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Zed Build Guide by LEmon Elephants

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LEmon Elephants

The Shadow Within: A guide to Zed

LEmon Elephants Last updated on November 15, 2012
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I am LEmon Elephants and this is my first guide on one of the most interesting champions, Zed. He is an AD bruiser/assasin who can Jungle and when needed play ADC. I believe he is best in either top lane or the jungle but is a very diverse champion. I am in know way saying I am the best or that this is the best build for him. I just want to share my way of playing one of my favorite champions with you. This is a work in progress and will be updated frequently. You feed back is helpful but if you downvote please tell me why so I can improve this guide.Thank you and enjoy the guide!

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For Quintessences I like the Greater Quint of Desolation for its usefulness at all stages of the game. When ganking I feel that the extra damage can make or break the gank.

Greater Glyph of warding has to be one of my favorite runes. It has outstanding uses through all points of the game and is useful in almost every scenario. You will never be there and say "Well I wish I didn't have this extra magic resist" because it helps ganking all lanes. Generally support will have some magic damage, mid will of course, and top usually has some thrown in there.

My favorite glyph, Greater Seal of Resilience is a must for most junglers. The extra armor really helps when clearing monster camps and usually your team will ask you to build a little bit tankier. It is also goodif you go top and even bot for the defense from the enemy adc.

Greater Mark of strength provides power from the other end of the spectrum. Instead of defense it provides extra damage against the monster camps and other champions. It increases all of your abilities damage and increases your overall ganking potential.

Glyphs are things I personally don't like. I wouldn't mid the game with out them but I do think its good you can customize them. These are my favorites for Zed but they don't HAVE to be yours. It doesn't make all that much of a difference so you can choose which runes you want as long as you don't stack magic penetration or ability power.

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I will be adding more to this soon but the general idea is that this is also a matter of preference and that these are for helping Zed clear monster camps faster and gank more efficiently.

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This is something I feel we are more restricted on and that these items really do make a HUGE difference. Here I will only talk about the items you will end up with and items to get in certain situations.

Trinity Force This item is not as good on Zed as on other champions but it provides a lot of stats he needs. Some tankiness with damage thrown in and a few bonus effects can confuse the enemy and increase your overall potential.
BloodThirster I love this item. Good attack damage and good life steal give Zed more survivability.
Yomuu's Ghostblade This item has a great active effect and provides damage and my favorite stat on Zed, Cooldown reduction.
Frozen Mallet As Zed has no hard CC this item becomes very useful in chasing people down and doing late game ganks. Also this extra health provides extra survivability.
Randuin's Omen This overall is just a good item for almost anyone. Health, armor, health regen, cooldown reduction, and an amazing active make it such a good item fr tanking up a bit. This helps Zed change from the squishy he was to a tankier, yet still strong, jungler.
Ionian Boots of Ludicity everyone needs boots and cooldown reduction fits Zed so well because of his spammable abilities.

This is a brief list of situational items

For heavily AP enemies buy Banshees Veil and/or Force of Nature

When you need extra damage switch out some of those tanky items for Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer.

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I start my route with the double golems. This works better when leashed.

Next go to red, try to get a hard leash here and spam your abilities. Use Health Pot

Wraiths next for the gold and XP Use Health Pot

Then go to wolves. Use health pot

You should have good amounts of health. Try to gank now. After that repeat the process.

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Skill Sequence

Currently I am having troubles with the skill sequence tool on Mobafire but the idea is that for jungling get a point in everything starting with your E. Then max E. After that max Q and then W. As always max your ult whenever possible.

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This is a work in progress and is by no means the best guide but I feel that this is the best way to build Zed and I plan to improve this game as I have plenty of time to improve and update. Feel free to add me on NA i am LEmon Elephants. Ty and have a good day!