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Fiora Build Guide by ionlyrapenoobs



Updated on July 16, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ionlyrapenoobs Build Guide By ionlyrapenoobs 3,510 Views 0 Comments
3,510 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ionlyrapenoobs Fiora Build Guide By ionlyrapenoobs Updated on July 16, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Greetings summoners!

I've been playing with fiora for about a month now, and i gotta say, she has the fastest DPS and really fun to play. So i've researched a bit on fiora's build and there was a lot of build with high damage, but low health. Being a solo top, having a decent amount of health is essential because you kind of need to stay up there until you can deal decent damage. Building straight up AD is VERY easy to counter against (though pretty powerful), its easy for other gankers to come and wipe away those health bars. So choose wisely what to build depending on who you are going against with. This build works best for players that likes to play safe and has a lot of patient. This build is mainly for solo tops and can pretty much dominate most champs.
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Summoner Spells

I've chosen exhaust because a lot of people like to dive fiora under the tower (because she's squishy). This is essential in order to survive the dives and can be pretty helpful when your jungler comes and ganks.

The other spell is flash this spell is NEEDED because fiora has no escape capabilities when getting ganked. It can be pretty helpful too when you dont have lunge to kill a champ from a distance.
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i basically try to maximize all the crit chances. This is pretty helpful so you don't really have to purchase much items to create damage (these runes are expensive for a reason). With these runes you can deal double damage about anytime late game. pretty useful for ad champs.
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Skill Sequence

what i like to get first is my q (lunge) to harass early game. but you shouldn't use it until you reach level 2, where you get your w (parry). then when you reach level 3, get riposte, and thats when you can start to really harass. Just spam your q then e then walk out with a w. works everytime! but if they have cc do it under a tower or be careful.

the first skill to max: w (riposte)
reason: easy farm, and have lots of damage early game

2nd skill to max: e (burst of speed)
reason: shred towers down, lots of speed, great harass

3rd skill to max: q (lunge)
reason: only use it to initiate, doesnt do much damage early game

ult: get as soon as its up.
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Early game items: regrowth pendent, boots, ruby crystal, vampiric scepter

Mid game items: Berserker greeves, Infinity edge, sheen, warmog

late game: Phantom Dancer, trinity edge, Bloodthirster

This is a pretty high damage build. At a complete build, this is pretty much unstoppable. With crit runes, this would deal about 700 damage. plus with trinity force, after an ability use, you would deal about 900 - 1k per hit. AND it's a tanky build making it harder to kill you. >:D
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Pros / Cons

High damage late game
hard to kill
stable laning early game

build is slow
farming skills is essential (able to farm under tower)
low damage early game
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end note

so thats it summoners!

This is my personal and is good against most champs. If you're looking for a solo top champ, fiora is a decent top laner, but probably not the best. Ultimately though it's about how comfortable you are with your champs. so practice practice practice!

That is all. Thanks for reading!
stay fed!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ionlyrapenoobs
ionlyrapenoobs Fiora Guide
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