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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author abattoir

the snowball effect

abattoir Last updated on July 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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1/overall explanation
2/begining the game
3/item layout
4/item explanation
5/rune explination
6/masteries explination
8/stat breakdown
9/tested build results


//1///[overall explanation]

this is mainly a 3v3 build for ap nunu
and is built for early game killing
the snowball effect reffers to getting early kills giveing u an advantage
if this advantage is kept up with u will probably win


//2///[begining the game]

due to your runes (+15ap)
grab up amplifying tome (+20ap)
combined with an on cool ignite (+10ap)
now u have (45 ap) at lv 1
this is coupled with 8.5 + 15% magic pen (masterys+runes)
this is a hard hitting snowball (130dmg lv1)
combined w/ exhaust and ignite (75dmg)
thats 205dmg on contact +130 per 5.0/sec this should make early kills easy
considering they should be moving at a 65% reduced movement speed for 4 seconds


//3///[item layout]

amplifying tome + hp pot
[based on gold upon return]
needless rod > sorcerors shoes > mej's soulstealer > vision ward ( if needed )
[based on k/d]
if at this point u haven't bought mej's and are -3 or more skip it
if you are -4 or more start buying the giants belts now ! and play some d


//4///[item explanation]

this item build is built off your average game of 5-10k gold
(needless rod) - i get this first if i can because its a garented 80 ap
u need 7 stackes to almost match that with mej's
(sorceros boots) - buffing u to 28 magic pen , get this soon !
since i belive movment is key in this game (one reson i play nunu)
(mej's soulstealer) - if u play d and even just assist in most kills it is worth the 1250
(z-ring) -cost efficent ap coupled with mej's is a possable 380 ap
not only well priced ap but a 2sec sheild since u WILL be the target upon ult cast
(giants belts) -most cost efficeant hp item and unless ur feed u cant afford much more
-if u are not having hp problems and have extra gold try more needless rods-


//5///[rune explanation]

[seals of clairity]] to help u keep up with the 5.2 sec cool (due to masterys and runes)
[glyphs of focus] i like to keep ice blast as close to its cc of 4 sec as possable
[marks of insight ] outwaying ap at end and are respectable as long as u do 100dmg an up
[quintessence of potency] nunu has a 1.0 or > ap ratio, 15 start is noticable

i am currenntly useing [marks of alacrity] (atk speed)
concidering nunus passive is every 8th hit free spell
but am working on buying listed runes so u might also wish to try [marks of alacrity]
since there currently working for me anyway
i have now aquierd listed runes and am enjoying the mag pen both marks are usefull
i have keept [marks of insight] in my rune page for easy transitions to other ap users who would not benifet from the atk speed


//6///masteries explanation

im going 10/0/20 witch is contriversal and maybe the point to [burning embers] isnt worth replacing [presence of the master] but im trying to gain early ap where i can
this build is overall utillity for
/exp-outlving is important
/mana regen-being oom means your dead
/move speed-never have enuf, good for all ocasions
/dead time-coming back quick after an ace is a game saver
/cool-again keeping ice blast close to its cc of 4secs [part offinsive 1/3]
/magic pen-again this outways ap in the end [from offinsive]
/crit %-i feel this is a waste but so is .6ap per lv (5.4ap@lv18) woot
at least you might last hit more minions with crit %
/gold- this isnt must have i like it but if u wish to use different summn abilitys remove
this or 1 off of [good hands] to get either insight, haste,or blink of an eye
(clairity, ghost, flash) if you do this you may remove [burning embers] to gain
[presance of the master]



- watch who you r fighting stuns ,push's and pops stop your ult
wait until these are used then snowball the enemy blood boil and run infront of there
getaway path start ult keep in mind if they have flash to know when to POP the ullt if
- nunu.s absolute zero ring cannot be seen if he cannot b seen (bush it!)
- grab consume b4 blood boil if ur low hp w/o pots to lane 4 as long as possible
- ignite first for +10 ap and hit your pot as soon as fight begins if ur the target
- when fighting a turret u may start ur ult the turret will not attack u until it pops
onto the champion usefull against low to 1/2 life champions who feel "safe" :P
- i personaly like flash but i heard there taking it out so this is pre adapted
- dont forget to eat a minion in the midst of champion battles saved me many times
- dont let yourself oom witch with this build you wont unless your harassing too much
but an oom nunu is a dead nunu
- keep a vision ward on lizard if u can in 3v3 this detects ganks b4 they form


//8///[stat breakdowns]

u should by lv 9 hopefully have 100ap considering u start with 45 if so
...snowballs will be lv 5 / 375dmg
...absolute zero will be lv 1 / 875dmg

if you switched to the needless rods as prementioned
combine these with 20 stacks on mej's and the z-ring you will have 737 ap!
20 stacks on mej's will also bring you up to 30% cool total this means
...snowballs lv 5 / 1012dmg every 4.0sec (maximum cc!)
...absolute zero lv 3 / 2966dmg every 60.0sec

instead if you follow my item build to a t
this will end with around 180 - 380 ap (0-20 mej's stacks) this is still efecient
...snowball lv 5 / 455-655dmg every 5.2sec - (4.0sec)
...absolute zero lv 3 / 1575-2075 every 77.4sec - (60.0sec)


//9///[build results]

upon writing this ive obtained over 120 wins w/ nunu
most losses are from low lv play and 5v5 matches in general
since 3v3s were released my win/lose has gone from negitive to +40
most recent victorys in a row - first 4 b4 season release
5/6/16 <<<first xin zhou fought (care)

this is my first build plese b gentle XD