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Veigar Build Guide by lukeg170

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lukeg170

the mage.... well..... almost anyone killer

lukeg170 Last updated on September 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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so this is not the "ultimate" or the "best" veigar guide ever. this is also my first guide, i am a level 25 player, veigar is one of the first champs I've ever learned to play. with this build and game play i can kill almost every one(including tanks) in one burst.

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Pros / Cons

-one of THE BEST nukes in the game
-great in ganks
-crazy amounts of damage output
-a good defensive ability(event horizon)( can save many lives, including your own)
-awesome snowball effect on his passive Q
-very powerful late game
-easy combo

-very squishy
-vulnerable to heavy CC
-needs lots of farm early game(getting zoned sucks)

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Runes and Masteries

For my runes i just use a standard AP page with a bit of armor and magic resist to help me survive because of veigars natural squishy-ness.

I just use a normal AP mastery page also, just to get the most early game damage

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Summoner Spells

I only choose clarity and heal with veigar because it helps me stay in lane longer early game and can also save my life at time.

I do not choose ignite like most people because i don't go for those really early game kills with him, which is all that ignite is good for(in my opinion). And veigar already has enough damage output as it is. However it all depends on your play style.

I do not choose flash because i prefer heal for the sustain, and thats pretty much my only reason.

teleport is also a good choice because if you absolutely need to recall you can be back in lane right away, which is good in a solo lane.

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Ok so i usualy start with either the boots of speed and a few potions(health and mana) or a dorans ring or even a amplifying tome and some potions to start building into my deathfire grasp right away. depending on what i start with ill get either my boots of speed, sorcerers shoes or an amplifying tome depending on the situation. Once i have my sorcerers shoes and deathfire grasp i will usually build a rabadon's deathcap right away. If i am doing well and can survive a fight i will go into a second rabadon's, if not i will build a more defensive item such as a rylais crystal scepter, a zhonya's hourglass or a Rod of Ages, to have more HP to survive. the last two items i get when im doing well are sometimes a third rabadons and a will off the ancients or an athenes unholy grail, but those two item slots i usualy never hae time to fill.

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when laning i NEVER focus the enemy champion over my minion farm early on(I will only poke at them with my Q(baleful strike) and/or my W(dark matter)), getting lots of farm with veigar is VERY IMPORTANT. I will on start to focus the enemy champ once i know i have enough power to kill the(usually after level 6-7) otherwise get as much farm as possible and get as many last hits with your Q(baleful strike) to get as much bonus ability power as you can. I almost always run out of mana fast while farming, that is why I use the summoner spell clarity to have more lane staying power you could also ask your jungler to help you get blue buff if its needed or build a chalice of harmony into a athenes unholy grail.Once i know i can kill the target i will.. well kill the target of course.

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Skill Sequence

If veigar is played right he can obliterate almost every champion(even tanks) without taking any damage.

the skill sequence i use is very fast, i cast event horizon(E) so that the enemy is stunned right away then i will cast dark matter on top of them, next is the deathfire grasp to deal the most amount of damage possible, primordial burst is next and if I'm fast enough i can land a baleful strike on the before dark matter hits.

if the target is a low hp champ then i just use dark matter as reassurance rather than actual damage because they will usually be dead before it hits the ground.

And only use your ultimate against non AP champs if its absolutely necessary because it does the most damage on AP champions

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Team Work

As always initiate the gank if your jungler is coming in for one. initiate with event horizon as always and continue your combo as usual.

And don't TRY and steal kills or buffs its just annoying.

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Chapter 9

Thanks for reading my guide, its not very decorated, but it works for me.

This is my first guide please let me know if it help or if you have any suggestions for me, ill update if i find it needs changes.

i may make another guide for leblanc if i get positive feedback on this one.