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Vayne Build Guide by Deathknight33

AD Carry the only true Vayne

AD Carry the only true Vayne

Updated on September 29, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathknight33 Build Guide By Deathknight33 1,450 Views 0 Comments
1,450 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathknight33 Vayne Build Guide By Deathknight33 Updated on September 29, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


Pros/ Con

- deals the most late game damage in the hohle game
- supergood in chasing down enemys
- tumble is godlike
- ad carry with stun + knockback
- highest range ad in the game

- very squishi
- the focus you get is insane
- need a very good support / premade
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Skill Sequence

This is not such a good passive like the one of corki or tristana, but it is still a very good passive for an ad carry.
30 movespeed + 305 means 335 movespeed you will be faster then yi when chasing enemys

This is the spell what makes vayne so unique. Every 2 seconds she can change her position and deal 50% more damage on the next hit. In addition it refreshes her attack timer.
Very good for harrasing/ chasing enemys, lasthiting minions and evading spells.
You can use this spell to run away too, but it wont help you much. The reason is that its range is just too small and without a hit its cooldown is 8 seconds and by running away your passive dont work too. So vayne dosnt really have a good escape. So you need flash and a good premade support with knockback, cc or movespeed buff to save you.

This is what vayne makes so strong against Tanks. Thx to that skill you wont every need a madreds razor to kill the overfeeded tanks. This spell just melt down every tank. So you can focus your items for killing the non-tanks faster.

Condemn makes Vayne so enourmous dangerous in 1 vs 1. Because in 1.5 sec vayne takes easy the half of the enemys life. Combined with exhaust and her passiv an easy kill in 1 vs 1.
You can flash and/or tumble to get in a better position to condem.

This makes Vayne so enourmous strong, because it fits perfect with her passive, tumble and when your stealth its easier to get into a better position to stun an enemy. In addition Vayne becomes much more harder to get focused and 55 ad hurts.
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Farming + Teamfights

Like every ad carry you need to farm MUCH. That means if you would loose 1 minion for an harras hit. It's better for you to lasthit the minion then attack the enemy champion. But just lasthit don't push. If they push ... Great. Try to lasthit on the turret and with a good jungler you can kill them. Use tumble if needed to lasthit but just IF NEEDED never waste mana.


The most important thing in the teamfight is for you to stay alive. It means you dont run to the enemy ad carry and try to damage him, because then you are to close to the enemy and wont life a single second. You stay in the back of the teamfight attack the ones who get close to you. When the casters did their spells and no one of the enemy team has a stun left then you can go closer to kill the carrys else never try.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathknight33
Deathknight33 Vayne Guide
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the only true Vayne

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