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Master Yi Build Guide by Roachihu

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Roachihu

The New Master Yi (Under Construction)

Roachihu Last updated on June 14, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all i write this guide because i haven't seen many good AD Master Yis after his rework, so i would like to focus on him and make a good guide for the people to use; and also because Master Yi was my main for so long that i know pretty much a lot from him and I would like to share my knowledge or the things i have learned, with someone else... nah yi is 2 OP gg wp

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  • Can snowball extremely hard.
  • Can destroy you with just auto-attacks.
  • Easy Champion to learn to play with.
  • Will be too hard to beat if fed
  • Ussually focused.
  • No CC to help in teamfights.
  • Not too much base health.

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In case you didn't read the notes ill write it here: Master Yi is way too good at snowballing, even if he didn't got fed at all, so DO get every one of the runes (obviously if there are) Scaling runes so he will be stronger late game.

Marks: I would prefer getting Armor Penetration runes, it will not be too good Early Game, but in late game you will give it a right use. I said before that i used Attack Speed runes, but late game you will have 2.50 AS without those runes, so you actually dont need them BUT still you will have a slow AS at the start.

Seals: As Master Yi is insanely OP the only way to stop him is by facing him 1v1, so take Armor Runes

Glyphs: For glyphs you should get Scaling Magic Resist to counter all those APc's that think they can face your OPness.

Quints: I always thought Lifesteal Quints were the best on AD Carriers, so get them for the Bonus 6% lifesteal, they will be pretty useful. This is because Blade of the Ruined King does not give enough lifesteal as other items such as The Bloodthirster or Ravenous Hydra.

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The starting items will give you enough sustain to survive the laning phase, I take 2 Mana Potion because Yi uses his mana a lot to harass when using Alpha Strike and a single Pot will recover almost all of his mana and if you think that you cant get close to your enemy to hit him with autoattacks, consider buying a third Mana Potion it will help even more with the harass . USE YOUR WARDS, dont get ganked, specially when you are pushing harder than your enemy. Now with the trinkets you should watch more the bush, as the duration of the ward before lvl 9 is half the CD of the Trinket.
I decided to change my item set, so the new items go like this:
Statikk Shiv perfect item for Master Yi,I decide to take Shiv first for the bonus AS + Crit, and it will help you a lot with the poke, get first Avarice Blade because of the bonus gold. Shiv will help you a lot when fighting and harassing, when an enemy is running away simply hit a minion to make the electrical charge hit him.
Then goes Phantom Dancer, i didnt knew it was such a good item, the bonus critical strike is much better than the one from Youmuu's Ghostblade, and the bonus CDR didnt fit for Master Yi, and... im kinda lazy to be clicking the number "2" on my keyboard, so whatever.
I never took Blade of the Ruined King, unless someone went very tanky, but now is a core item, it is just too OP in Master Yi, just like him, i would really not recommend changing this item, unless it is really necessary, even if they arent tanky, the passive and active are pretty good.
Berserker's Greaves, useful to get more Movement Speed and Attack Speed, it is always necessary in a game.
One of the best items when carrying the game with Master Yi, obviously I'm talking about Infinity Edge, Criticals will make so much damage, the boost AS from Phantom Dancer helps a lot and also aditional the Critical Chance.
Guardian Angel Pretty good item, get it lastly, as a hybrid deffensive, this will make you revive when you took a Quadra Kill and the ADC killed you, so you Respawn at the place you died and cause you're OP as hell you take the Penta from that n00b ADC,and GG WP surrender at 20.
If you bought all of these items you will have 2.50 AS with Highlander activated

Then are the Optional Items:
The Bloodthirster is pretty useful when you're not getting killed and you know you can get extra bonus of AD and lifesteal, remember that you will lose half of the stacked bonus when you get killed. I would replace it for Blade of the Ruined King
The Black Cleaver. I think it is useful if you want to help your AD carry when taking down enemies, as it gives and Armor Penetration debuff useful for all of your allies attacking the enemy, it is strangely similar to Kayle's Holy Fervor. You can get this instead of Infinity Edge.
Then, if you are losing or Recalling too much, just take the Enchantment: Homeguard it can turn the game to your side if it is well used
Deffensive Items:
Maw of Malmortius is a great item when fighting against annoying AP carriers, it gives you a lot of AD, Magic Resist, and a shield against magic damage. Above all, it gives you +1 AD per every 2% of health missing. I would replace it by Infinity Edge.
Frozen Mallet in case there is no one that is going tanky, change it for Infinity Edge.
So.... as now I've noticed how damn OP Master Yi is, you will almost never change your build i really DONT RECOMMEND changing the build, i never do, but in case you do, NEVER change Statikk Shiv nor Phantom Dancer nor Guardian Angel.

TAKE: Smite and Flash
MUST BUY: Hunter's Machete, 5 Health Potions and the Ward trinket as every normal person would do
THEN BUY: the normal stuff, don upgrade the Machete, sell it. (obviosly you dont need to buy the other pots as in the normal Top build.)

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Summoner Spells

You really should use Ignite and Flash but also other Good choices could be Exhaust because of Master Yis lack of CC (even thought i don't like exhaust too much). Other good option of summoner spell could be Cleanse as Master Yi is almost always focused in teamfights, he will be getting damage from lot of CC and he will not be of any use.

Ghost could be a another good summoner spell, but with your enormously high movement speed thanks to Highlander you won't need Ghost to speed up more.
Teleport can be a good option for split push Yi or also when you're deffending another lane or escaping from one of them

The other summoner spells are not too much good in Master Yi style and gameplay.

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Counters / Match Ups

Try to avoid champions with Poison, as will counter you Meditate really hard, just use it when you're under turret, otherwise, is not useful.
Any champion that has CC can counter easily your Meditate so also you must try to avoid champions with lot of CC I personally don't like laning against Malphite or Alistar. To help you avoid being interrupted try to Meditate near a turret, but very close to it, so that the enemy has to get really close to you to disrupt your healing.
Teemo will annoy you everygame you're playing against him, his blind is like Jax's Counter Strike but its less harmful. Dont fight him when he has used his Blinding Dart on you.
Cho'Gath is probably the best counter of all, for everyone, that bit...big monster has got lot of CC for most likely every situation, he's got an slow, a silence, knockup and avobe all, he's got his ult Feast that deals True Damage, so its like a GG when he's against you. Try to watch when he's getting close to you, to now when he will use Rupture, and dont get too close to him, because he will most likely shout ( Feral Scream) at you for being SO DAMN OP, but remember his W has low range, so harassing with Alpha Strike can be the most secure way to attack him, and always remember to harass him when he tries to recover with Carnivore.
Darius you just cant face him by the fact that his ult gets stronger the more time you are in battle, BUT, if you 2 dont have your ults, Yi wins, cause his ult makes 680 dmg when you've got 5 stacks of Hemorrhage AND Darius will most likely build tanky and you got Blade of the Ruined King to counter that tankiness. DONT engage while he has ult.
....... Jax...... surrender if you lane against him.
Nah but seriously, you deal tons of damage (even without Trinity Force) cause the high AD and high AS, so jax can simply kill you with just his Dodge as it returns the damage you made plus stuns you, its just too annoying, you cant face him, he is the only champion I couldnt 1v1 so far, not even with ult. Try to build a Thornmail, if he gets too fed. Just try to not lane against him. Aaaaand if he uses his dodge, run away, then jump in with Alpha Strike when the effect fades; however, if he uses Leap Strike while you're running then... idk just die, well try to use ult to run away until his Counter Strike fades, then, TRY to kill him. Jax is so OP that LoL had to nerf him and take his Weapon, so he now has to fight with the lampost he got, if you dont trust me, go read his Lore.

NOTE: You will most likely be able to r*pe every single champion in the game, expect for the counters im just mentioning, like Jax, champions with heavy CC and champions that make grievous wounds.
More of Master Yi's counters coming soon...

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Useful Tips

1.- This is basic, if you now you're going to die anyway, DON'T RUN! Why run? you will not save yourself anyway, instead of running you should fight, you will have a little chance to win with lifesteal and the help of Highlander increase of attack speed and if you dont, you will lower the enemy(s) health and maybe someone in your team will kill him/them.
2.- If you are low health and you don't want to recall, kill minions (you can also jungle) to restore your health fastly by lifesteal (lifesteal will save your life many times).
3.- If you CAN escape just if you use Highlander do it, you will not regret of doing it, highlander has not too much Cooldown so it will be ready soon enough.
4.- Talking about Highlander, it is a pretty good ultimate, with it you can turn a battle around to your side, imagine you're fighting and you're going to die; just active Highlander and you will have increased Attack Speed, combined with Lifesteal you could survive long enough to kill your enemy.
5.- Remember to ALWAYS activate Wuju Style when ganking someone or when your're fighting alone (it's not that effective when there are lots of enemies, but even though it can help) Wuju Style's true damage can also turn a fight to your side.
6.- Remember Master Yi is very good at snowballing, so if you're losing and your team wants to surrender, DONT VOTE YES, you still have a low chance to win if you still haven't hit lvl 18, when you get to lvl 18 and you still can't make much diference in the game, now you can give up, but always try to get to lvl 18 and complete all your build.
7.- I used to do this lots of times but, DON'T GIVE TIME TO YOU OPPONENT, if you can win, just win, specially if the enemy team has snowballers, such as another Master Yi, it will be really annoying that you're about to win, and because you let them spawn they comeback and destroy your team, trust me, it happens.
8.- I dont think I need say this but, never enter a fight that will most likely end in an Ace or that you now you will not win. For example, if the 5 champions of the enemy team are about to kill your friend, don't go and help him, 1 death is better than 2, always remmember that.
9.- This is also something i've done, DON'T underestimate your enemy, never.
10.- You can sometimes kill an enemy without Highlander, that's why you have Enchantment: Furor, to help you avoid to use your ult, as you most likely want to save Highlander for emergencies or special situations.
11.- When you're pushing hard, but you can't farm, consider not putting the wards and just watch INSIDE the bush, to see if there is the enemy jungler nearby
12.- Basic, when placing the ward, try to place it as far as you can (at the bottom of the bush) but not outside the bush, so you can see if someone is in there and if there is an enemy coming nearby, giving you time to retreat to your turret.
13.- Save your mana. Early game Master Yi is mana dependent and mana hungry, so try to save your mana just to harass and use the mana pot to regenerate it to continue the harass.
14.- Even if you lose your lane, you WILL win, come on, you're Yi, i've never lost with Master Yi after I got the right build, Yi is so op, dont lose a game please, not until Riot decides to "Nerf" yi again.
15.- Kill everything you see moving, idc if its from your team

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Well, thanks for reading my guide, this is the first one I have ever made, be soft and don't forget to comment or make any suggestion for me to improve this guide. Also remember to ask any question if you didn't understood something. DON'T vote negative if you didn't read all the guide and/or you didn't understood everything that's was on it. Don't criticize my grammar <.< forgive me if I commit any mistake, English is not my first language, just make me know what did I made wrong.

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End Game Scores

Seen many builds with this, so go on, send me any Pic you want with this build, doesnt needs to be from the end-game lobby, just any cool pick from Master Yi with my build :D.

Guess no one likes my guide, there's been no comments nor upvotes, not even downvotes so ill just go and suicide, here are some of MY picks D:

I've done 4 pentas so far with yi(obviously without counting the bots pentas), yeah im noob.
Roachihu the pro making a penta, before they nerfed the Wriggle's LanternOk i recently made this penta, but really DONT SEARCH ME on LoL, you'll make fun of me... And Yes this WAS on a Ranked game.