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Trundle Build Guide by Selevant

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Selevant

The REAL Troll Face

Selevant Last updated on March 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys this is my first build guide, so let me know what you think and leave comments on how you think I can improve my guide.

I am actually fairly new to trundle. With that being said i understand how tricky he is to learn and you may question your build. This isn't a jungle or tanky build, but an AD rather. So for those of you trying to figure Trundle out and you aren't a jungler, try this build. I have found that this build makes for a squishier Trundle than preferred by most, but his early feed makes him an unstoppable force early and mid game. You can say how bad AD trundle is all you want, but my matches speak for themselves. I prefer to show by example rather than word, with that being said check out my trundle matches! If you guys have any questions or anything add me on league and we can play a match and I can teach you how I do it.

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For my items, I'm partial to Doran's shield, so that how I start my match for the early sustainability in lane. Once I have enough gold for boots and a couple health potions, I like to go ahead and recall and get that. Mercury treads are normally what I build, BUT it is situational according to the other team/ your lane. It may be wiser to build with Ninja tabi. After my boots Phage is my next build and after phage this is where it crazy. ZEAL! I build Zeal because of the movement speed, attack speed, and crit. At this point in the game trundle really starts to accumulate some kills. From there I finish off my Frozen Mallet and Phantom Dancer. Next I will build build either Black cleaver or Infinity depending on my farm/feed. If I'm still needing some gold I will work on Black Cleaver. I will sell Doran's shield at whatever point I feel it makes the biggest influence. Normally not until it's time to start Infinity. From there I finish off with another Phantom Dancer. So if you max out your build it should look like ---> (boots)- Frozen Mallet- Phantom Dancer- Black Cleaver- Infinity- Phantom Dancer. My reasoning behind 2 phantom dancers is because of movement. At level 18 you will have almost 400 movement speed, plus your contaminate/pillar of filth/frozen mallet/flash make you inescapable. You can try tweaking the build with something like madred's bloodrazor or atmas if you build slightly more HP. I assure you that if you can get an early couple kills or a good farm then it is time to troll! (Insert Troll Face here)

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Skill Sequence

I like taking the first point into Rabid Bite (Q) for the AD sap/damage. Second I will go Contaminate (W) for the early aggression and it also works very well for escaping with its movement speed/CC reduction. It's always good to take a third point into your first skill so you have the early game damage. Pillar of Filth (E) is a very underrated spell in my opinion. It may be my favorite slow. It puts a blockade and a wide range on the slow. It can used to escaping, chasing, warding (putting E into grass makes a great surprise/gank removal, it will push them out of grass), pushing an opponent out or into turret range, blocking paths. So many options with this spell, but use it sparingly due to it's high cooldown... =( Trundle's ult, Agony (R), gives Trundle one ranged spell. I like using it for initiating team fights or finishing someone like teemo or kass who have the good escapability. It also makes an AD Trundle a 1v1 king. the armor, mr, and sap make for a great comeback spell. Can't forget about his passive. Decompose will give you the ability to stay in lane a lot longer due to the heal from killing an enemy. So before your leave lane or if you get low health, go jungle or turret hug and a get some minions kills and you will have health in no time.

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Summoner Spells

The reason I choose Teleport and Flash is because I like teleport because of the ability to get back in lane or a team fight after a needed recall. Flash because it can be used to catch or escape an enemy.

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Like I said this is my first guide, so I appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Tell me what you think and post some picks of those killer kds you about to have with Trundle!