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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gregorif

The Kog, the AP, the end

Gregorif Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello people, this is my first attempt to make a guide for a champion, and I hope you wont like it so I will keep my secrets for me XD I make this mainly to get advices on how to improve what I found to be a really fun champion to play : Kog'Maw, the Mouth of the Abyss.

At first, I tried him with an Attack Speed build, and that was fun to play. But then, I tried a AP Kog and let me quote myself there : "Oh, you nasty little chewer". Now, let's lay down the details.

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Now for the runes, I dont own them all yet, but that's what I'm aiming to get.

Mark of Insight : Having them avoid heavy Magic Resistances to stop you. But I have yet to face such a champion that it can be called "heavilly resistant".

Seal and Glyph of Potency : a bit more power for the beginning, that can always be helpfull.

Quintessence of Avarice : yes, I know, there are more helpfull Quintessences to get, especially for the later games where you have all your items and nothing better to buy. But this money helps you to grow faster than your ennemies, so you can kill them before they grow to their best.

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On the side of masteries, I take a 9/0/21, but not what most people seem to take for casters.

On the Offense side, the power increase is helpfull, the cooldown decrease isn't that interesting but it give access to the 15% magic penetration. The only interesting mastery in this branch would be the last one, but that means to spend too much useless points just for taht, so that's all for the Offense part.

For the Defense, I took nothing in there because Kog isn't made to sustain heavy hits : he either kills from afar, run for his life or die trying one of the 2, possibly taking another champion with him thanks to his Icathian Surprise.

Now, the Utility branch is the most interesting.
- I take Ghost and Teleport first, at I use those spells a lot to move frop lane to lanes to help my teammates.
- The Regeneration os good because as an AP Kog, you spend a lot of time Out Of Mana, as you need only 40 to use your Artillery.
- The death cooldown reduction was mainly to use unspent points, and come back faster when you die, which can happen from time to time.
- Greed, as I said earlier the money increase is helpfull in first to middle game.
- Neutral monster's buffs duration, because damn you love to have this Ancient Golem on to spam your Artillery.
- Meditation, as earlier with death cooldown, unspent points.
- Quickness for hunting fleeing champions, running from certain death, going to other lanes, going back from buying your items, it makes coffee... ok I may be a little too enthusiastic on this one.
- Presence of the master, now that's the reason I had points to spend in this branch and not in another, because using those spells constantly makes you the little ball of harrassement your opponents will love. Actually they will love you so much they will die from it.

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Now that part will be pretty simple.

- A life potion for the beginning with a Amplification Tome, that you will upgrade as soon as you can in a Kage's lucky pick. What can I say ? I love the money !

- Tear of the Goddess, once you reach level 6 you will spam you ultimate and increasing your mana pool for the late game will help you in that.

- Now our Kog will want to be fancy, so we will buy him some boots. I mainly take the Celerity one for hunting purpose, but that can change also to Mobility when you keep changing lanes (they are less effective for hunting as you spam the Artillery every 4 seconds, keeping you in combat, so you dont have the bonus of 5) or to the Sorcerer shoes for additionnal power, I take those when I am stuck on a lane defending under my turrets.

- Rilay's cristal Scepter , the hunting has never been so easy. Ho, so you want to run ? Too bad, my Artillery keep falling on your head and slowing you down, making me sure so be at least as fast as you.

- Rabadon's deathcap : Magic Power, dont forget we are building an AP Kog.

- Archangel's staff : now your Goddess Tear has been used up enough, it's time to change it to the next level. More mana, more power.

- Will of the Ancient : that is for power increase, and the spell vamp can help. Also it's shared to your teammates, so they will love you even more.

- At this point, you have 6 items, but your Kage's lucky pick isn't that interesting now. So you may as well sell it and buy your Phantom dancer, you may be tempted by more Magic Power but these will provide you with Movement speed to catch the runners, attack speed to use your Barrage that takes 12% of the ennemy's life with each hit, and critical chances that can always be good.

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Skill sequence

I start with the Void ooze, damaging every minions on the wave and possibly slowing down ennemy champions. The Caustic Spittle is there for the attack speed, to kill the minions faster. The Barrage if the ennemies get too agressive, it will generally be enough to stop them in their tracks combines with the 2 other spells.

Once you have the 3 spells, you simply take Void ooze until level 6, and the Artillery comes in.

In fact, you make it this way :
If you can take the Artillery (R), you take it. If not, you take the Void Ooze (E). If not, you take Barrage (W). And when there is nothing more, the Caustic spittle (Q).

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To make it short, you keep a low profile until level 6, maybe capitalizing on the others's errors.
Once you hit it, you spam the Artillery one the ennemies, trying to damages them, or at least hinder them and making them move all the time, so they get less chance to have final blows on your minions.
If you push them under their turrets, you stay far away enough, hammering the Artillery to make a way for your minions while staying out of reach of counterattacks.

In melee fights, you stay a little back, slowing them so they dont run on your friends, hitting hard with the Barrage and splashing with the Artillery, specially the guys who try to step away from the fight when they are almost done, still keeping in range to harrass your melee friends. Ho, and your Caustic will decrease the armor, but really I dont see a lot of change with a -25 armor.

By level 8, or with help from a teammate, you can go from time to time get the Ancient Golem enchant to keep hammering the Artillery.

That's it, no more complications to it. Feel free to rate, comment, blog, double rainbow all the way and whatever, and have a nice day :)