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Janna Build Guide by Casedude

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Casedude

The Realest and Simplest Ranked Janna Support Guide Ever.

Casedude Last updated on March 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 8

Honor Guard

Defense: 1

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 21

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Real Talk

Janna is the best support in the game. She scales fantastically into late game, especially with the essential items and runes that I listed here. With this much health and insane cooldown reduction, you and your teammates are basically untouchable if you have a decent team composition.

You are a hardcore badass support. Health, speed, and extreme confidence is what you convey to the other team. You don't let them touch your teammates, and you love to tornado the **** out of them in those messy situations, sometimes even using your ultimate to make it a bit cleaner and easier to focus for your teammates. It's raw doggy style action.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is great. Exhaust the AD on the other team. Save lives/assist in kills.

Heal is awesome. ONLY USE HEAL WHEN YOU'RE REALLY LOW...because you can bait enemies into stupid turret dives and then Heal and Tornado and SHIELD TURRET and be like WHAT THE HELL, U DUMM ENEMY?

Oh yeah, Clairvoyance works well too. Your choice. See your teams composition before choosing.

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There are many different options here aside from the Quint's of Avarice. Like most people, I am poor IP wise, so I don't have the widest variety of runes.

I have insight marks because...I'm poor. If you decided to get something else, I would go for Armor/Magic Res/Health/CDR runes.

The Clarity Seals work great for me, ESPECIALLY late game. If you wanted to grab flat armor runes or even GP/5 runes then be my guest. Personally I feel that Clarity runes are almost essential for Janna late game, seeing as how you will constantly be flinging tornados/shields/slows/ultimates.

Celerity Glyphs are perfect for Janna.

Let's get real - Avarice runes these are a must. You need the GP/5

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8 in offensive for Exhaust, Cooldown's, and a little Ability Power that never hurts.

1 in defensive for 10% bonus Heal's

21 in Utility for Gold/Experience/Movement/Mana/15% Reduced Cooldown on Summoner Spells/and CDR

Self-explanatory; cooldown reduction (CDR) is a must for Janna

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Skill Sequence

1 in Tornado at level 1, just for extra protection against invades/level 2 ganks/etc.

Maximize your shield first. When you hit level 9, your shield is granting your AD Carry +50 damage and a whole bunch of shieldage. Not to mention the fact that you can use this extra damage/shieldage on your TURRETS, which can save lives and to some people's surprise, can actually help your AD Carry farm creeps at turret early!

Maximize Zephyr second. Self explanatory, the movement speed, extra slow, and ability to run through minions is HUGE. Janna is all about movement, cooldown reductions, and pooping on other supports in the support game.

Maximize Tornado third, just because.

And Monsoon is awesome whether your saving your teammates from ultimates such as Galio/Fiddlesticks/Kennen/almost any AoE ults, or just knocking back enemies, OR EVEN USING YOUR INSANE SPEED TO TRAVEL IN FRONT OF AN ENEMY AND KNOCKING HIM BACK TOWARDS TEAMMATES, this ultimate is awesome. You can also use it to protect teammates/knock enemies out of Baron/Dragon den.

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Faerie, 1 vision, 1 sight, 2 health potions start. Pretty essential. Wait to lay the vision ward by checking out the enemy support player's items and knowing when/where he places the ward. This can be incredibly annoying to enemy supports and can win you lanes easily. Make sure to let your teammates know if warded/counter-warded.

Philo = Mana regen and gold
Heart of Gold = Health and gold
Boots/Boots of Lucidity = Cooldowns and speed
Kindlegem = Health and cooldowns
Soul Shroud = Cooldowns, ridiculous health, cooldowns to teammates (insanely good and underrated), and mana

Buy many sight wards, some vision wards, and Oracles. If you're dying and not making any gold off of assists/etc. don't waste money on Oracles. The only suggestion I would have there is to get more health and hopefully win, or surrender ASAP.

Optional Items
Completely dependent on the other team. Is their AP fed? Think about a Banshee's Veil or perhaps an Abyssal Sceptre (Remember, you don't give a ****, you're Janna)

Is their AD fed? blew it.

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Finally...the Essential Must's of a Janna Player

Janna 2 stronk.

Early game = Do not use your tornado's ever unless you are initiating, being chased, or potentially setting a teammate up to get a kill. The tornado costs so much mana.

Shield your AD carry when they are going for last hits/hitting the enemy champion. The extra damage they get is incredibly helpful for creep kills and annoying enemies/blocking damage from enemy AD's such as Ashe's volley, Graves buckshot, Cait's annoyance, Sivir's boomerang, etc. etc. DON'T SHIELD TOO MUCH THOUGH, as this costs a ****load of mana too, AND BEING OUT OF MANA WHEN THE OTHER TEAM INITIATES YOU IS SOMETHING YOU DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH

Use Zephyr when ya tryin to slow the enemy. Simple.

Monsoon needs to be used to save teammates, interrupt AoE enemys, potentially knocking an enemy INTO teammates for easy kills, and just being a badass with it.

Ward well and make sure you don't overpurchase wards. Pay attention to the minimap and callout's, and ward entrances/the essential areas so that you don't have to spend too much money on wards and can start to purchase your items, which is when Janna becomes a real beast.

In the team fight stage, ALWAYS BE SHIELDING YOUR TEAMMATES WITH AD (or the one's being focused/getting hit by turret). It will help a lot. Also, always use your tornado's to knock back/interrupt enemies and potentially saving lives. Also....damn, you're Janna. You're a badass ***********er with a ****load of SPEED/COOLDOWN REDUCTION/AND HEALTH. U MAD ENEMY?