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League of Legends Build Guide Author wrtr Phalanx

The Little Improvments That Make A BIG Differance

wrtr Phalanx Last updated on March 18, 2013
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The Little Things You Need to Improve You’re Elo

What do you think separates you from the people in a higher level ranked bracket? Experience, skill, or knowledge of the game are the basic things that first come to mind for many. But, there are many things past what champion you pick, what lane you play in, and your k/d ratio. These things may seem unimportant, but you will soon realize truly how important they are to your gameplay.
Question of the article: do you think it is better to trade tower for dragon or dragon for tower? (answer in comments)

When you’re in lane, no matter what lane you’re in the first think that comes to mind is kills, kills, kills. Well, not that kills aren’t important, but your CS is FAR MORE important. Now this doesn’t mean you should die a lot or not kill an opponent when given the opportunity. Especially if your new to a champion or aren’t experienced enough to know exactly how much damage your champion does, may, and usually does lead you to death. What I mean is that CS is a guaranteed way to gain money and kills are not guaranteed, so why not focus on just getting the best CS you can. Here is the math:

One kill: roughly 200 gold (it varies based on how many kills or deaths they have)

Caster minions: 16 gold

Melee minions: 21 gold

Siege minions: 40 gold

For the sake of math let’s just use 20 as a rough estimate for the amount of gold per minion. That means that 10 minions = 200 gold = 1 kill. Just take a moment and think about how much gold that actually is.
My point that I am trying to make is that even if your lane goes 0/0/0 and you get 20 more cs than your opponent that is the same thing as going 2/0/0 in lane. You need to focus on CS in lane and see how much of an improvement it makes in your gameplay.

Towers and Objectives

Next to CS towers are one of the most important things in the game. Towers not only give you an advantage that your opponent has less vision of you, it gives your WHOLE TEAM gold. Also, not just a minor amount of gold, A LOT OF GOLD. Math.

150 gold per person X 5 people = 750 gold.

750 gold = 3.5 kills or 37 minions (roughly)

750 gold is a lot of gold when you think of it as 3.5 kills. Towers are so important they are the main focus of the current meta. Pro teams focus on killing the tower by five or so minutes, just because of the ridiculous amount of gold that they give you, and the advantage over the opposing team.

Baron and Dragon

When you’re new you don’t really realize the importance of Baron and Dragon. But they are one of the biggest game changers there is, especially Baron which also gives you a buff. You need to focus early in the game on your jungle getting a gank on bottom, killing at least one person, and then getting a fast dragon. Dragon is a ton of gold and truly changes the pace of the early game. Math.

Dragon: 190 gold X 5 people = 950 gold

950 gold = 47.5 minions or roughly 4-5 kills.

Baron: 300 gold X 5 people = 1500 Gold + buff

1500 gold = 75 minions or roughly 7 kills.

It is absolutely crucial to have timers on both Baron and Dragon; Dragon re-spawns every six minutes and baron every seven minutes.

Once you realize how important these objectives are you can truly evolve your gameplay and be on a whole new playing field. These are the things that the professionals do, and people in a higher level of gameplay. If you can master them I GUARENTEE you will go up at least one whole division (like bronze to silver not one sub-division.)
I appreciate your time for reading my article, and let me know what you think!
-wrtr Phalanx


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