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League of Legends Build Guide Author royaljoker8

The role of jungler.

royaljoker8 Last updated on January 13, 2013
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Hey welcome to my first guide. i made this cause i main jungler in my 5v5 team. But i do solo queues as well. This is simply an instruction on the role of a jungler. This guide will be short and quick.

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Movement and jungler type

The point of a jungler is to support and assist his team early game with one of 4 things. #1 he does massive early game dmg and can assure his team early game kills and assists. #2 he can use his superior stuns,slows and shields to assure the carry a kill. #3 he can have a nice amount of dmg and cc but is wonderful for tanking the towers due to his mobility and tankiness assuring the carries kills. #4 last but and noobest but sometimes necessary, he can babysit lanes and assure that the other team doesnt get kills even if his team doesnt.

The style of ganking and movement is very important, if u are a stealth char u have less to worry about but still need to be careful. However if u are one of the ormal non stealth jungles u have alot of work to do. U must be able to check your jungle to make sure the enemy jungler isnt countering u, but at the same time be able to counter him and outlevel him. You must call mia for your allies if they forget and must know when to run or fight. Your first priority is killing your enemies and saving your carries if they need saving. Timing is the most important thing about jungling and if you can perfect timing u will be able to **** on your enemies and win your team the game.

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Where/when to gank.

The main place you want to gank is top and mid. The reason behind this is the fact that bot is even and has a support, so unless they are getting destroyed you dont need to gank much at all. Top will need a quick push early on, if you can manage to kill the enemy top then you dont have to worry about top nearly as much cause you can kill top tower quite quickly. You can then focus attention on the most important lane......MID this lane if ganked enough and correctly will win you the game, a quick push and one turret later your mid can kill theirs every time. After getting 2 turrets by 10 - 15 mins in you can then allow your carry to be babysat, you let him soak up the kills and u take a few yourself ("on accident") then he gets free farm and you get fed off kills and assists. This not only can but will make the difference in a game.


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