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Nidalee Build Guide by ib l a d e z

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ib l a d e z

The New Nidalee (Tanky DPS)

ib l a d e z Last updated on November 13, 2011
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Hello my name is iB l a d e z, and this is my first guide on mobafire. Hopefully, you will be able to learn something from this guide, and make you better overall as a player. I've been a fan of Nidalee for quite awhile, back when she was considered OP (Her pushing capabilities and all around utility for the team). My highest rating capped at 1600 and i've played this game for 1-2 years. Although her play style has changed in my opinion, she is still a great carry for solo queue. As tanky dps she is able to sustain longer in team fights, have constant damage, easily kill squishies, and still be able to make use of all her spells(even without ap). In this guide, I will show you how i prefer to play Nidalee.

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I recommend using the armor pen, because it really allows her to poke through the game. Along with this it helps her cougar . The armor pen really benefits your early game, which scales into your late game

I use basically the same runes from Hotshotgg's build for Nidalee. One of the variations are the armor yellows (he uses dodge runes). Due to the change to cougar form, i feel as though these runes are not necessary for Nidalee. Yes, when she had that dodge chance passive from her cougar form, it was a must. Now that she receives a armor/magic resist boost, I feel that it is more advantageous to make use of armor for her early game.

The magic resis per level glyphs are needed for her overall tankiness. This is a must because it helps her in team fights and survive against the ap carries that do alot of damage. Hotshotgg prefers cool down per level glyphs, but i feel as though these are not necessary. The main goal for a tank/ad nidalee is to have sustainable damage, without being to squishy.

The quints are used for the same reason as the reds.

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These are the two early game items that I like to begin with, depending on who I lane against.
If your against champions that out lane you (ex. Akali, Renekton, Garen) It's best to start off with Cloth Armor + 5 health pot building it into Wriggle's Latern. This allows you to have good sustain, and continue to farm without being harassed too hard.

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Skill Order

My build is always R>E>Q>W (With the exception of getting W first)

Ulti - Obviously the main priority.
Primal Surge - Allows you to have that sustain, in order to keep up with the other laner. I always focus around it because, i like poking the other laner and denying them from farm and exp.
Javelin Toss - The extra damage and range is nice, and it allows me to sort of zone the other laner.
Bushwack - I level this last because, i mainly just use it to ward in order to push.

Why E > Q

Yes i know, the mana cost for Q was reduced, but the E really allows you to sustain in lane longer. The pros out weigh the cons in my opinion. But you can get Q if you really wanna be aggressive against the other laner.

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Early game

Nidalee's early game is simple. I'll give you one word to sum it all up, FARM. Nidalee is an item dependent champion and if you don't win your lane, you hinder your team's strength. Before level 6, its a bit harder to farm, but with my rune setup and mastery it will be much easier then going ap. Once you reach level 6, its very easy to farm. Your order for creep waves should be W, E, Q, by doing this your cs should rise considerably. During the early game phase, it is ideal to heal and poke. Your job here is to keep the enemy champion low, and deny him from farm/exp. After reaching level 6 you can be a bit more offensive and begin zoning the other champion out, leading to a kill.

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Mid Game/Late Game

Your mid game in my opinion, is where you excel the most. Her damage here with sheen, wriggles and atmas should be amazing. Your goal here is to win your lane and begin ganking the other lanes/jungle. I like to to ask for red, whenever possible. Eventually you have to give it to your AD carry, but make use of the buff whenever you can. At this point of the game, you can also begin split pushing/pushing. Just be sure to ward/trap yourself and make sure your team does not ever start 4v5 team fights. You also have to keep in mind that with Nidalee's mobility, you can reach team fights from other lanes pretty fast. If you can communicate with your team, you can control fights in your favor.

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Team Fights

In team fights, tanky dps Nidalee can go into the fight more easily then AP Nidalee. You generally want your tank to enter the fight first and then join in to kill the enemy carries. You can also choose to be passive, and poke with your heal, spears, traps and auto attacks. With the Atmas and Sheen, you can do surprising amounts of damage. You generally wanna spam your cougar skills and try to position yourself as best as possible. Although you are tankier than AP Nidalee, you are still prone to CC and high amounts of damage. Be sure to try and use your mobility to your advantage, and punish the carries that are in your range.

Your combo in a team fight should be W > E > Q
switch to human form
W > Auto Attack > E > Auto Attack > Q > Auto Attack
Rinse and Repeat. (Note: You do not need to follow this order in a team fight, just use it accordingly to the certain position your in.)