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Katarina Build Guide by ColdHell

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ColdHell

The Hurricane's Build

ColdHell Last updated on July 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Incase you wondered about the title - Optional to read

Most of us summoners/humans/players/trolls/LoLaddicts/etc... know Katarina. Now I am talking about the hurricane not the champion. If you do not know the champion yet, I don't blame you, but I will be puzzled to know who to blame. Anyways the point of this build is to represent the power of Katarina (the champion of Leauge of Legends that was released in October 27/2009) as powerful as Katarina (Hurricane in August 23 in 2005). The champion spins as powerfully as the hurricane and this is why the title would be the Hurricane's build.

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No one cares about me-my-I-mine and all the terms that would determine first person. We care about how to enhance, increase, help to maximize the level of enjoyment and fun you can achieve or aquire ingame with Katarina (the champion). If you really want to enjoy her ingame, and get a closer chance of getting a pentakill, this guide may bring you few steps closer inorder to acheive easy doubles, very possible to triple, maybe quadra and not to be surprised that one day you can penta with Katarina (Who am I kidding, almost all of us pentaed with someone.) True we almost all did, but why not increase the chance of acquiring the penta kill? And listen to that commentator scream "ENEMY PENTAKILL" as if she is ***** as hell and make your opponents rage without the intention of trolling (oldfrench style/internet - haunting/flamming) on the opponents. So why not acheive that at the moment?!

So in that case if you are interested, here is a set of runes that can really help you ingame.

x9 ofGreater Glyph of Celerity (Per level cooldown reduction)
x9 ofGreater Mark of Insight (Spell penetraion flat - there aren't any per level anyways)
x9 ofGreater Seal of Focus (Flat cooldown reduction)
x3 ofGreater Quintessence of Insight (Flat spell penetration)

There are huge debates and arguments about what runes you are "supposed to", "have to", "should", or some of course say "If you do not get these set of runes, you are utterly dumb and stupid because you know nothing about this game."

Well tell you what? If anyone ever tells you that, don't even bother replying to them they aren't worth it, because YOU pick the runes that 'comfort' you, 'aid' you, and fit for you. The point of runes is not a requirement for you to pick that one and this one in order to 'pown' with Katarina. If you have the option of chosing what ever rune you want in these slots, then that means you can set the runes on your taste and not the others'.

The reason others may tell you, "You have to take these runes" is because they are usually more comfortable with them and their ingame experience is not your's. Which is why, they might lack survivability skills which is why they may pressure on the health runes, and you might barely need any since you might already have beyond survability instince ingame. Think of it, what others take, aids them, what you take that is what ever others take may not fit for you.

Now these set of runes I picked may and may not be useful for you. The benifits you can aquire from this, is that you may maximize the damage you deal with Katarina's spells and abilities. How can you aquire survivability without health runes? Maximizing cooldown and spell penetration will save you couple of gears and items such as:

Ionian Boots of Lucidity.
Morellos Evil Tome.

Don't bother being surprised some trolls/players/humans/addicts/LoLaddics buy might buy that item for the cooldown reduction and the AP that is offered at the same time.

Anyhow there are ups and downs for these set of runes:

No health runes means performance early game may be poor. (Infact you may reach untill level 6 with a Hextech Revolver and actually easy kill who ever is middle, most of the time middle laners are squishies and casters just like you. In the skills section of this article there will be an explanation of how to execute a few levels process that can easily guarentee the kill. So health runes may not be an extream requirement, besides in every mid fight in middle lane against my opponent, only have around 500 health points and the opponent ends up dying at first. So health runes are trully for players that may need that for survivig reasons, since they maybe lack surviving techniques, why not get health runes. There will be another section for survival techniques while playing Katarina.)

There aren't much cons on the runes side for picking these sets, but wait. "I" am not able to see the cons, you may see them better than others do. That means, you know what to pick. So why not try these set of runes and see how it goes in the game? And change the once you think you should. These sets of runes again are not requirements, they are an 'opinion', 'point of view', and 'suggestion'. Try and adding these sets to your settings will of course be much more useful, because you are setting the sets into your mode and not other's.

Maximize spell penetration and cooldown reduction.
That means maximize early game damage.
That means deal damage against tanks end game with the gear.
That means few steps closer to pentakill.

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Skill Sequence

"In League of Legends, it is either you abuse or get abused by your opponents." - ColdHell (2011)

So what is to be abused with Katarina early game? How can you harrass, haunt and indirect troll (Oldfrench/internet) ?

There are three spells you may pick as you level up. You saw the spell sequence up there.
What do you suggest? Of course, after watching several game plays of some Katarina's, it's not a great idea to pick Shunpo. But why? Shunpo is an exellent spell that will allow you to reach your opponents real quick and deal a ton of damage. Because Shunpo at level 1 is not going to be benificial, think of it. If you use shunpo at level 1, and there are bunch of minions, spaming or leveling shunpo is going to get you near the opponent, after that what other spell are you going to use? Bouncing blades? When it is not upgraded? It will barely deal any damage to take down your opponent while he is about to die maybe and he will be running away anyways to the turret and you aren't most likely going to turret dive bellow level 6. So what is the solution?

Meet the 'Old French Troll Process.' This technique will allow you to take down your opponent in a way that will be simple and clean. How? Here is how the process is executed.

Level 1, Bouncing Blades. Maximizing Bouncing Blades will allow you to attack indirectly your opponent from range and safety. Reason it is a safe and technically good idea not to maximize shunpo early game is because using that spell while the opponent has 100% hp, will simply put you in a ring of minions and may sometimes take you too close to the opponent's turret which it has a fair range that it may attack you when it is kind of close, and turrets attacking you while you are below level 6 isn't really something to ignore; turrets hitting you below level 6 will be dangerous. Opponent may take advantage of that by maybe snaring you, exhausting you and igniting you. While the bunch of minions are 'humping' you.

Therefore, maximizing Bouncing Blades is a good spell to last hit minions from safe range, and to indirectly bounce till opponent. Now Old French Troll Process occurs this way. Maximize Bouncing Blades, and take shunpo once at level 2 or level 3 simply to have it inorder to last hit minions as well if necessary. Shunpo is exellent to last hit minions from range, but remember if you have an aggressive opponent he may rush at you. So examine him a bit, try shunpo once and see if your opponent is aggressive or not. (Note: some players maybe much more aggressive at later stages than earlier due to compromised gear and spells - So be carefull)

The second step is to use Killer Instinct in order to allow the last hits of Bouncing Blades to be as damagefull when it first hits, because the opponent most of the time maybe in the back side of the crowd rather than being in front. Do not worry, Bouncing Blade usually occurs to hit the oppoent unless if of course opponent is too far.

The opponent will take a lot of damage and later on will be low in health. Now as soon as you are level 6, you want to do this really, Bouncing Blades, Shunpo, Exhaust, Death Lotus. Give it a try, some may not be as fast to flash after all that. Because Old French Troll Process, at the end of the process, when you want to execute your opponent, you have to cast approximately all spells at the same time. Bouncing Blades, Shunpo, Exhaust and Death Lotus should be done at the same time, in order to kill the opponent at once, rather than giving him/her/it a chance to escape.