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Build Guide by Mustacheman

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mustacheman


Mustacheman Last updated on April 15, 2011
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Gangplank Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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General Gangplank

Due to multiple people asking me to post a Gangplank Guide. Otherwise known as GG, I win. That is, if you have a ok-ish or better team. It's still a teamgame.


THIS BE THE MUSTACHED PIRATE GUIDE! By the person known and/or wanted under the names Dallas-Dakota, Cookiemonster and Mustacheman.


''But mr. Mustacheman, his abilities make no sense at all,they don't combine''
''But mr. Mustacheman, he's just far too random!''

Shut yer traps and listen to this experienced mustachio'd pirate. This will be a long and painfull journey to learn the...difficulties and overcome yer problems.

I guess some of ya are too weak, too foolhearty to play Gangplank. It requires a true pirate! Some of ya lads might want to kite forever with your shining princess, Ashe, or some of you might just want to stick yerr head in a shell, roll in and play Rammus.

No, to be a SQUISHY MELEE! That is the true challenge!
(Kassadin is also included if the oppostive team has over ninethousand snares.)

Now Gangplank is one of the most tough to hold on to, because skill does not ALWAYS reward. A TRUE PIRATE will go on even in the face of dissapointment.
he will NOT become bitter with defeat and overextend after his enemies. There are more then enough good looking wenches to live for after all!

A TRUE PIRATE, is free! Therefore he shall not follow this guide exactly every game. He shall adapt, maybe do a merry jig.

Stones and Wizardry!
For ya magic stones and ya magic spells I say...*reads cards*
What? Nay, that'd be silly, I'm not saying that! I don't even use tha me self!

If you have the RP/IP to buy Crit runes, go ahead. Crit damage is adviced for lategame, but if you feel your skills in laning are sufficient, then you should try your luck with Chance runes, as those will be better in laning.

HOWEVER, I myself use a far more accesible runepage! FOR A PIRATE SHOULD BE FREE! And besides, really studio people? I think our audience would consist of 5 people a month if we're going to stick with the ''must use crit-runes thing''

Anyway, lad! Yerr recommend runes be
Red Armor Pen
Yellow MP5's
Blue CDR
Health Quints

Spells: Ghost Run, Exhaust. Ehh, ok spells: Flash(Ye are a squishy after all and your only escape is your W, which has a decent cooldown), Ignite(If you lack the means to finish off your laning enemy/keep him down. Your passive usually does the job.), and yeah. Ghost run + Exhaust is just best on him.

Now for ya LANING!

A TRUE PIRATE always ADAPTS, as I have must have said a tonne of times now, but you will stick to the CORE of being a pirate.

Start with either a dorans ring or Meki Pendant +2 pots, depending on ya style. I pretty much always go for the latter since the regen doesn't differ that much, and the health, well I've always preferred +400 flexible health then a +100 permanent/TYS*. A lil trick is, if you know yer going to engage, activate a potion if you know you'l take a beating.

*till you Sell.

Ye will NOT get manamune, ye should have enough with your MP5's!
If ya be having mana troubles then you should deny less.
Level up your W more, since it costs no extra mana at higher levels. Try to last hit more with melee if you can without getting harassed, instead of just parleying the **** out of everything.(Which is extremely good, with the extra gold it gives But apparently your mana can't handle it)
Find your balance between Melee last hitting and the risk of getting harassed and spending mana and PARRRLEYing(which does give extra gold)

Picking what ta be good at!(Leveling abilities)
Ofcourse some grog and nomming stuff should be highest, but not first priority! Get your E first for deny'ing. The above paragraph plays into this, so read back! Balance out leveling your Q(parrrley) and W(remove Scurvy) and level out E(Raise Morale) last. Get your R(ultimate) whenever ya can!

Denying You should be mainly DENY'ing, two of the first wave.(One when they spawn, then walk with em, around around when the minions meet, your Deny comes of CD.) And then so on try to deny one every wave(and no more, or you'l miss denying the occasional cannon minion)

If ya have a night free of wingmen, then ya should watch yer energy(mana) fer its exhausting. With tha nerfs of solo laning I really dun't recommend it either. But I would either pack Teleport. Or know your jungler(when yar familiar with yar wingman, pre-made so ta say) will gank top enough that you'l have a easy time. For deny'ing, healing up the harass and PARRRLEY'ing everything will get ya low.

I typically go for 2 Avarice blades, 2
No more, no less.
The numer shall be 2.
1, is deemed acceptable, as long as 1 is added afterwards.
But 3 is one too many, and by 4, you have gone far too far!

You shall mix in boots somewhere. These be your three first items. Then finish it with either Ionian Boots or Merc threads, depending on how dem much those scallywags be sticking ye down with giving ya a free drink at the bar and then telling their sad stories.

If yer still laning and having troubles, because theire flung jaunts and mugs from afar wil hurt more now later in laning, then buy a vampiric sceptre. Cheap and helps.

Now you shall RUSH IE, all things are good for a pirate! More damage or some crit chance! Having this at the start of brawls will be a sure way of having some extra punch. If ye pub brawls be starting early in the evening, get a zeal first. Cheap, and very effective! Now why don'ya always get a zeal first? It's because Infinity edge will pack so much more HURT then what tha competing scum will have!

Now ya should be buying zeals! Till ye have two! One for each hand. Where did the infinity edge go? Either already in the gut of your enemy or holding it by the teeth.(Remember, if monkeys will ever become intelligent enough to weild swords, run, for they will have five ways to wield them while they hop on one limb!)

Feel free to buy whatever ya want for ya phantom dancer, buy a Vampiric Sceptre if you haven't already. Every part of the Phantom Dancer is good for a pirate. For mad dancing skills can matter a great deal with seducing yer wench! But the ladies like it more if ya have a BF sword! Err it will fill up the slots of your inventory too quickly!

Because when ye've reached 6 slots, ye will be forced ta sell yar Avarice blades, and you really want those to last as long as possible.(Especially if you have a new and scared crew, afraid to iniate! Then it'l especially pay off if you're stuck at mid. (And ye will NOT sidepush unless you all agree to it, for whatever reason))

By now you must have THIRSTING fer the blood of yar enemies, this will give more surviveability and DAMAGE. Fer it is ta bloodthirster! Aye, precious? What is this rare non-booty item that does not give me crit? Well lad, it gives MASSIVE damage and lifesteal! Those are the secondary stats ye want most!

If ya be dieing too much, check up why yer Guardian Angel is sitting face down in the pub instead of protecting ya! You should go as soon as possible after your Infinity (and beyond!/TS2) because really mate, dieing is not adviced around these parts.

IF YE PUB BRAWL IS TAKING REALLY DURN LONG, and I don't see why ye haven't stomped their faces already with yer mighty crits, then you should go be lolzy and sell your boots! BE A MIGHTY HOBBIT! PIRATE! A buy a third phantom dancer! Ye should have enough skill and experience by now to impersonate a monkey to hop on one foot and fight with your third phantom dancer with the other foot!


First, start with a merry jig! Then remember, adapt yer seducing tactics, for every wench is different. For the lovely princes ashe for example, ye do not charge head in, for her frosty excuses would stop you in your advance. You instead flank! Catch her at her unawares and then BLAM! Bearhug and whisper charming words into her hear, not allowing her to turn either her bow or cold words to turn towards you. Or y'know, shoot her. Whatever you feel like more.

Perhaps use a wingman/tank to take the beating and charge in later. But beware, this bar has more people then just you and princess Ashe! For all yer sights on her delicate frame, a groggy Gragas might descend upon you!
And trust me, that's something you don't want. As fun as he is when he's on your side(or you know, not, you never know with those drunken skillshots), he's a fierce sight to behold as a enemy. Or other champions. Wait for all possible taunts to be used up(or for Shen to set his sights on a other squishy) and then move in.

(So almost* never ever rush in first, unless straight after a battle or all are accounted for, for you are a SQUISHY.)

*It may be done if you see Urf riding a unicorn named Charlie. Being chased by the Spanish inquisition.
My point being, be patient!

Remember if ya enemy is fed by the pockets of yer teammates then dun't engage, because ye'l get a beating of a lifetime. Especially if they have lifesteal/Spellvamp when they're deceptively low. It most likely is a ambush. Get yer mates over there and gang up on him! (Or check the bush around him first with your massive speed from 2 zeals/PD's)

If yer not around, stuck in a lane or just respawned, do not forget, you have the power that will PIERCE THE HEAVENS and then make it rain cannonballs! This one be a bit random, but then again, ye never know with the weather, will ya? Heheh. Now rush towards battle to pick up the stragglers or save your fleeing mates

For your ultimate is a mighty ability, but if you open yer hole now that it is too random, then ya should probably not be playing this game but prolly something else like Bloodline Champions or playing 6x500x2+20x50 on a calculator.

It is a pubcrushing ability that is damn random. It deals massive damage and slows. Use this wisely, Fer either turning around the battle to your side or chases/fleeing.
This really is a matter of experience, but I'l try ta explain. EVERYBODY will try to get out of it as soon as possible, except some tanks.
So if ye land it in the middle of their team, it will force them to split up. But remember! It's not a lane wide! They can walk around it in lane. It is most ideal for jungle fights as it will cover entire paths.(Or you know, stealing Baron with it.*)

However, when you hit 6, you are probably not yet teamfighting a lot and laning mainly. Here you will need to use a Shen amount of Map-Awareness. For minor skirmishes/small fights will breaking out. ''It still has 10 seconds of cooldown'' is no excuse. For sometimes people are really stupid and stay a bit too long, for a extra last hit to get that shiny item perhaps.**
Even if it doesn't finish them, if your teammates are trying hard to push the minions so they can dive the tower. Your ult will hurt a lot and disrupt the teleport. OR you can use it defensively to blast apart giant minionwaves pushing your tower. To conclude, it's a massive bombshell. Pun intended. of a ultimate, which is very veriable with a reasonably short cooldown. Use it well.

Your ultimate is one of the best ones in the games, and if it wasn't so random it'd be massively overpowered.

*Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, liked both.
** Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, liked neither.

Good luck, have fun! NOW GIMME SOME RUM!

Ps. Kudos to you if you have read this entire thing in one go.