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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Sumannnn

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sumannnn

The Magnificent Twisted Phate

Sumannnn Last updated on November 21, 2011
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Classic Twisted Fate


Dominion Twisted Fate

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Twisted Fate is one of the most dangerous DPS (Damage per Second) characters in the game, his mobility, abilities, most importantly his ultimate let him get into places, deal a **** load of damage and flash right out. His abilities have a low cool down and his ultimate too, with only 4 to 5 second cool downs on his basic abilities and 100 to 120 second cool down on his ultimate. Regardless of his ultimate being nerfed hes still a very deadly assassin, today you will be reading on how to use Twisted Fate to your full advantage and how he can be used to carry thoroughly through out the game.

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Pros / Cons


Has a high attack Speed
Has high damage.
Has good range.
Has fast cool downs.
Has a anti-stealth ultimate.
Has the ability to teleport in a 5500 unit radius upon activating his ultimate.
Is an Assassin; meaning hes great for ganking.
Passive gives 2 gold per kill (every kill not just champion kills).
Stacked Deck does damage on every 4th basic attack and gives more attack speed/cool down reductions.
Gold card is very dangerous when Twisted Fate is properly built.
Wild Cards have a high range.


Not good in team fights unless built for Team Fights.
Can be slain easily by high damage fighters like Tryndamere.
Hard to do 3/4/5vs1
Is not so good if not fed or doesn't keep up with enemy champion levels.
Slightly Squishy.
Relies on his items and abilities, without them he's useless.
Naturally doesn't have good mana regeneration in beginning of the game.

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Don't bother jungling with Twisted Fate, he's not as squishy as people claim him to be. Just make sure you buy Quintessence of Fortitude (X3) to ensure you live longer in lanes and you can buy Vampiric Scepter worry free of your HP.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer having Exhaust for sure.

Flash or Ghost is fine.

Ignite's not really useful due to the fact he has a high damage output but Ignite is alright also.

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The mastery tree may be modded to having 21-0-9 making sure to fill out mana regeneration or 9-0-21 which I prefer due to the fact having faster cool downs on my summoner spells means I can gank/attack more and also making sure to place a mastery in Arcane Knowledge, also because with 9-0-21 I can fill out flat cool down reduction masteries and with Ionian Boots of Lucidity, I have a 25% flat cool down reduction on all my abilities making them more spammable.
Also don't forgot stacked deck, not only does it extra damage every fourth attack, but it also gives 15% more attack speed and 15% cool down reduction (when maxes), so that's a whopping 40% cooldown reduction, 25% just from masteries and abilities.

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Greater Quintessence of Fortitude (X3), helps you stay way longer in battles.

Greater Mark of Alacrity (X9), helps you have a faster attack speed from the beginning to the end of the game.

Greater Seal of Replenishment (X5), helps with your overall mana regeneration.

Greater Seal of Clarity (X4), helps with mid-to-late game mana regeneration.

Greater Glyph of Warding (X9), helps with stopping some magical damage.

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All the items in the build have been balanced out to give Twisted Fate good Damage per Second (DPS), life steal, and let him spam his abilities faster.

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Ranked Play

Level 1-6

When starting the game you may decide whether to purchase health potions or mana potions, that's completely optional. Always last hit, try to take mid and stay more towards your turret don't rush towards the enemy's turret as you may get ganked or the enemy champion may be a dangerously good at early game harrassing (Example: Caitlyn). If mid is taken go top or bottom, I prefer going bottom but its completely optional. Twisted Fate is alright at ganking when he reaches level 6 so try to hit up your enemy so their below a quarter of their hp or lower. Then when they rush to their turret. Destiny in with closer to their base and make sure your partner is watching the the back of the turret/the jungle. After going in with Gate unleash a gold card on the enemy opponent, spam your cards, then run to the jungle and flash out. Make sure you don't take too much damage and if your HP is at half or lower then don't kill the enemy champion. Just farm some kills and try to obtain your next item.

Level 7-11

This is where Twisted Fate becomes dangerous. You should of made your core items by now, start attacking and becoming more offensive but watch for ganks and play smart, always making sure last hitting in order to increase your gold and level. This is where Destiny becomes a little bit more dangerous it lasts two to three more seconds longer meaning you can easily select a champion all by themself and destroy them completely. If their someone by themselfes who's a fighter, Destiny in, drop a gold card on them, drop their HP to 0. Making sure to flash out of the area if a fully armed champion is coming towards you. If it's a ranged champion, Destiny in, covertly if possible(like in a bush), drop a gold card, right then exhaust them, drop their HP to 0 then again flash out.

Tip: Try staying closer to the jungle making it easier to flash out of battles, especially when it comes to a ranged champion.

Tip: In Twisted Treeline, turn on Ghost as soon as you land your gold card so you can insure your get-a-away.

In a 2vs1 Land a gold card on one champion exhaust the other, spam the one with cards whos exhausted dropping his HP rapidly, then drop another Pick a Card on the currently stunned champion spamming him with basic attacks till hes dead or runs away(it should be up now, try getting another gold card, or even red if possible). Don't chase after either of the champion's because you may possibly get ganked or even teamed by the champions you hit.

Tip: If neither of the champions are running away,try landing more gold cards and spamming your basic attacks till one runs away or dies. Then flash out and get some HP back or if you still have a legit amount of HP, attack the champion left there (unless a champion is proceeding towards you, just flash out and leave the area, insuring you live to fight another battle).

Level 12-18

As you rank up more people gain HP and become harder to kill. At these levels its much more ideal and smart to play with someone else. Always remember to last hit, ensuring you may finish your build before others and when ganking now try to bring a team mate with you or near the fight also make sure your flash is up so you may escape if your about to get ganked.
As you move up the levels you need to play smarter. Once you move up to level 15 and above this is where you should be paying attention for ganks and bringing along atleast one allied champion with you. Best way to kill above level 14 is to have a team mate attack from the front, Destiny the enemy champion from behind and both of you take him down. From level 12 to 14 you can play like you were 7-11 but just be aware of your surrounding and watch out for ganks.

Tip: Be especially careful in Twisted Treeline.

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Twisted Fate in Dominion

Twisted Fate in dominion, he can be real good in dominion if used correctly and taken full advantage of at right times. With the right timing, Twisted Fate can be deadly in dominion mode too. He can Gate anywhere on the map, hes built for more close range battles has overall better life steal. He can still be ganked and killed so just because this build of Twisted Fate has more life steal, don't go around trying to take every tower because if it's 3 champions vs you, your most likely to lose. Just use him like you do in classic, last hitting, watching out for ganks, and he'll work like a charm.

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Team Work

Twisted Fate isn't naturally good at supporting his Team, but the second build I've provided is for Twisted Fate to support his team, and I also Recommend using the second classic build in Twisted Treeline. You can use the second build in Summoner's Rift also, if you like providing some support for your team. But I prefer having the first build due to the fact it has a high damage output and you can do 2vs1's easier.

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Twisted Fate is overall pretty good and when fed is deadly. His abilities go together well, his ultimate is dangerous and the fact that hes a good damage per second champion just makes him one of the most over powered champions in League of Legends. I loved using Twisted Fate especially when you could Gate in on any part of the map you wanted too, when they limited I got kind of sad that I won't be able to go to farther distances just from my base. But, Twisted Fate still remains deadly due to the fact he can still gate in destroy you and jump out of harms way. This is my first guide and I've done it on my favorite champion, if I have made any mistakes or anything you think that is wrong or needs to be changed please notify me, I will try my best to change it immediately. Especially when it comes to writing because I take pride in good writing.

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*Note: If there are any typos, please notify me, I will change them to the correct wording.