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Wukong Build Guide by dontbeplayin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dontbeplayin

The real way to master the monkey (tanky dps)

dontbeplayin Last updated on August 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is just a basic guide for Wukong, the monkey king. Since this latest patch hes become much more viable with the bug on his q being fixed and the increased AD ratio on his ultimate. He becomes an assasin type champion with a quick escape with his w. This guide won't be extremely in depth but this is more or less for the people who are trying to figure out how to play him viably.

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Basic runes. Armor pen is good on all AD carrys, armor seals give him enough tankiness throughout the entire game against melee champions, I go glyphs of aclarity for the reason that i build banshees veil mid game (usually around 25 minutes into the game) along with merc treads so that usually gives me the required magic resist to survive without getting insta nuked, and then armor pen quints for obvious reasons.

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you might look at my masteries and think im crazy or a noob but these give you better damage, easier cs with the 2 points in offense mastery (really helps along with a dorans at level 1) with a little extra tankiness early game and the 3 points into good hands for level 18 when your team gets aced and you need to pop back up and defend your inhibs

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There is no deviating from his core of dorans boots and trinity, but what you do after is according to the enemy team. If the enemy team has lots of cc that could shut down your ulti go banshees veil and either Bloodthirster or Atmas (personal preferance, i usually like atmas). If the enemy team doesnt have loads of CC go warmogs and then atmas with whatever other damage items you prefer.

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Skill Sequence

I've seen a lot of other wukong builds where you max nimbus strike first, and this is somewhat viable, however, if you really want early game laning dominance its smarter to max your q first. Seeing as most of the time you will either be soloing top or occasinally duoing bot if you dont have another ad carry on your team, this really allows for great poke while your in lane. activating q, closing the gap with e to your target, and then popping decoy if they retaliate is a great way to harass your enemy down and then later go in for the kill. max nimbus strike second for the extra damage and then decoy last. Take your ultimate whenever its available.

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Summoner Spells

I run flash exhaust whenever i play wukong. Flash because its op and exhaust because before you get trinity its hard to chase and you can shut down carrys in teamfights. Ignite is viable.

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Early Game

If your team has a jungler that wants to take blue buff first, if you have some cc on your team it might be smart to steal their blue buff and wolf camp. Wukong has great level 1 team fight damage because he can lower the opponents armor. If your team focuses who you q then its somewhat easy to burst them down for first blood and a free blue buff for your jungler. While your laning cs whenever you can, conserve mana while punishing the enemy team for coming in to cs with your q e w combo. try to stay in lane until you can get boots and a sheen, after you come back into lane with these if your opponent is around half health and your laning partner has their ulti up, its usually pretty easy to get a kill using your ulti. Just make sure to be careful and be wary of the enemy jungler. If your laning top make sure that you have at least one of the 2 bushes warded and try to keep tabs on the enemy jungler before you jump in.

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Mid Game

When you start to get around level 10 and 11 and the lanes start to collapse and before people start to build their tanky items is when wukong can do very well in skirmishes. He has great dps throughout the game after his latest buff so as long as your careful and fight how i explain to (look at my later chapter) you'll be able to get farm and gold without farming and having to grab loads of cs. By this time you should have trinity force and negatron cloak or giants belt depending on the enemy team comp.

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Late Game

This is when wukong starts to become tanky Dps. You need to play him smartly at this stage in the game because building him straight damage results in him getting focused and downed when his damage output isnt as high as other carrys. building as tanky dps allows you to ulti into a team fight allows you to play much more aggressively and effectively off tank. Follow the team fighting guide below.

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Team fighting.

In mid to late game team fights the difference from a good to great wukong is knowing when to jump in and out of fights. If the enemy team has hard cc and you have banshees veil feel free after your tank initiates to pop your ulti and knock everybody up. This sort of AoE cc can really turn the tide of a battle if used correctly. afterward q whoever your team is focusing to lower their armor and put hits onto them until the enemy team turns to focus you. If you have enough health just turn and run out of the fight, but if your under half and they would chase you if you disengaged, use your w and wait for your q and e to come back up. continue doing this and going in and out of the team fight autoattacking a few times while staying aloof and attempting to draw enemy aggro onto your w wasting their damage and winning the team fight. Team fighting after wukong uses his ulti can really be his biggest weakness because he really falls short in the damage slot unless you build him straight damage, but if you do build him straight AD you get focused when you ulti in a team fight and melt like butter. His ulti is more usefull than his damage output because he still has relitively high damage while building tankier.

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Wukong is an amazingly fun champion to play and provides lots of utility as a tanky dps. Being able to slip in and out of team fights relatively unscathed while having the utility of an aoe knockup makes him a great choice to play if your team is very squishy.