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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by swaggerman

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League of Legends Build Guide Author swaggerman

the mad scarecrow- jungle fiddle ( includes mid guide)

swaggerman Last updated on June 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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fiddlestick is a medium ranged mage who sucks the life out of his victims
- terrify- fears enemy causing them to run in a random direction
drain- fiddle drains target enemy doing magic damage per second and returning a perecentage of that health back to fiddle

-dark wind- dark wind sends out a homing crow who dose magic damage and bounces around from enemy to enemy. the crow silences all targets hit for a short duration
crow storm- crow storm causes fiddle to channel for a short duration. after chaneling fiddle flashes to target location with a floc of crows around him. enemies in the radius take massive magic damage

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fiddle makes for a great jungler and ganker

start at blue and grab a point in drain. drain blue until it is dead

at level 2 grab a point in dark wind and run a basic jungle clear

once you hit level 3 grab a point in terrify and gank what ever lane is most pushed back. wait in the bush until your team is ready. terrify the enemy (squishiest enemy at bot) then drain him. fiddle ganks are mostly succesful

go back and buy your items and take some wards and drop one at dragon. put the other ward where needed. run jungle clears and gank until team fights break out.

GANKING WITH CROWSTROM- crowstorm ganks are 90% succesful. crowstorm in and then fear the target in crowstorm and then drain them

soloing dragon level 7 fiddle with blue buff can solo the dragon. keepp draining the dragon. by the time the drain is complete it will be already off cooldown with blue.

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your roll in teamfights

your roll in a teamfight is to fear the highest damage dealer and make sure they go down first. always ult in teamfights. dont ult into the middle of them until you have zhonyas hourglass. once you have it ult into the middle of all the enemies and then pop your zhonyas. it sends them scattering and dose alot of damage

dark wind is very important in teamfights becuase of the silence. throw the darkwind on the ap carry so it prevents them from using their abilities

drain always in fights as it keeps you alive longer.

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-easy to play
-fast jungler
-great ultimate
-dosent have to recall alot
-important abilites for fights
-by the time drains is finished it is off cooldown

-very weak if targeted
-can be knocked out of ulti during channel and it will be put on cooldown
-terrify and darkwind have long cooldowns.

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ranked play

fiddle is great in ranked play. he has great ganks and jungles fast

in ranked play the base of fiddles play is the same but his play is more comlicated to have better success. basically just finding better ways to use all if his abilities

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summoner spells

flash and smite

flash is fiddle main way of escape along with terrify. he is not fast so really dose need a get away tool. (could be ghost)

smite is not needed on fiddle jungle. he can do it with out it, but it just makes every thing faster. it is also good to have smite on a team for dragon/baron steals.

to steal them make sure it is always warded. ult in when it is pretty low. smite right away if its low enough to die from smite, or pop your zhonyas then wait till it is low enough then smite

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skill sequence

drain should be maxed by level 9 .

always take crowstorm when its available.

dark wind and terrify are both really good so i alternate leveling them until level 18

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runes and masteries

basic ap runes and materies. not much to say bout them just buy them

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same build just a little different play style.
terrify into drane and then dark wind.
fiddle counter meelee mids when they come up to attack you just drain them and ask them how it feels to not be able to hurt you ;)

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jungle fiddle is very good. fiddle mid is great as well.
great ganks with fiddle
fast clears with fiddle
great teamfight ultimate
fiddle is a great chara`cter for begginers as well. as he is easy to play and overpowered
if you wanna have fun as a jungle, try fiddle, the harbinger of doom.