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Corki Build Guide by Qbius



Updated on March 20, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Qbius Build Guide By Qbius 1,797 Views 0 Comments
1,797 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Qbius Corki Build Guide By Qbius Updated on March 20, 2012
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corki the ultimate ability

corki is very strong and can dominate the game pretty easily but is heavily item dependant and thus you will have to buy items in the game otherwise you can say sweet BYEBYE to your opponent and a victory and we don't want that
this build has a straight objective it is to prepare any player aspiring to slap sh*t with corki to seriously slap some serious sh*t as corki
with just 5 simple rules you can make your opponents go back to their mummies while crying (kind of like fiddlesticks the anteater)
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Skill sequenecnec

So the skill sequenece is like that cause the abilities do damage and well it's like pretty much what you do for a living i mean money$$$ in game so yea do damage kill people and earn money
simple as that
(ALWAYS remember to kill people)
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yeah for your starting item
trinity force
it allows to last hit as well as first hit much easier and you can use its active to dominate the game as the jungler
sometimes when your team is heavy with cooldown reduction you could want to start with a trinity force instead as it allows you to feel much more comfortable and it's important, man
games are all about fun right
your core are 2 trinity forces (doesn't really matter which one you get first)
and after that just 3 more trinity forces
trinity force sells for a WHOOPING sum of 2849 money
well using basic calculus i calculated that the price of trinity force (4070) minus the amount it sells for results in a nice palindromic 1221 money so
remember that when you have 6 ttrinity force and you have 1221 money sell trinity force and buy another as it gives you more damage
this build is cool and all I know you can tell that just from looking and there's also the fact that the way I'm writing leaves an impression like I'm some pro or something lol (well I am) so yeah it's cool
the only drawback is that it consist of high money items but duh it's not a problem cuz you are corki the slapper of sh*t so you kill many people and thus have many moneys (enough for trinity forces)
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corki is very strong that is true however sometimes he dies well that's just how life goes
well imagine you are against ME and I am playing my main and only champion, CORKI
and (OF COURSE AFTER DYING LIKE TWELVE TIMES) you managed to kill me duh
so, like
and guess what CORKI'S BACK IN TOWN TO SLAP YOUR SH*T INTO OBLIVION you can't run away from that, baby
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rune mastery

i take 176 lesser marks of somrthing (it gives cricital chance I think?) cause they are pretty cheap and generally improve your overall ability to play effectively while taking only the mark slots and leaving seals and other stuff open for small animals to hide during cold nights
a true man is not afraid of his feelings!!!

masteris are self explanatory with the standart 9/21/9 hybrid bruiser counter-laning build that isaac newton created in his mid twenties, god bless his spirit
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corki excels in the jungle
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my own personal favourite way to play corki is counterlaning
basically you have to counter opponents lane
at the start of the game grab yo teammates and go to whichever the lane you want and destroy towers to get moneys for trinity force
then buy trinity force and dominate the game
that is a true corki's player way to win and the only way
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corki is best known as an excellent counter to this meeky brown champion called MALPHITE basically the idea is that paper beats rock and since corki is neither he can dominate the game using trinity forces and moneys
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the forgotten colon

hope you enjoy the build i enjoy building this build i might consider building more builds
thank you
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