that this will be money well spent. The runes are necessary to effectively balance Fiddle so that he is not top heavy on one particular area. As mentioned in the intro, fiddle's main weaknesses are in mana regeneration, long cooldowns, and lack of movement speed. These runes are chosen to counter the first two weaknesses, while adding extra magic penetration to help you pound your enemies even deeper and much more convincingly. Because honestly, who doesn't love the smell of fresh rage in the morning?

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These are the best masteries for Fiddlesticks. Don't question it just click them and they will help you out a little more during the game. I decided to skip defense for reason which will be covered later on in the build, as well as the fact that fiddle requires many of the mana regen, cooldown reduction, and spell/buff enhancing masteries provided in the utility section. Archaic Knowledge is the main reason for building offence points, as that 15% deeper penetration is awesome when you are ganking and draining noobs by the thousands.

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This is an AP Fiddle build designed to maximize each and every second of the crazy DPS Fiddle can unleash on his unsuspecting scrub enemies. 510 AP speaks for itself and you can pretty much rape anything in your path, causing your enemies to fear you and build heavily on magic resist, leaving a gaping hole for your carries to fill quickly with their incredulous amounts of AD. This is a very expensive build that, when executed effectively, should leave your opponents with negative magic resist before even engaging. Abyssal Sceptor's ability stacks with your passive to reduce enemy magic resist by 30 before a fight even begins. The massive mana regen and cooldown reduction provided by Morellos Tome, along with your combined AP boost and slowing ability of your Rylai's Scepter and RAPE-CAP (Rabandons Rape Cap), should roll over your opponents in the mid-late-ultra late game. The Hour glass is used in the late-ultra late game for strategic purposes as well as its tanking/AP bonuses.

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Skill Sequence

The skills are build like a waterfall, helping you get all of your skills quickly and evenly. I like to start of with dark wind. Fiddlesticks is a fairly squishy champ, and early game troubles will lead to a very bad gaming experience that lasts roughly 20-50 minutes. This sucks, trust me, and you will probably experience this during your first few games playing as fiddle. BUT ITS OK. Dark wind is first because its long range and bouncing ability that helps in the beginning at picking at your opponents, weakening them for KO's when you have your fear/drain. It is also awesome for last hitting hordes of minions and getting that first surprise multi-bounce between the two enemies in the early game. From then on I recommend evening out the skills by lvl 7 when you should have 2/2/2/1. This is an easy skill build to memorize from then on because all you have to do from the 2/2/2/1 is to add your first to drain, second to terrify, third to dark wind, in that order for the rest of the game. (adding the ultimate whenever available) This is cool so that you dont have to alt-tab or peer at your written down build every lvl up, sometimes causing unintentional deaths/mistakes. Drain and terrify are put before dark wind because this is the two punch combo you will be using to rack up most of your kills.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is required for all Fiddlesticks, unless you are under level 12. If you are under lvl 12 i recommend using exhaust because it is great for escaping and slowing. Flash is good when using in unison with your ult, as it extends the range of your ult, to a ridiculous distance. This strategy will be explained near the end. Flash is unparalleled in chasing and fleeing scenarios, and really helps the extremely slow and immobile fiddle. Teleport helps fiddle from making that long trek back to your lane when returning from healing or buying items. It is also an awesome ganking/fleeing tool that I love to use especially when there is a Teemo or Heimdinger on your team. See strategy below for more.

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Creeping / Jungling

Fiddle is a very good jungler, but this is very hard to execute especially if you are a beginner with him. Do not use this build for jungling. mid-late game jungling is a must for fiddle as he requires the golem buff whenever possible starting from around lvl 6. His drain makes soloing dragon and other monsters very easy too. I like to throw random dark winds at jungle monsters when im passing by, for easy and quick cash, but this is only during the mid-late game. Fiddle is also surprisingly effective at tanking the baron because of his draining ability.

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OK. Up until this point, I have been talking about the generic advantages and disadvantages of every item, mastery, and rune in this build. But what makes someone a good Fiddle player, is how he/she can handle fiddle durign the game.

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Early Game

Fiddle has the ability to middle or do normal lanes. If you are a beginner to Fiddle, I don't recommend middling because your are going to suck for the first few games unless you learn like some kind of freak. DONT FEED. Follow that for the first 15minutes and I will guarantee a fun and relaxed game, unless you are playing with dumbasses. Fiddle can be taken down extremely quickly in the early stages, so dont be afraid to run from fights. It doesn't make you a lesser man/woman for doing so, it just means you are smart and will pay them back later in the game. Focus on hitting your opponents with dark winds when they are near minions so that you will gain valuable exp and money. Be weary of MIA's. Your early game kills will come from your opponents over-extending enabling you to fear and then drain them for the easy kill. I like to fear first, then immediately drain. After this is press my dark wind and wait for them to run to the edge of its range before throwing, maximizing the draining. Only use dark wind if the fight is close and you think your dark wind could give you the extra oompf rather than an extra 0.01sec of draining. If you think you can chase and kill, go for it using flash. Another strategy is to flash onto your opponent when he is far enough away from his turret. After this you immediately use your fear/drain combo to take him our for the kill. Remember that flashes are very valuable, and only use this tactic if you have hit him with many dark winds early on and he is weak enough for about 1/2 to 3/4 of a drain to knock him out. Nothing sucks more than having to use a spell and 3 abilities and end up with no kill. Also, try to Golem as many times as possible, because even with all of the mana regen added through this build, fiddle always seems to never have any mana in the early game.

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Mid Game

I usually mark the mid game when lanes begin to start breaking, and/or you have your ult and a few good items. Fiddlesticks mid-game is what makes him so potent. You want to begin ganking your opponents with strong communication and sneaky hiding spots. This is where Crowstorm really shines. Hiding in bushes, waiting for opponents to overextend, is a great way to get those early double kills and begin to rack in the money and items. Crowstorm is a great skill because it allows you to flash onto your opponents, giving you the element of surprise. A normal gank should begin with fiddle initiating with his crowstorm, with an immediate fear/drain on the squishiest of the two or more champions you are ambushing. Try to use your ult on two or more champs, because this is where it shines the most. Only 1v1 a champ if you are sure you will get the kill and are uncertain if a normal fear/drain will do the job.

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Teleport Ganks

I don't know if I made this up or not, but it is fun as hell. Teleport is not only a great skill for covering long distances, it is great for GANKING. A cool tactic my friend and I use is that he plays as teemo and I play as Fiddle. He puts mushrooms in various bushes and alleys throughout the map, allowing me easy access anywhere. Whenever the time is right, my ally teemo lures two enemies into a bush where he hides, making them think that this is an easy kill. I then teleport into the bush via teemo's mushroom and commence the surprise butt secks with an ult/fear/drain/darkwind/ and flash/fear/drain again if necessary. This is a great surprise tactic that gets easy kills and helps you get across the map as well. Heimdinger's turrets can also be used with less surprise, but similar effect if executed properly.

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Late Game

Late game Fiddle is an extremely fun fiddle to play with. You must put your items to great use, especially the Rylai's Scepter and Hourglass. In 5v5 team fights late game, fiddle should always initiate with an ult+hourglass, which allows fiddle to become invulnerable for 2 full seconds. Your enemies will use all of their ults and abilities on you will standing in your crowstorm for the full duration, while you suffer no damage and leave an opening for your team to come in and mop up. Fiddle's ults are great for multi kills late game, especially with this AP Build, allowing you to deal tons and tons of damage. If your ever find yourself maxing this build, which is highly unlikely, just get like 5 deathcaps and an hourglass for 1000 AP. If you do not have an hourglass, initiating fights is very risky as you WILL be focused in team fights. Remember that you are still squishy since this is an AP build and you will die fast is focused. Try to allow your team to initiate, and then come in with a crowstorm and chase them all of with a flurry of your best combinations. These situations are the ones where you will get your triple, quadra, and penta kills with your ult.

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This is just a fun tactic I like to use. You can wait in the jungle where the ghosts are, and use your ult to gank unsuspecting enemies across the wall while screaming "sub-terrantean anal assault." (Trademark Destiny Starcraft 2) This, along with various other spots on the map are awesome for fiddle ganks due to the extremely long range of your ult's flash + regular flash combo.