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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EroSanin

The Magic Claw, Warwick

EroSanin Last updated on October 22, 2010
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My Builds

Some time ago, i wrote build with Shaco (Dance with the clone). It wasn't get high votes but it wasn't bad either. In start of this build i just wanted mention that i write this builds after playing over 30-40 games with subject champion and i feel that i know something about him.

However i know that mistakes or some bad sides of builds will appear. If someone downvoting build, please write why (Please without childish behavior like "becouse i don't like it").

Magic Claw, Warwick

Last patch brings us new version of Malady, which is great item for warwick in my opinion. My version of this jungling beast isn't better then Dewo or Gank Tank, but it shows some other way to play this character.

I am focus on magic damage from warwick. Flat magic penetration with bloodrazor is quite obvious choice. New Malady boosts this with its attack speed and stacking magic penetretion.
My build have some survivability items like spirit visage, sunfire cape (magic damage too) and Banshee viel. Warwick attacks with procentage amount of damage so with bloodrazor and good magic penetration (about 52 magic penetretion with runes, sorceres shoes and malady) it is more then enough for the full game.

Smite and Exhaust

Warwick is a jungler and nothing in the world can't change it. You should go to jungle and get there your 6 level. Smite with masteries for it brings great damage to creeps and gives 5 gold every use. You need cash very fast, becouse your first items is quite expensive.

This spell is just must have for warwick. There will be situations where you will be fight one on one. Mage will use his spells and you can heal tourself, but if there will be Teemo or Tryndamere, things can get serious. That's why you have this skill. It slows target, blinds it and with masteries, it reduces targets armor and magic resist (even 62 magic penetretion with this).


Magic penetration will boost our magic damage from items.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Some Armor penetration which with masteries brings about 14. SOme bonus damage for jungling and fighting.

Greater Seal of Defense
Armor per level will bring some more survivability. More armor, less lifesteal you need.

Magic resit per level as above. More you have less you are worry.


Some survivability here for jungling. With heal potions you should be fine before you get real healing system.

This item is your must have on lv 4-5. Speeds up taking buffs and kiling dragon, it also have some base damage which will have to be enough to kill enemy champion.

Movement speed in jungle makes you jungle faster, with your blood scent it gives quite good movment speed, but lets get real, you must be faster....

If you have this item before 20 minutes of the game gone you should be fine. Now is time for kills with your ulti. 4% of the max hp of the oponent with your ulti you should take 20% of targets life with just blodrazor, and there is also base damage with damage of the ultimate skill.

With runes, near 11 lv you will have about 100 armor.

Now we have speed and boost to damage of the blodrazor. Kills should go easy from now on.

New Malady is quite a killer in hands of warwick. Every hit makes magic resist weaker, brings 20 magic damage and gives quite good attack speed.

Not everyone approve this item on warwick but i think it is a great deal. Boost your healing rate from passiv and skills. Shorts your cooldowns ( about 37% cd reduction with blue buff = almost max 40%) and gives you health with magic resist. Every aspect of this item is used.

With runes you will have about 100 magic resist.

If we are talking about magic damage, this is a great deal for warwick. Gives AoE damage from magic and gives a lot of hp which makes you fight even longer.

Chose your 6th item

If there is a lot of CC and enemy team is starting focusing on you, this will give you some time to take a breath. Some hp with shield can prevent canceling your ultimate on some target.

Enemy team is weak and can't do too much to you, but they have a lot of champions with mana. This item should take them much quicker. Every hit would be base damage + 4% of their health + 20 magic damage from malady + 42 mana burn + every second 40 damage form sunfire. Enemy casters can't survive this.


Your main skill to hurt someone and heal up in battle. There is nothing more frustrating like warwick on 100 hp which after using this skill heals up to about 400-500.

Support skill and your main buff. Aoe attack speed boost is your main weapon when it comes to fight. Cast it near towers to take it faster with your team.

This is your activate skill. It is very useful but use it caerfully. Boost for speed like location of the enemy gives you kill when you are near enough to do that. Oherwise they will know you are near and escape.

Your ultimate is the most frustrating thing in warwick. You make stun to the target and hit it 5 times with all of your on hit effects. Which mean stacking magic penetration and abot 20% of life with only bloodrazor. It is quite normal that target is losing about 50-60% of its life.


Warwick heals himself for 5/10/15 health depends of his leavel. Every hit makes you heal 2x more (max 4 stacks). Using spirit visage it brings 20% boost to this passiv which after using ultimate on your target brings max amount of health + 20% for warwick in every hit.

Hunting Begins

Levels 1-6
It is your jungle time. Go there, take golems, wolf camp, go for blue buff, red buff and look on minimap. If there is some oportuinity go nad help on the line. You should have about 4 level. Wit exhaust and attack from suprise you can get kill or two, which can fasten your bloodrazor and 6th level.

If you kill someone or not, go for Madreds (which around 5 level should be purchaseable for you) and try kill dragon. Be caerful, you can die there.
When 6 level comes look on your buddies and try get some kills.

Levels 6-11
You are rushing to bloodrazor. You must get it before you reach 11 level. Otherwise your damage would not be as effective as it should be. Remember about combo red buff plus your ultimate. It is also slowing down targets which is more then enough to get kills.

After getting blodrazor you can kill almost everyone on solo, but be caerful. This is mid game. There is no such thing like solo fighting. Gank, gank and go for more gank...

Sorceres Shoes with Blodrazor are your core items which you must have here.

Levels 11-18
If you get core items and you get malady, or better malady and spirit visage, you should have quite fun right now. Buy sunfire cape and watch how enemy teamf ocusing on you.

Yes, if you played well now you are screwed. They will be focusing on you, they will die in 2-3 of them to get 1 kill on you. You will die...eventually, but your team will kill more. You are deadly decoy and your team should use it, this dont mean that you should go and die. You should be smart and try to kill a lot without dying.

Map Buffs

About jungling, there is very good guide by Dewo:

I will just say something about buffs.
Blue Buff
- gives cooldown reduciton (24%)
- gives great mana regen (1.5%)

It is must have for Warwick. In this build, I don't have anything which brings me mana, so it is great disadventage which blue buff can fix. Try to not go in teamfight without it.

Red Buff
- Slow effect
- Burning effect

Great buff for hunting, slowing down target. Also great boost for warwick's ultimate. You should get it but, it isn't as much important like blue buff.


Blue buff with spirit visage gives you about 37% cd reduction which gives your ulti every 50 seconds. Use it.

If you have full hp wait for first attack and then use hungering strike. Enemy lose his skill and mana(if he have) and you will have about full hp with damaging your enemy.

In teamfight always attack target which you attack with your ultimate. If it dies help your team and kill enemies with your red eyes on them.

If in enemy team is another jungler buy some wards and use it on your side of map. Also use one ward near dragon. There should be some action.

Watch out about kiling dragon. Look on minimap, if there are all champions on their lines you can go but if you look that they suddenly dissapear, you better wait for better occasion. There can be ward and they will attack you in 2 or 3.

Never start your jungling from blue buff. It is quite often death experiance.