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General Guide by Trixi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trixi

The Short but Noob-Friendly BBcode guide!

Trixi Last updated on August 10, 2012
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Hope you like my build, and if this helped you, please write in the end of my build, my name ;)

I would help me alot! :)

Lets go!

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The Basics

First you have to learn the basics. To code something you always need this in the start [ and end with this ].

Example i want to center a text. First write [center] and then end with [/center]

so i wanna center a text

i write [center] blabefsfefdf [/center]

will give:


Now if you want to center a bold text,you simply write [center][b] Center me, and bold me up [/b][center]

will give:

Center me, and bold me up

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Now to the icon chapter!

Basic icons!

Well. Basically, if i want to insert a icon of ryze, i simply write [icon=ryze].

[icon=ryze] will give:

Now we want it biggere! So you just write [icon=ryze size=20] you just add "size=??"

Here is a list, that shows how big the sizes are.

Size 10:

Size 20:

Size 30:

Size 40:

Size 50:

Size 60:

Size 70:

Size 80:

Size 90:

Size 100:

[[nidalee]] will give: Nidalee

now this kind of coding, is very good, when writing a text, and is good when you mention a champion. Example:

Hecarim is a very good champ, because his mobility is great. And Udyr is a great jungler.

You can also change the color of the name. Example

Normal nidalee: Nidalee Green Nidalee: Nidalee

"How do you change the colours?" Easy! You just write [color=(and the colour you want)] and end with [/color]

This can also be used with items, masteries, and abilities.




Rod of Ages

to do this, you just do the same as you did with [[nidalee]]

write [[ and end with ]] :)

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Example of list

    Great jungler
    Great abilities
    Cheap Champ

As i taught you, you can center a text, it the same with list
here is how to make a list, just write:


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URL Masking

URL masking!

Url masking is very good. Instead of reading a whole link, you can just read a sentence


Changed to:

My Hecarim Build!

Basically, what you do is:

[url=YOUR LINK HERE]and here you write what the changed text is going to be, and you end with[/url]

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Example of a quote

Trixi wrote:
You may have to use items active, because they are very usefull

Example of a centered quote
Trixi wrote:
So you can deal tons of damage!:D

Basically what you do is, you write:

[quote=THE NAME OF THE WRITER]What he said, and end with[/quote]

and if you want to center the quote, you just write:

[center][quote=THE NAME OF THE WRITER]What he said, and end with[/quote][/center]

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That was it! :)


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