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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlackSteal

The real SorakaBots way of Evelynn

BlackSteal Last updated on January 3, 2011
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I guess i puplish this guide to late over here, but tbh i prefer leaguecraft.
Also i saw that there is already a guide quite similar, but not exactly the same, i wasnt sure if i should write this. I just will make a quick short guide for everyone who doesnt already know how to do it.

I might copy some small things over from leaguecraft, but whatever :D

Build justification

Mastery are just used to get a give you pretty much the most succesful jungle and getting improvements for your summoner spells. Smite is an obvious must have for jungling, while revive doesnt seem like a good choice for most people. The thing about revive is that you need to die and many people dislike the fact. (Ohhhh, Ghost/exhaust/(insert random spell here) is so much better since x and y) Well, they arent "better", they just serve other uses. Would you say ghost is better than flash? They are two different spells with different uses. You take revive for a few reasons:
- Good improvement for your jungling
- Being a (quite) squisy meele assassin champ, its impossible not to die if they focus you hard
- physologial effect(even through that doesnt work as much anymore)
- Do you want to win your ****ing game or want to have good stats?? I have about 80% winchance as Eve, but i have retarted averange k/d/a. Do i care? **** no. Do i win? **** yes. Revive is a gamechanger and can completely turn fights by itself. Its most likely THE best lategame summoner spells there is.

Your Itembuild support your physical damage output with constant sheen procs with hate spike and still granting you some utility with the slow and increased movespeed.
You usually dish out good damage, so most of your lategame itemchoices increase your surviabilty.

The Itembuild

You start with cloth armor + 5 health pots
You work as fast as you can to get your madreds razor
A key thing to remember is, to always get 1-2 potions early game if you go back if you dont have lifesteal. This still aplies for midgame. Op gamechanger item, people just dont use them enough.
Get level 1 boots. Now you want either build sheen, boots of mobilty or wriggels latern. You usually get wriggels if you cant gank too good and have to jungle much. That will keep your health up and gives you a constant dragon ward which usually is very important in those passiv games where you cant get much kills. Boots of mobilty is usually a bad choice at this time, but if you are run short on money you might consider it to help out other lanes more. An early sheen is very effective and gives a good increase to your damage output since it has great synergie with your hatespike.
Midgame you usually have Wriggels or a simple madreds razor, boots of mobilty and sheen. After that you work for Phage-> trinity Force. Now you are planning to get one of these:
Ghostblade(If they have a lot of mobilty squishies(Kassa, ashe, sona etc.)
Madreds bloodrazor(even if you have wriggels already)(Vs tanker teams obviously, great synergie with your ultimate)
Guadian Angel(NOT if you get focused hard, just if they have to much physical damage)
Banshees Veil(If they focus you hard and tend to have magical damage

After that its pretty up to you, but you can either build another item of those 4 or work on something like infinity edge or last whisper.

The jungle path

CARE: Many people know about this build now and some are trying to counter it. You might change the path. You can for example suicide at blue, wait randomly 20 seconds or take the wolf camp after you revive first.

You start at wraiths(Hard camp to gank usually)
Smite the big blue Ghost, kill the small ones. Use your attacks on the ghost which is focused by hatespike. Move to your 2 Golems. Pop 1 Health pot at the way, not to early. Kill the 2 golems by using Hatespike and autoattacks. Get a Level Up, turn invisible, make sure you dont get ganked by checking the brush at the Lizard and start attacking the small ones. You most likely will be able to take one out, sometimes you can kill both. Now die at the Lizard.
Now you have 4 health pots left. Use revive. Now you can either go to the golem or to the lizard. Go to the lizard if you can think you can pull a good gank off right afterwards. If you dont think so, go to the Golem. Kill it with smite, use a pot while doing it. Go to the wolfs, then turn invisible, go to the wraiths and kill them by stunning the blue one and taking him down with hatespikes. Now your smite is ready or almost ready again. Go to the lizard and take out. After you finished lizard, revive buff will soon run out. If you used all your pots in the progess you will end up having almost full hp, double buff and level 4 and you are ready to gank. If you deceided to get lizard and gank earlier, you want to kill the big blue golem while you have your revive buff still up.

If you are sure its save, feel free to use smite in the beginning to speed up your jungle a bit.

Use this thingy here(maybe print it out(i did it :P))

Now, that was the build and everything you have to know. The rest is expierence and gameplay. You cant read what you have to get to know by yourself. If thise Ashe will die from your burst or will just shoot an arrow in your face, who knows. Try it out, you will get better. Still i can give you some small hints:

-As soon as you hit level 6, you suddenly get incredible good at towerdiving (and even more with wriggels) since you get healed whenever you kill a champion. So if you are able to kill the champion under the tower, you usually make it out alive aswell.

-Keep an eye on peoples mana,their health,summoner spells, the cooldown of those and how far they pushed their lane. Try to gank the targets you can kill. If you just cant kill someone, try to give your lanes lanecontrol. Let your opponents use their summoner spells or deny them exp. Dont whine you cant gank lanes, you always can. The only problem is if you want to gank and your teammates dont react. But thats usually not the case, even with bad players. I mean, who doesnt want some buffy 300 free gold?

-Lategame you usually want to take out their squishies. But sometimes its a good option to stop attacking for a second and do that 1 hit to the vladimir, so in case he dies you get healed for it.

-Dont forget your revive lategame. Dont plan to die in the first way, but keep it in mind as an option. A thing that happens often to me is: We lose a teamfight, they do baron, i come smitesteal and save the game. use the Damage with smite thingy i have given you somewhere on the top.

-Dont waste your ultimate, but better use it then not to use it. It has a quite short cooldown and whenever someone dies anywhere on the map you can use it again.

-Keep an eye for wards and oracles. You might consider to get a pink ward to counter their pink wards in the lane. They will fear a gank soooo much if you drop a pink ward in their lane and destroy theirs. They will even deny their exp. And well, if they dont, go there and kill them.

-In the end its all about playing the game, get to know your champion(which is even more important as eve, espially with your ulti, trust me) and getting better. I think you got the most important stuff coverd up. (yeah, i still have some tricks in ma pocket, buy hey, i dont want everyone to get as cool as me!!!)

Some little stuff in the end:

a screenshot, im a bit higher now.

Da famous thread:

My own3d Stream

The league craft guide: ( a bit more gameplay in it, maybe check it out)

A video of someone, using pretty much the exact same build

I guess thats all you need. Now prove what you've learned on the fields of justice and make this little Evelynn happy:

(by Niahawk)

Good luck & have fun