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League of Legends Build Guide Author chruma

The Mighty Troll

chruma Last updated on December 3, 2010
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Wellcome to my attack damage build for the troll ^^

As a troll, we have to play as a melee dps only. Why? Well, buying items for tank is just wasting his abilities.
Moreover in this build i wont go into a Infinity Edge, because troll is attack dmg depended, and there is not enough slots to have eighter Attack damage and crit chance, so we chave to choose one of those. I picked Attack damage, because its much cheaper, and still we wont complete this build in most games ;)

Rabid Bite (Q)- is pure dpsing skill, it deals flat dmg plus percentage of our attack damage. Additionaly it steals attack dmg from the target for 8 sec, so we should use it just after 1 hit.

Contaminate (W)- Awesome spell, it changes large area into a 'swamp', where we have incresed attack speed by 50%, movement speed by 60% and lowerd enemy cc durations.
We should use it as often, as posible- when we attack large group of minions, when we attack other players, when we are chasing someone. well, its a reason why we dont need any more attack speed items ;p

Pillar of Filth (E) - I take it at lvl 2 in order to slow enemies during early game ganks. Its great either in attacking and running away. Its also quite anoying when we use it to block small passages in the jungle ;) but use it smart, its like anivia's wall, You can as well block your mates while their attack, helping your enemies in running away ;p

Agony (R) - Well, Best idea is to cast it to some tank, as it steal armor and resistances.
It also steals hp, so its very good at the middle of fights, to regen and boost your survivability

Well, nothing to explain here, its a dps champ so im putting 21 points in offence and rest of them in some additional survivability

-Berserker's Boots - well, we need some attack speed after all, 50% from the Contaminate would be not enought

-Frozen Mallet - This item is a must have. Troll, as a dps has only 1 cc spell, and its small area slow- its just not enough to kill some one who is running away ;) so we need some additional traping mechanism ;) besides with 700hp from that item, at 18 lvl we will have 3k hp- thats quite high for the dps ;)

-Madred's Bloodrazor gives us some extra attack speed, but more, we need its passive, great against tanks;) +30 attack dmg is also nice in our build ;)

-BloodThirster and Cleaver, why those? Because they give high attack dmg, and they are cheaper than Infinity. Simple.

Infinity Edge is not my core item, because I simply have to few crit chance to gain some sirious bonus from this item, so it would be waste of money

I take
- Attack dmg marks, just to increse it even more
- Armor Seals, for greater survivability
- Quintessence of Fortitude, for the same reason
- Cooldown Reduction glyphs

Why did I pick Attack Damage runes and Madred's Bloodrazor insted of Last Weasper and Armor Penetration runes? Because we steal armor of our oponents with ultimate which has quite small cd, so we dont need armor penetration anymore ;p

And finaly
Summoners Skills
I picked
Exhaust- like I said, troll need some more cc abilities, but Ignite would also be nice if you prefer more agressive gameplay

Teleport- Its just great during whole game ;)


Remember to use contaminate every time you attack some one, its just huge attack speed boost. Also use rabbit bite as often as posible at the begining of the fight, but save it when enemy has low hp, to get the last kill with it.

Troll is a dps.. but its rather supporting dps, so dont worry if u wont have a lot of kills. AP champs will be probably stealing ur kills often, but remember that this is team play ;)

Thx for reading.
Feel free to comment, correct any language mistakes or just advice some improvments ;)