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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tomasxD123

The Kennen Sigma Z

tomasxD123 Last updated on May 7, 2011
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Chapter 1


Pros / Cons
Summoner Spells
Skill Sequence
Fight Rotation
Team Work
When Do you initiate? HERE!
Core Items
My Personal Item Ratings
Early Game
Mid Game
Late/End Game
My *Pro* Tips
Final Words and Vids!


Hey everyone, this is my first guide so Please be nice!

Kennen: The Heart of the Tempest

So I have been playing League for about 3 months now, and I have tried almost all the champions, and I seem to have fallen in Love with Kennen.
I read a lot of guides on here, and it seems like everyone says *BEST CHAMPION ON MOBA* well... I'm not going to tell you that, but I will tell you that Kennen is fun as hell to play, and once you learn him, he definitely can tear up some people.

Like every other champion, there are a few ways you can build them, I personally like building my Kennen as AP. There are a few things that I do that i believe set me apart from a few other Kennens, and I like to think it's what puts me ahead of the other players.


TS --- Thunder Shuriken
ES --- Eletrical Surge
LR --- Lightning Rush
Ult -- Slicing Maelstrom/Ultimate

Pros / Cons

Very Good Harasser
Very good at in and out damage
Carry (even though Riot doesn't mention it)
AoE Stuns

Squishy and can be killed easily
Can be CC'd easily
They will start focusing you after they see the damage you do.


I like to go with a pretty standard 9/21/0 Build for Kennen, you will see most people going 9/0/21, but I believe Kennen excels a-lot from the Defense Tree. It gives you that little bit of survivability that really helps him a-lot.


What can I say, Magic Pen is Amazing for Kennen

The health per level will give you a-lot more benefit then straight health (past level 5) and Kennen needs all the survivability he can get

The ability power per level will also grant you a-lot more benefit then straight Ability Power (past level 5). Just helping him put out alot more damage, The only other blue rune i could see being decent is CDR, but it seems like a waste to me.

I've Tried Flat health, CDR, Magic Pen and Flat ability power Quints. I feel that 3 of these bad boys are AWESOME for early game, gives you that flat 15~AP that will help immensely for getting first blood. If you dont have the Flat Ability Power quints, your second best bet would be Magic Pen.

Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells:
Ghost, what can I say, its an amazing summoner spell, Use for any situation, Running away from a gank, chasing, getting out of tower range, Anything. I get it on almost every champion I use.
Amazing for Kennen, He doesn't have much (if any) survivability so being able to get out of those stuns or cc's can be HUGE for Kennen.


Flash is a overall good spell, but it is very situational. It will save your life if you are close to a wall and can blink over it, but if your in a lane, Ghost will be better if you know what your doing.


Ignite is always nice for the extra damage and the 50% healing reduction, also a good pick, but it just seems to be less important on Kennen to me.

Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence:
Some people will Max out First, Others will max out first, so you ask, which is better? Well, in my eyes.. Neither! Yes, both of them are very good abilities and both have their very strong uses, But i believe its best to level both up at a pretty steady rate. Think of it this way, no one is perfect, no one will hit 100% of the time with . I find by level 7, if you have level 3 TS, level 2 ES, Level 1 LS, and your ult, people WILL die, because you have a steady amount of damage from every ability rather than a 300 damage ability and 2 70 damage abilities. It sounds strange, and you won't see many Kennen's doing it, all I have to say is; TRY IT before you bash it.

Fight Rotation

Remember, All fights start/end differently so dont do this rotation EVERY TIME, but it is a good starting point if your not sure of how exactly how to play kennen. :)

Fight Rotation 1v1/2v2 Lane
Harass with till their at about 3/4th to 1/2 health. When you see them overextend for a split second you will want to into them. Try and get a little bit behind them if possible, so you can get an extra 1 or 2 auto attacks off. Use by now they should have 2 or 3 marks of the storm on them. despite what people say and you may think, right now is the BEST time to use your Ult . Throw another at them (it should be off cool-down by now), rinse and repeat.

Team Work

Team Fights:
Open up with a Try and run threw/by all the enemies so they all get marks of the storm. Use a to get your 2nd mark on them, and do some very strong damage. Throw one then Blow your Ult and start using your abilities as the Cool-downs are up. Depending on how many people you hit with your ult/AoE abilities, they should be dying by now, Kennen is AMAZING for team fights, so when you learn to maximize him in team fight situations, you will make the enemies fear kennen! :)

When Do you initiate? HERE!

Things to remember when initiating::
1. How much energy do you have?
2. Is your next auto attack going to apply a Mark of the Storm?
3. How many Marks of the Storm does your target currently have on them.

These 3 things are really going to make or break if you get a kill or not, if you start to initiate with 70 energy, you wont kill anyone because your auto attack isn't THAT strong. I have noticed, ALOT of people dont see the power of your *Next* auto attack applying mark of the storm. Its an extra 30-80 damage, and your already 1/3rd of a way to a stun! You should always try and initiate when your next attack will add a mark of the storm.

Early Game

Early Game:
First off, I am going to start of saying that I believe that Kennen is one of if not the strongest Mid's in the game. I have yet to find a mid that can really give me problems, and I almost always get first blood at level 6. With that being said, Start out with a . Some kennens will start with a Amplifying Tomb, and some people will start with Doran's Ring (worthless imo). The shield will keep you in your lane till ATLEAST level 8, and you should be at least at 1800 gold by that point. Remember to last hit as many minions as possible, and Use your Q to harass/last hit, its on a short CD and it does some good damage. Only recall out if you are getting very low, or you really feel like you might die, Know your enemies abilities, and Calculate how much damage they COULD do to you, dont get overly Cocky, but don't be scared to stay in your lane and last hit/level up.

Mid Game

Mid Game:
By this point you should have your and starting to work on your if you don't already have it. Keep in your lane and keep harassing, around level 11 or 12 you should start team fighting (unless the other team forces you into it earlier)

Late/End Game

Late Game:
You should have your by now, and working on your . around level 15+ you should be trying to setup ganks and really having alot of map awareness and dont get caught 5v1. Kennen is Amazing at minion farming, so when you have a spare 10-15 seconds, you can go clear an entire creep wave and go back to helping your team. Remember to keep harassing if its at a stalemate because your an energy user so use it! Be sure to NOT initiate, you WILL get focused first and die, Kennen is one of the best team fighters in the game (since 3 of his 4 abilities are AoE). Be sure to go in after the tank and start blowing kids up. He is a in and out champ, if you stand in the middle of the fight, you will die, do not try and be a tank.

My *Pro* Tips

1. Harass harass harass, I can't say it enough. Kennen is Godlike at it, so why not utilize his key use.
2. You are not a tank. Don't go in first or you will suffer the consequences.
3. Be there for every Team fight, you can be a Huge TF changer.
4. Remember your Role, Kennen is there to Stun, lock down, interrupt, and pick kids off.
5. Look out for people with nasty AoE ability, and make them worthless (nunu's ult, kat's ult, Sona's Auras, etc.)

Final Words and Vids!

Final Words:
Kennen can be VERY nasty if played correctly, give it time, you wont go 22-0 your first game, Learn his abilities, remember to harass (have I said that enough?), and make them suffer for over-extending, and you will be making the team rage like never before!

If you have any questions or concerns, please post them here, and leave any tips you got for me.

Thanks for reading!

Kennen is the third best champion

Harassing and Killing one on one

Kennen has multiple harrasing techniques and I am going to explain some of them.

1. The common Thundering Shuriken and Electrical Surge combination, works quite well but your opponent will start hiding behind creeps once he sees the damage you do while harrasing.

Once your opponent starts hiding behind creeps it is time for the second type.

2. Auto attack the creeps until you stack enough attacks for passive of Electrical Surge to proc. Once you have it just auto attack the enemy champion, and use Electrical Surge since he will have Mark of the Storm on him and quickly back out since creeps will probably be attacking you.

3. This is the nastiest and the most powerful harrasing technique and can also be used to initiate. Use your Lightning Rush to move through creeps and apply a initial Mark of the Storm on the target. Next use your Electrical Surge. Now your opponent will probably commit a terrible mistake... He will start running... Once he is out of his minion crowd you have a clear shot with Lightning Shuriken so don't waste it. Your opponent will be stunned now and you can auto-attack him for some additional damage.

When you think your opponent is low enough go for the kill. There are multiple ways to initiate and I am going to explain some of them.

1. Do exactly the same as in Harassing technique no2 just use your Ignite and take a risk with your Thundering Shuriken to have it available again as soon as possible. It is also great to stack passive from Electrical Surge so you can land an additional Mark of the Storm on your target after the stun (if he manages to live that long...

2. You can use your Lightning Rush and Slicing Maelstrom really fast and before your opponent even notices something Flash on his head, from here on just use your common spell combo with Ignite... He will be really scared and will probably die. If he uses his Flash remember that you are faster then him because of your Lightning Rush and you will be able to catch him with the edge of your ulti what is enough for stunning him... Feel free to keep hunting him if you aren't to close to his turret. But watch out if you overextend enemy jungler can come to gank you. If the enemy uses Flash and Ghost just give up and don't waste any more abilities, remember if he did that he wasted all he had to run away from you so you can feel more confident and engage again.