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Jax Build Guide by GodVoodoo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GodVoodoo

The Jax who needs a nerf

GodVoodoo Last updated on August 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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this is all still in progress... I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP/COOP ME for this gu

will be off for a week sry and ciao

from time to time i will create this guide, and im sry for posting a not-complete guide instantly...
At first i would like you to comment my build order and stuff. Im open for your ideas, and i will post my ones in here, but becouse of the time i can only do it in pieces over time...
and im sry for (i think) so many grammar and spelling mistakes.
I need someone to help me to make this guide
if you want to add (or block or whatever) me:
EU server (West EU) lvl 30: BigBadV00D00
US server lvl 30: GodVoodoo
add me there for skype and stuff...

If there is someone who want to co-op this guide with me just send me a message or smth.

if you follow this build and guide than jax is the best 1n1 "toe-to-toe" fighter in this game and the worst thing that can happen to your enemys is that they attack you while you are just fighting/farming (i will explaine later why).

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shortcut explainations

cd - cooldown
cdr - cooldownreduction
dmg - damage
ap - abillity power
ad - attack damage
as - attack speed
mr - magic resistance
Q - Leap Strike
W - Empower
E - Counter Strike
utli - Ultimate skill Relentless Assault
wtf - What the F***
omg - oh my god

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Pro's / Con's


♦Very strong
♦Incredible Late Game
♦Stun Counter Strike (Survivability)
♦Dodge (Survivability (or the invincibility against AD champs)
♦Ultimate Relentless Assault gives you MR (even more Survivability)
♦Good Escape skills Nimbleness Leap Strike mates or minions
♦Not Squishy (dodge) Counter Strike Relentless Assault Relentless Assault
♦High Burst Dmg (hit-and-run)
♦HP increasing Passive Relentless Assault
♦best 1n1 fight champ ingame (yes i know its a teamgame -.- )


♦No slow
♦His dodge is a random thing
♦Low MR without Ultimate
♦Bad against caster (no dodge no stun Counter Strike)
♦after playing some matches it get's boring to jump and auto attack xD

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Why to start with Doran's Ring ? I saw Jax's with Amplifying Tome, Doran's Shield or even [Doran's blade] Doran's blade.

Let's just compare:

Doran's Shield:

Gives you 120 HP, 10 Armor and 8HP/5s
Sensefull if you wanna play defensive, but it's really not your task to take the dmg instead of dealing it :).

Doran's Blade

Gives you 100 (+30) HP, 10 (-> Relentless Assault 30hp) Atk Dmg and 3% Lifesteal
HP Bonus is the same like the Doran's Ring, Atk Dmg isn't that necessary at the beginning (natural AD is enough for lasthitting minions) and 3% lifesteal on 70 AD in the early lvl is a joke
As a start item you need a boost for the 1st Lvl so you should have aboute 60-75 attack dmg --> 3% lifesteal --> ca. 2 hp per hit. -.- you need ca. 50 hits to reg. 1 bar. you need 5 hits to reg. one attack of an enemy minion. I dont want to calculate what happen if your 1.33% crit chance will proc, simply ridiculous from my point of view -.- .

Doran's Ring :

100 hp + 15 ap (by passive Relentless Assault another 30 hp) and some mana reg. wich i often need for hit-and-run combos and more durability for mana in early laning game.
Gives you 100HP (+30), 15 AP (-> Relentless Assault-> 30HP), and 8 Mana/5s
A nice dmg bonus for early burst (like hit-and-running) and the necessary Mana reg for it

ninja tabbis they are the only choice for jax!! jax = dodge. It's so important for him to be able to stun someone or run faster by Nimbleness and to have more mr by activating his ulti Relentless Assault

Vampiric Scepter well it is usefull and i mostly buy it only for more durability in laning phase, however a Hextech Revolver could be more usefull but it costs really to much for a little in-between-buy, but im still testing for other options...

Guinsoo's Rageblade is the center and main item for jax, becouse this item cooperating with Relentless Assault pretty good.....

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Greater Seal of Evasion common it's jax -.- Counter Strike

greater mark of desolation armor penetration is just a really fine thing for your dmg output bescouse on this build you just do alot of ad dmg even when at lest every 3th hit by Relentless Assault ALOT of ap dmg does and Empower will get you another hit for more ap all those hits petween are profiting by armorpen...

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist it gives you flat mr, i choose them becouse at early levels in laning-phase jax takes too much dmg by spells from mages, i took flat instead of mr/lvl becouse in later game jax can activate Relentless Assault to gain a lot of mr.

Greater Quintessence of Evasion since ninja tabbis are the only item to gain dodge from i want to get as much dodge-ability as possible!

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aviable soon

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Summoner Spells

aviable soon

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In-Fight! Your biggest adventage!

if you build like i tell you in this guide your biggest adventage is after you have done some hits (aboute 10)!
lets take the equip till Malady


your Relentless Assault stacks up to 10 wich makes so a super saiyajin xD
every 3th hit smaches in enemy face, and you gain alot of IMPORTANT attack speed (it will aboute doubble your attack speed!!


Guinsoo's Rageblade stacks up to 8 wich gives you invite attack speed toether with Relentless Assault you should habe aboute 2.000 attack speed, also you get more ap --> more power in other spells and more dmg in Relentless Assault AND more max. health by Relentless Assault, do not underestimate that!!
(6ap per stack * 8stacks = 48 ap --> 144 more max health (now think aboute how often you won a fight with less than 100 hp xD ))


Malady your enemys' mr is lowered by 6 per stack of malady at max. 4stacks --> 24 less mr
(most squishys dont buy mr at all so they do just have the standart <50 mr wich shoult be shred by half due to this)


in fight you should dodge something so you could Counter Strike something that dont want to get close to you while stunned :P


without fight:
† attack speed about .8 THIS TOO SLOW
† no counter stike dodge-stun
† no fast 3th hits by Relentless Assault
(† normal mr of enemy)

♥ Supersonic attack speed >2.000 (like a super saiyajin x4)
♥ A STUN, a ulti breaker, a cc, a you-wont-get-away-or-after-me skill!
♥ your Relentless Assault 3th hit will smash faces!
(♥ lowered mr of enemy)

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Skill Sequence

ulti Relentless Assault always when possible
Q Leap Strike is always at least 1 lvl higher than W Empower
W Empower is always at least 1 lvl higher than E Counter Strike
but at Jax lvl 3 you should have skilled them all.
img /img
There are alternatives for 5n5 and 3n3
in normal games i dont click on the red + button of any skill before the 1st hit is done, becous sometimes W Empower is needed more: e.g. for fb when an enemy thinks he's a stronger 1n1 lvl 1 toe-to-toe fighter than you and you need some more dmg: W Empower has a much smaller cd than Q Leap Strike and you can double-strike with W[Empower] (explaination of "double-strike" later), but W Empower is a melee skill and will give you no bonus in chasing or escaping like Q Leap Strike does.
more aviable soon

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aviable soon, sry >.<

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Team Work

•1 You are not a tank
•2 you can jump ( leapstrike) to the squishy ones!
•3 You are not a tank
•4 if auto attackers like Caitlyn Miss Fortune etc. attack you, don't panic!
•5 if someone else attack you: don't panic!
•6 if no one attack you, you can't dodge: PANIC! gain aggro from some auto hitters.
•7 It's always more important to cover your supporter or dd caster or something else thats squishy than chasing for a kill!!
•8 you are not a tank, keep that in mind!
more aviable soon, sry >.<

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wtf is "Double-Strike"?!?!

W Empower is your possibility to do double dmg in normal time, just try to press W Empower while you attack and you will notice that you do another attack with your Empower hit. with some training you can managee to do it really nice and everytime!
it's not only the 2hits you do on this way, it's also that your Guinsoo's Rageblade get 1xstack by pressing Empower and by 1x more stack by hitting, also your Relentless Assault get 2x stacks couse 2xstrike :) try it!

*1/2 joke*
this is what your Empower does when you do it to a car ^^