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Pantheon Build Guide by Barkskin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Barkskin

The phalanx... Tank Pantheon

Barkskin Last updated on August 11, 2012
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Hello! Barkskin here with his first guide. This is my Pantheon Tank guide. With this build you should be able to hold any champion in your path (depending on our play style obviously). Now I know most of youe are going to be like "WTF?! Pantheon can't tank" or "Noob tank panth". Yes he can and it works. Now I havn't played him as a tank for a few days so I dont have any screen shots for you to view my typical games(sry). But I have a norm kdar of 3/3/20 per 5v5 and 5/2/15 for 3v3.

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OK my runes should be self explanatory. Armor pen to get that annoying spear impailing your enemy. The MR runes are so you are not smashed by the ap carries. Armor runes is obvious. And health per level quintessences for that atma's impaler.

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The reason you skip the spell buffs in the tank tree is because you don't need them. Pantheon is a control tank meaning you rely on exhaust and your W to hold enemies. I built into cooldown reduction in the masteries in order to spam your W and get you ulti for major team fights.

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Ok getting your gold per 5 Item is important early game cause you need Randiun's Omen fast to keep your lane in your control.

Normaly I would get Mercury's Treads depending if the enemy team has many cc's but if not keep Ninja Tabi for those pesky anti tanks. Getting Boots of Swiftness is a great item for keeping your team intact in all lanes.

Thornmail is obvious shut down their AD as soon as possible plus helps when you end up soloing someone in the river.

Force of Nature is exchangable. I use it to keep up with their AP carry also it works with your next item.

Warmog's Armor is the second best tank item in game(Randuin's is the first). I don't really need to explain cause most people know waht it does.

Last is your one damage item. I buy it last cause maximizing you tanking ability comes first the atma's just give you a little boost to help the dps(also gives you a kill shot for runners. It is not a needed item you can get any other item after warmogs but i really insist on this item if you get this late into game.

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Skill Sequence

Ok so getting Aegis of Zeona first is a must have. It gives you a great opening crowd control plus the combo of jump-exhaust kills almost any champion(if you have an ally near you). Max it out by level 9 in order to give the enemy carry hell.

Next is your Spear Shot at level 2. only reason to max this second by level 13 is for your ability to poke. Due the the item build you don't get a damaging item till late game it really is a small poke so maxing Spear Shot second allows you to keep others off you ally and you.

Last is your Heartseeker Strike. I tell you to get this at level 3 because it gives you the ability to farm. It does minimal damage early game so their is no point in maxing it out till late.

Ok so your ultimate is one of the harder to land ultimates of the game. The delay on casting then the wait for landing allows most champions to run, flash, or Fizz(that damn jump of his) out of the area of effect. DO NOT JUST WAIST IT ON MINION FARMING. To land this ultimate correctly; use it during a team fight in order to maximize the damage(most people crowd together during team fight), use it to block enemies from running away(place it at possible escape points to control enemy movements), use it to catch baron during late game(must have impecable timing like me). and u know the usual 6-11-16 get it at all available times.

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Summoner Spells

Ok so you are a tank Pantheon with a great cool down jump. But, that is your only crowd control so I say get exhaust. Gets rid of enemy carry and if you already killed everyone but the enemy tank he wont have as much armor.

Ok Ghost. This ability is great for trying to get within range for your ulti. I can't count the times i barley made it to a team fight cause I was solo top lane. So ghost is a great chase and escape ability while it help move in to possition for your ulti faster.

Now I go between Ghost and Teleport in order to help and control all lanes. With teleport you can crush any lanes that get to cocky.

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Team Work

Ok so you must convince your team you are a tank. Pantheon Tank is a great ganker due to the crowd control this build gives him. Run every where on map and place wards every where to allow ganking faster(if you have teleport).


ok so now that you know who you are you must initiate in team fights or your team is done for and you will never win. No matter how many games I played when im not the tank our carry initiates and is dead in 4 hits. I hate tanks who dont initiate. I mean come on you can take the damage. You must initaite.

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Thank you for Viewing my build place a comment if you like also give feedback and please no flaming in comments.