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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flipster

The RIGHT way to play Eve (DPS build)

Flipster Last updated on December 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Admittedly, Eve is not nearly as powerful as Twitch as far as DPS goes, but if you build her correctly she has some pretty significant damage output in addition to that annoying little stun she has. Building Eve like this will help you not only survive longer, but be a much greater help to the team than normal "burst" Evelynns.

One important note before we get started

There is no surefire MOBAfire build. Good players of LoL know that you must alter your game according to what is going on around you. If that Ryze can rip you to shreds in 3 seconds, GET MAGIC RESIST ! That being said, we can start talking about Evelynn.

Some reasons you may consider trying this build:

    Much more health and survivability.
    Far greater impact in team fights
    Takes advantage of her ultimate (+100% attack speed)
    Low mana is not **as much** of a concern

Explanation of Summoner Skills

Exhaust: In my opinion, this is a must because it allows you to take down most other physical carrys due to its blind. Another reason it's such a fantastic summoner spell is that it adds to your ravage, and can prove very helpful in removing some of that pesky armor/magic resist. Looking at the slow, its not necessary. You move very fast with your ultimate, and with a frozen mallet and your 2+ attack speed, they should just about be standing still anyways.

Ignite:This is not nearly as critical as exhaust, but it can sometimes be very helpful for that one Mundo, or the jackass(es) who got heal. In a few cases, it can give you that liiittle bit of extra damage you needed on that Kassadin who barely got away.

Teleport:Quite honestly, I think this is one of the best spells in the game. HOWEVER, after you get Boots of Mobility+Phantom Dancer+Ultimate you can get across the map very quickly anyways( but perhaps not quick enough for that pushed tower). This is easily tradable for ignite and I encourage you to take it if your other teammates don't want to.

Flash: I guess you can use this.. I've seen a lot of stealth champions grab this just so they can get a small distraction for when they're trying to stealth. Good for getting away (hopefully you'll be so strong that they'll be running from you !)

Ghost:This relates to teleport in that it's completely unnecessary after your ultimate, boots, and phantom dancer.

Clarity:Virtually useless as mana is not typically a concern in this build.
Heal: Don't do it
Rally:why does Riot still have this?
Fortify:leave this for the support champions

Time to move on to why I picked the items I did

Doran's Blade is a good starting item because it starts you off with the stats you need : Health/AD/life steal.A health potion in addition to that minuscule amount of lifesteal should do good for keeping you in the lane. The first big item you should build up to is Frozen Mallet. This is what makes you survive more, chase more effectively, get targeted less in team fights, and in other scenarios just plain kicks ***. From then on I mainly focused on attack speed items. The only problem with this is that Evelynn has somewhat low base attack damage. You can try buying The Bloodthirster earlier on if you feel that you need the extra damage, but I feel that the attack speed usually works just fine.

Some Tips to Keep In Mind While Playing

    Eve is fairly squishy, so try to play defensively early game or at least until you get your Giant's Belt

    If they're using wards, counter them with oracles. If they're using oracles, ask your team to focus them. Usually people will stop buying oracles after 1 or 2 purchases anyways.

    Another thing I have seen many Eves do is initiate... DON'T. Yes, her stun is useful, but she will get melted before your team can move their hand from their genitals to their mouse if you try to initiate.

    I know you hear this on every Evelynn build, but it's true. You have to pick your fights well. For example, this build excels at 1v1's, so try to find people while they're jungling or solo laning.

    Evelynn , like other stealth champions, is good as a janitor. After a big team fight, search their jungle to find people recalling so you can get those helpful clean-ups for your team.

    If you find yourself low health behind enemy lines, have no fear ! If you press W then B almost simultaneously, the stealth will not take effect until after your recall begins, and you will remain stealthed through the recall. The same goes for using teleport!

Over time in League of Legends, Eve has received somewhat of a negative attitude from many people. She is seen as bad, squishy, useless, etc. but I think this build will help remove some of that negative connotation . I encourage you to try this build, come back, and comment so I can hear how you do.