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Kayle Build Guide by princess bblgum

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author princess bblgum


princess bblgum Last updated on December 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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At first i was trying to troll my team with jungle kayle, but i quickly found out she is strong in the jungle and valuable to the team.

Kayle is an extremely fast aoe jungler because of her E ability righteous fury, but also excels in single target damage thanks to her Q ability reckoning. She can also jungle indefinitely from the beginning of the game.

Kayle also is a strong ganker and offers your team great utility in team fights

The main goal here is to use her as a jungle bruiser, but i see room for other roles, such as support jungler or dps. This guide will be about bruiser Kayle

feel free to flexible in your item build to best help your team. Obvious choices should be made while building...such as not buying a Force of Nature when your opponents have little or no magic damage. If they have two mages who are an early hexdrinker; obvious build adapting will win you games

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I use 3 armor penetration quints to give 10+ armor pen. This stacks with the offensive mastery 'sunder', which gives +6 armor at three ranks. This 16+ penetration is important because you basically start the game with a brutalizer. Along with Kayle's Q skill and her passive skill which further weaken their defenses, no one will be able to withstand your beatings for more than a few seconds early in the game.

All of the alacrity runes add up to 15% attack speed + 6% attack speed from the alacrity mastery. This will help you clear the jungle fast and deal your punishment out to noobs.

The armor runes are helpful for jungling and make you a bit more durable so Kayle can fulfill that bruiser role, they grant 9.8+ armor; you will have about 13.8+ armor from runes and masteries

Magic Resist runes (10+ mr) also help kayle become less vulnerable to magic damage sources.

I have 2 attack damage runes for extra damage. Attack damage will make your auto attacks stronger and scales 1 to 1 (100%) with her Q ability. between runes and masteries you will have 5+ AD at the beginning of the game.

Reasoning: The more durable you are the longer you are alive, which over time means you will deal more damage. You can't deal damage if you are dead.

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I use 21/9/0 for the fastest and most easy jungling, ganking, and dueling. Also the 10% magic penetration and 10% armor penetration stack with kayle's passive...which if stacked fully will grant 15% magic and armor penetration. Combined that's a whopping 25% magic and 25% armor penetration + 16 armor pen from runes and masteries. That is without any items. The magic penetration is necessary because Kayle's Q and E deal magic damage.

I find this to be the most effective build because you become a threat to enemy carries and tanks because how much damage you deal and your ability to vastly decreases their defenses. If you also use your Q ability the enemy becomes even weaker against your assault, leading me to believe kayle has strong single target damage, which is enough to make enemy carries turn tail and run.

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Skill Sequence

Q-a 4 second slow and powerful single target nuke (scales with AD 1 to 1 and AP as well)
W-a heal and speed buff that can be cast on you or your allies
E-a steriod that converts your melee attack to a ranged attack that deals AoE magic damage as well.

Always grab your ult when you can.

This first skill sequence is a full a full clear that will make you gank ready at level 3 with red and blue buff.

for the first five levels:

grabbing 1 point in W at level two is important for you because of your jungle sustainability and movement speed. Use W when it is up (in conjunction with your potions), your W should be on constant CD when jungling. It will heal you slightly and make you move faster in between camps, it is also your initiation when ganking. Pop this ability in the brush to move faster and close the gap between you and your target. This ability can be cast on your allies as well.

kayle's E ability is her steroid and helps you clear the jungle faster. Her E ability deals AoE magic damage + extra magic damage to nearby based on 20% Kayle's attack damage.

Kayle's Q is very important. This ability makes your target more vulnerable to your attacks (up to 10%), deals nuke damage that scales 100% with attack damage and scales with AP as well. It is also a powerful (35%) 4 second slow. use this ability on the target you intend to attack with your auto attack.

Kayle's ultimate Intervention is her most important ability in team fights, you can use it on yourself or teammates. Take note that a target with intervention on it can't take damage but can still be stunned, etc. This ability is explained more in the section named "Kayle's Job"

You can also go E, then Q for the first 2 levels. after taking blue/wolves you can go for an immediate level 2 gank with your slow + ranged attack. I recommend this for more experienced junglers who know how to manage the risk.

R> Q > E > W

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Summoner Spells

For jungling kayle i use smite/flash always. If you are jungling w/out smite you are ******ed. Flash offer kayle even more utility and is useful in counter jungling due to its risky nature. You can also make clutch saves with flash + ult, slow, and/or heal/speed.

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Creeping / Jungling / Ganking / Counter Jungling

I prefer to start with cloth armor and 5 pots.
Remember warding and possible oracle buys are important on a jungler

My standard route is:
Blue golem (SMITE)-> wolves -> wraiths -> medium golem and small golem -> red lizard (SMITE)

you should have close to full hp after this initial clear is done.

If your team isn't full ******, you can take the wolves before blue even spawns, this is what most competitive teams do. I prefer not to do this in normals because people tend to mess this up and steal experience and slow you down.

How to take wolves before blue:
Make sure you hit the wolves first so they don't run off. Have someone either hit the small wolves or use an aoe 1 time. Make sure your teammates walk to blue so they don't take experience. They should be dead before blue buff spawns.

Red lizard is last because:
1. you are free to gank with a full-time lizard buff
2. the double golems before red camp grants u level 3, so u can get Q, which makes short work of large single targets because of the damage amplification.
3. smite will be on CD for about 20 seconds on your way to the double golem camp. I prefer NOT to use smite on the double golems.

after this initial clear you can:
A. Gank lanes
B. Counter Jungle/Duel
C. Continue farming the respawning camps

this all depends on the lane situation and whether or not the enemy jungler has died.

Remember...Jungling is a fluid game role, good junglers are always adapting to the current situation and reading the lanes and enemy jungler. To learn good jungle play i watch the odd one, saint vicious, and dan dinh.

use W to speed yourself up beforehand, use Q to slow them, and E to hit them at a distance. its better if u a prepared to do this.

A successful gank is one that kills the enemy or blows enemy summoners. even just pushing them out of the lane due to low HP is good. Your lane partner will be ahead in experience and maybe gold.

If your top or bot lane is pushed up you can sneak into the lane brush.

If you gank a from the river or tribrush ask your teammates if it is warded. Also watch the patern of enemy creeps so you don't get screwed by them while trying to gank.

A trick attributed to saint vicious is the lane tax. If you gank a lane feel free to farm some of their minions even if u fail the gank. If they get mad...**** em'.

After a successful gank:
push your minions into their tower while they are gone so they lose experience and gold as the tower kills them.

Counter jungling and duelling the enemy in their jungle is risky.

Counter jungling:

Countering a buff camp - make sure you know where the enemy jungler is, know his route. you can often smite steal a buff from the brush if they don't walk into it or kill them outright. Make sure they are not a duelist type like lee sin or someone like trundle, they will most likely kill you. Countering nocturne or gp is relatively easy because they often take a lot of damage at buff camps and can't blow you up like lee sin. Timing when the buffs (yours and your enemies), dragon, and baron respawn is requirement for junglers in pro and high elo play. THIS WILL MAKE PLAYS HAPPEN.

countering a small camp - take the big creep and make sure to leave 1 small creep; leaving 1 small creep prevents the camp from respawning. The big creep is worth the most gold and experience due to the patch changes. this is devastating, even with the fast respawn time. don't be afraid to just smite and run. Counter jungling is pretty easy on Kayle. Like mentioned above... know where your enemies are at so you don't just feed.

countering a small camp - take the big creep

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for an average or balanced game i consider this kayle's core about 17-25 minutes in the game:

Mercury treads/ninja tabi
doran's blade(s)
Rage blade OR wit's end (if the team is heavy magic this is helpful, but rage blade is better overall)

*Wriggle's will probably be your most important early game item, it gives you armor, attack (which scales 100% with your Q ability), and lifesteal.

**Wriggle's can be replaced with a gunblade when you are tanky and out of item is MUCH BETTER.

Note: Doran's blades are actually really good on Kayle if you are short on gold or want to gain an even heavier early game advantage, they give you hp, damage, and life steal. Between masteries and items, your lifesteal should be anywhere from 17%-25%. Doran's blades are a good early to mid game boost in health and damage.

If your hp and resistances are at a decent level, after your core you should get wit's end or rage blade if you don't have it.

Note: When you are building rage blade, get the pick axe first...attack damage benefits Kayle more in this build.

After your core items are completed you can build however you feel will benefit you and your team the most. You can get more offensive or defensive items.

Shurelya's is a great item for your team and also gives you hp...but you can get more tanky items like Force of nature or banshee veil or Guardian angel. Kayle lacks hp. Just be smart.

If the enemy team is running heavy magic you will want to build a fast hexdrinker. The will literally just run from you because this scales so well with kayle.

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Kayle's Job

This build emphasizes using Kayle as a bruiser.

Kayle has so much utility...SO MUCH. Use it to your team's advantage.
Protect your carry and empower your teammates with your abilities. you can intercept enemies heading towards your carries by crippling them with a Q and attacking them like crazy, this will make them usually think twice.

If you happen to have Trundle on your team you can definitely target and melt an enemy tank/bruiser with both of your abilities

If you find yourself getting scared of will die. If you commit to a fight...don't run, keep lifesteaing/damaging the enemy. Your ult will allow you to crush them. Your Q ability destroys supports and carries. I think most people think kayle is bad because she requires decision making that is harder than most champions.

A good way to start a fight with the enemy team is to ult a bruiser/tank who can disrupt a team or what I find hilarious is to ult someone like kennen or fiddle to start the fight.

When their carries come close, use your E ability and cripple them with your Q, if you are taking damage or suspect u will take damage, use your ult before you get stunned or silenced.

You can often save a carry between your ultimate and a support like soraka and easily turn the fight around so that your carry is destroying them

Kayle's ults will almost always do better in an arranged/competitive than a normal game or solo Q games. It is similar to zilean's problems...ultimates are just less effective in that type of play because your teammates don't trust/rely on you to save them.

You can bait the enemy teams summoners, spells, and ults with your ultimate. If you are able to successfully ult yourself before they all dump on you then you can easily win a team fight. Just make sure team aren't cowards.

There are probably some things i am missing here, but a competent player should be able to figure out what to do in most team fights.