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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mellow

The running death machine

Mellow Last updated on November 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The idea with this build was to show People how to rule with swain seen so many failers and couln't bee arsed to see it any more so i thought i might be a good idea to make a guide by my self, Swain is a Very good heavy Dps, epic Surviving and a Great minion farmer If u play him right ofc.

Early game:
Start with buying Doran's blade and grab a health potion, GET MIDDLE ITS WIN, Start harrasing the enemy with your Q ability And remmember to autoatack while the enemy is slowed, when you reach lvl 3 u can start putting out some fine dmg u should be doing the W,E,Q combo untill you reach lvl 6 and get your ulti Then u should go W,R,E,Q ignite.and remmember to get many last hits during early game as it will boost your mana alot and it will help you alot in the start and remmeber your really squishy So dont take up a fight just harras until your lvl 6 and get your ult.

Mid game:
By now u should have your boots and mejai's and working on your first achangels, Try to avoid beeing ganked during Mid game by buying wards, you should now be able to almost kill a enemy With the combo above and with some help by your lanning mate (if your not middle) But if you are middle u should Go for a possible gank Bottom or Top.

Late game:
You should now have your first Achangel and your Zhonya's and working on another Archangel
And starting to be a pain in the ***, Dont be scared of doing 1v1 with an enemy u should be able to take many other champs by now u can always Nevermore --> Ghost --> gone Works everytime but remmember to have decent mana before going into a 1v1 u will need it to keep your mana up (blue buff is a big help) but you should almost be able to outheal their dmg if u got a decent Ap

Iteams and reasons:

Doran's blade:
health, ap, mana regain Rules with you passive in start

Health potion:
in case you will get low on hp, get mana potions after lvl 6 Pop it --> ultimate

Mejai's soulstealer:
Ap for killing ppl What a nice reward and cd reduction when full staced up.. IMBA..

Socerer's Shoes:
Who cannot use 20 magic pen Best shoes go for them they are win, (u can buy the small boots and get the mana part of Archangels'staff if you always oom)

Arcangel's staff:
You will need the mana/mp5 for you ulti the reason i choice to buy more than 1 of these is you will need the mana for you ult and nice ap with the 3% mana into ap its just awesome

Zhonya's ring:
Nice ap Awesome passive when you get low on hp in team fights pop ult then Zhonya's invincible while regain Hp and dealing dmg How op is that

Team fight and positions:
Early game position:
you should be standing back as your pretty squishy avoid to take dmg, last hit minions and harras the enemy team

Mid game position:
you can now begin moving abit more around as you got your ult and nevermore to escape from possible ganks against you but remmeber your not a tank so stay back and avoid to get too offensive and get tower hits as you got lots of Dots (damage over time) and then the tower will face you.

Late game position:
you still pretty squishy but now you got some Zhonya's to safe you just remember to be in ulti before activating it its win just remmeber to never run alone always run with 2-3 or the whole team while you still in the background as they like to Faceroll you first

Lets the tank do his job and initiate or open up with a nevermore and let the tank run first, when the fight is on wait a sec or 2 with going in use the combo Above and pick out and easy target and just ping him and nuke him to death, if they target you just be in ult and pop Zhonya's and Watch them die 1 by 1 Pew Pew pentakill for you.

Thx For Watching i Rather a comment than a vote So comment guys