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Build Guide by samballinp1mp

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author samballinp1mp

The Master 3v3 Akali

samballinp1mp Last updated on June 9, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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How to play this build

I tend to use Mark of the Assassin in early game to harass enemy champs, but stay focused on killing minions to get to your ult quickly. When you get your ult, your game will start to speed up. Use your ult to start off ganks/fights, then throw your Twilight Shroud. This is so your tank will have to get focused will your invisible and help slow enemies. Use your Mark and Crescent whenever to do damage when fighting (duh). I will talk more about when to use these spells in-depth in the Spells Section


Exhaust; This spell is so crucial to ganks especially low level, I never run without it
Smite; Heres the thing, Akali may not be a jungler, but in 3v3 getting lizard at lvl 2 is gamechanging. It will get you ahead because the extra damage helps farm minions and gank. Also the slow effect is lethal in lvl 1-6 ganks. Smite still comes in handy for soloing dragon at like 11-12 so its not only for beginning lizard.

Spell Order:

Mark of the Assassin: You will notice I get all 5 stacks by level 9. The thing is people dont notice the extra damage that happens when you consume the mark with a melee on top of the the initial throw. Having all stacks at level 9 is so crucial to this strategy. The melee add-on damage is great for killing champs, dont use this on minions. Also occasionally throw it at the enemy and "harass" them. This is my bread and butter.

Twilight Shroud:
I get this spell at level three and don't really level it much until the end. I like to use this spell when I'm low health in a team fight or I use it in a gank to slow the enemy just enough to get my exhaust off.

Crescent Slash: I level this spell periodically because it is great for farming minions and in just fighting enemy champs. Use it to get leveled faster and also to do damage when your other spells are on cooldown.

Shadow Dance: This spell I use to start off a gank. I like to have 3 buffs ready for this when going into a fight so that I can use 1 to start it off, 1 for randomly using in the middle of a team fight/gank, and 1 for chasing enemies.

Mastery Tree

Honestly it doesn't matter, I like to be aggressive so that's how I stacked mine but do yours how you want.


Same thing as mastery tree

Akali's Passive

Most passives only semi-help champions with their game, but this is what makes Akali good. When Akali gets attack damage, she gets spell vamp (when you use your abilities its like lifesteal, it gives you health) and when she gets ability power it adds extra damage to her attacks. Use the spell vamp when your farming minions and low on health to get you back in good shape instead of recalling. And obviously use the ability power for more damage.

Alright so I start it off with boots because, its what I do, I just like having my speed right off the bat to run from the bottom gank or get there faster. Then I pick up a Rageblade because the on-hit stacks make you hit very fast. Plus the attack damage gives Akali spell vamp and the ability power gives Akali Damage (just remember from the section above.) Now if your doing good and semi-fed or fed, grab the Sword of Occult first, so you will get even more fed. If not grab Rylai's Scepter for extra damage and health that will make Akali less squishy. If its late game and you got Rylai's first, then skip sword of Occult and get the Hextech. (at the end substitute the open spot for a Black Cleaver) Then Hextech Gunblade (gives attack damage, ability power, lifesteal, and spell vamp). And finally get a Frozen Mallet to give Akali more health and the slow effect for ganks.

Hope this helped, post feedback and rate this what you think it deserves
This is my first build so i dont know how to use the fancy stuff yet so yeah....