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League of Legends Build Guide Author snowflaxe

The Summoners Rift: The First Battle

snowflaxe Last updated on April 24, 2013
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Hello everyone, i replaced this story to the forum because people told me to!!! You can now read/follow it there :D

here is the link:
The Summoners Rift: The First Battle

ps: im leaving the build up for a week or so :P. after that this will be archived.

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Hello everyone, some of you may allready know me from my ADC Thresh build. My name is Snowflaxe and i am a summoner in the EU west. Today I wanted to try something completely different, and all of you are probably thinking what the hell this is.

This is a story, a story about league of legends. I was thinking to write this for a while now and today i decided to do so. And i want to share this with you guys :D.

Befroe you scroll down tough, i want to point out that english is not my first language and that there may be some grammatical issues in the story. Also there is no coding in it. So it is a white wall of text. (haters gonna hate)

Well I hope you enjoy the first chapter, leave any suggestions you may have on this in the comments. The story is not set in stone, im just writing this when I feel like it. I hope you like it.

with the kindest regards I can possibly give


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Chapter 1: The White Shimmer

It was a cold day at the Summoners Rift when Snow ventured outside. Snow stood there for a moment and took a deep breath of the cold air. Three months ago he graduated from the summoner’s college. He was with his age of twenty one of the youngest summoners. A cold breeze stirred his white hair, and he felt the cold through his robes. His name was because of his hair and eyes, both white as snow. Snow thought about what was waiting for him next week, his first match in the Rift. Only before he could attend, he still needed to seal a contract with a champion.

After standing still for a couple of moments, getting used to the cold, he started walking towards the middle inhibitor turret. The inhibitor turret fell last match and workers where still busy repairing it. He walked by and greeted some of the workers. He ventured further down the middle lane and after a while he was standing next to the outer turret. This was as far as he was allowed to go, the other side was not for the blue ones. He noticed that he was not alone, two more blue summoners where near the turrets taking notes and discussing different strategies. Snow didn’t need to take notes, he had walked the blue side of the Rift every day after his graduation, and he knew every corner of it.

Snow decided to walk the river too the Baron pit and then to the top outer turret. The river was silent as always and when he arrived at the Baron Pit he felt the strong aura of death that was hanging there. Chills went down his back when he thought about the Baron Nashor, the strongest and vilest creature that was summoned for the matches. When he turned around to walk off, he suddenly saw a white shimmer in the corner of his eye. Quickly he peered at the place he saw it, but he saw nothing out of the ordinary. What could it have been? Was it just his imagination playing tricks on him, or was there really something there? It was probably the strong aura of death and despair around the baron pit, which made him see things.

Snow quickly walked towards the top outer turret, because he felt unsafe for some reason. When he arrived there he saw an old man sitting at the base of the turret. The man had a long grey beard and he was wearing long grey summoner robes. Snow immediately recognized the man, it was Sir Tranfer Greybeard. Greybeard was Snow’s favourite and most respected teacher at the college, and he felt happy to see him again. “Sir Tranfer. I’m glad to see you again.” Snow said while he sat down next to him. “Ahhh Snow, I was expecting you.” He replied with his old, wise sounding voice. “You were expecting me?” Snow said surprised “I was. It came to my attention that you still haven’t been able to seal a contract with a champion. Am I correct?” “You do realize that your first match is next week already?” Snow kept quiet for a moment. “I realize that sir.” He said after a brief moment of silence. Snow felt stupid, he felt that he had let down the only teacher and only person he really liked. “I’m sorry Sir Trafer.”

Greybeard placed his hand on Snow’s shoulder. “Don’t be too hard on yourself Snow.” “I know how difficult it is to win the trust of a champion, and to convince them of your capability to lead them to victory.” “They lay their fates and their chances to win a match in the hands of the summoners, so they can’t just make a contract with everyone that wants to.” He paused for a moment and looked at Snow with his deep green eyes. “It is extremely difficult to seal a contract with a champion, especially for a new summoner as yourself.” Snow knew Sir Tranfer was right. He tried to talk with some of the champions he admired the most, and tried to convince them of his capabilities. Sadly they all rejected him because of his lack of experience.

“Let me make a deal with you Snow.” Greybeard suddenly said. “I give you five more days to seal a contract yourself.” “If you can’t find any champion willing to aid you, I will convince one of mine to help you out your first match.” They probably won’t trust your capability, but they will trust mine. Thus they will help you if I say so.” Greybeard looked at Snow again. “But Snow, if I find out you haven’t tried your utmost to find a contract yourself, I won’t help you out.” Snow saw the sternness is Greybeards eyes, and he knew that he was not joking about that part. “I will do everything in my capability Sir, I promise.” Snow replied. Greybeard smiled at him and his stern eyes changed in an instant. “ I know you will Snow.” He said with a happy twinkle in his eyes. Sir Tranfer stood up far more quickly than anyone would expect from someone his age. “Let’s get back Snow, we don’t want to be here when the night falls in, do we?” Snow also stood up and started to follow Greybeard. While they were walking back Snow thought he saw the same white glimmer again in the jungle, but when he looked closer it was gone just like the last time.


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