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Nautilus Build Guide by Antipatik

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Antipatik

The slow(ing) fight initiator (solotop tank/AP)

Antipatik Last updated on March 21, 2012
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sticky solotop


Ap Naughty

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Hi, before everything i want to apollogise for my verry weak english skills, and thank you for reading this guide.

Yet this guide isn't finished, i will try to catch up some screenshots and complete the guide (AP part), see what people think about it and what they find to make it bether. Yes it's a CONSTRUCTIVE guide ;)


Please report anny mistake, and please have fun playing this guide if you doo ;)

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for both tanky and AP i use 9/21 cause as a fight initiator you will need to be tanky, even if playing AP.

Maxing te CD, preventing some minnions damage in order to be able to do some damages early and picking the magic pen to be a constant threat.

Remember that Nautilus early and mid game damages still good even if not building AP.

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So what now ?

Nauti is a great char with a lot of potential. He can be sticky as the hell cause of his passive, his slow (riptide) and even a great chaser, thank's to the grip.

He can also be deadly, AP nautilus is the kind of guy that come into a teamfight and just rape everyone if they stick together.

This guide is splited in two parts one for the sticky solotop and another for the brainless AP naughty.

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Pros/Cons Sticky solotop


One of best iniciators - Squishy early
High endurance - High jungler dependance
High slows cause of CD reduction - Pretty slow
Very fun to play - Not easy to master
Team movement improvements - Cooldown dependance
Anoying for the other team - have much counters (life steal)
Great in teamfights - "low" damages
Low cost

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You said sticky solotop ?

I usualy play him as a tanky teamfight iniciator, his ult has a HUGE potential. Combined with a grip and a riptide it will just set the fight perfect for your team to pick the first kill of the teamfight and whipe theyr ***.

Plus your cooldown reduction makes you just annoying cause you will always slow/grip.

Most dificult part of this build is to keep your lane while farming, mastering last hits while not getting harassed and save your mana are your priority early game and untill teamfights begins.

Due to the tanky build you won't doo sick damages like the AP build does.

By the way this build is MADE FOR TEAMFIGHT you will be EXTREMELY dependent of your jungler, and cause of your low coolwns you want to be in perfect timing with him, that's why I recomend it for duo queuing.

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Sticky items

You maybe ask yourself why my tanky build seems so support ?

the power of get the **** in/out of shurelia is OP no mather what you think this is the item that will turn your good teamfight into a lovely "Ace"

Combined with Randuin and all your skill those litle thing will improve your team with the best fight initiatior they have never meet, running into the fight with his team taking one poor guy here leaving him to your team and deathly slowing the others to prevent any counter attack or try to pick an ace.

Mercurians, nothing to say best boot choice since you have to get in and out plus tank skills.

with 6615 base cost this build will leave you the choice with your last items, you will have to choose em smartly depending on the oposite team.

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Sticky initiator ? (gameplay)

Early ask for ganks, even if it it's just to doo some damages to the other(s) in order to be able to farm without being arr***ed, once you have your ulti you should pick your first kill/assist, ask for a gank, save your mana and cd, force push.

Once your jungler is here just iniciate with autos, than riptide for slows and try to pull when the ennemies leaves, if you are too far use your ult to iniciate.

That should pick the the kill.

Once you'll have some items and your ult try to gank mid as soon as you can.

Iniciating with your ult and runing into him to slow should be enought cause your mate milder will burst.

In teamfight try to stay in first line, that's the tank place, and it will allow you to constantly try to engage with your grip.

If your team engages before you, make shure to support them with your ulti.

A perfect engage is made by this combo, shield grip auto riptide auto ulti grip auto.....ect focus the enemy carry or the squishes.

Remember you can check the bushes without runing into it with your grip, that would prevent you from geting in and losing half HP runing away

Remember your passive has a CD on single target but you can hit multiples targets in order to

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Skill sequence

I maxed dredge line first cause this skill is REALY making the difference between good and casual nautilus, it's an amasing "stay here" that can be done each 6.8s once shurelya and randuin are built.

I used to max the shield in order to maximise my tanky build, but after thinking about it i preffer to max the riptide second cause of the 50% slow on top of it.

max your ult as soon as you can (6,11,16)

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Summoner spells

I use TP and exaust, cause as a solotop I must be able to keep my tower, even if I die, plus you can gank througt wards/minnions.

Exaust is there to reinforce your perma slow, asuming the fact that i choose this skill cause this build is all about teamplay, it's not your exaust, it's your team additional slow ;)

You still can use it when you'r in the sh** and out of cd

I don't use flash cause as a tank i'm here to take damages and i'm suposed to judge the situation, knowing when i can move there or not.

By the way flash still a realy good choice, it's just a question of gameplay.

Heal is a viable option too cause you are pretty squishy early

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Pros/Cons Naughty AP


still a great iniciators - Squishy
High damages - Mana dependant
High slows cause of CD reduction - Pretty slow
Brutal if not focused - Still Squishy
MOAR SLOW than tanky build - Cooldown dependance
Anoying for the other team - Once you rise they will focus you
Great in 1v1 - Must play semi passive to survive
- Very expensive (11315)

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Realy AP ? (gameplay)

Yess this build will make you the huge threat of the game, slowing everyone and having lots of damages.

The gameplay still nearly the same you will still be a great iniciatior, but cause you'll be squishier you won't be able to stand on the frontline and may miss some huges opportunities.

The real plus is the additional slow that grants you rylai, and please.... your ult is a pure NUKE.

By the way you still keep your permaslow and a PV pull, but you won't have armor/magic rez so play A LOT MORE SAFE

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AP build

Doran means health, ap, and managen, one of best choices to start with.

The boots early will give you that little advandage for speed and magic pen.

After what we go for real ap/hp over time, a cool aditional effect that will roots enemies with your grip and doo more slows on your riptide, adding a cool plus to your ult that will bump stun and slow.

Now just go for flat AP with rabaddon

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skill sequence

maxing riptide, cause it's OP when you'r ap
maxing the shield second, it prevent some damages and adds some, plus you will be able to farm like a jerk to buy your expensive build.

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summoner spell

i use tp for the same use of the tanky build.
i just change exaust for an ignite in order to pick a kill easy.

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Thankyou for reading i hope you will exit this guide with a brand new nautilus view.

Please report any mistake/error and coment with constructives arguments/propositions.

I will uptate this guide as soon as possible and complete the AP part that where quickly finished cause i'm at work and must go home ;p