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Kayle Build Guide by TriParadoX

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TriParadoX

The Support Carry

TriParadoX Last updated on March 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Kayle can be played many ways. All of which are "correct" if you feel that it works in game. I have tried several ways of Kayle and made up my own way. The rest is up for you to decide on.

This build is completely adaptable and works better early and end game. This is an pure AD build.

Why not hybrid? It fails endgame as the armor/magic defense starts rising. Although mid game, hybrid is powerful, it fails both early and end which is indefinitely more important.

I suggest trying it for a game before you find it as unsatisfactory.

On a side note, this build is NOT powerful mid game. More or less 20-30 minutes in the game is where you are weakest. After you build infinity edge, the enemy can no longer ignore you. If they do the games over, you won. The counter to the build is not certain champions but how well the enemy harasses you during "mid" game.

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Pros / Cons

[*] Can beat any champion 1v1 with few exceptions.
[*] Insane DPS.
[*] Ultimate is useful.
[*] Great carry.
[*] There is an infinite number of variations you can deviate to if you feel that the game requires it, there is no *right* path, only the one that will make you win the game and the one that will cause you to lose.

[*] Cannot fight some champions easily (Caitlyn, Kog'maw, and gankplank)

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My runes are to maximize damage early and mid game. The item build will maximize damage end game regardless of runes.
The marks and seals are both for damage.
The quintessences is armor pen. which is basically damage.
The glyph is for def, why? The best offense is defense. Kayle is susceptible to burst damage from spells so m. def will help. It can also be cooldown red. or anything you'd like it to be.

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My masteries were put to maximize damage. The utility page is adaptable so change as you'd like. If you want the extra cooldown red. + runes, go ahead.

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The build is made to be adaptable to any situation.

From the start, if you see an Kog'maw or Caitlyn. Immediately buy boots and 3 pots instead of dorans by switching the order of the build. Play safe.

After building phantom dancer, you can either build Black cleaver or infinity edge depending on the enemy tanking ability. So if you feel that they're too tanky build black cleaver.

Anything after building the infinity edge is up to you. It can be banshees, guardian, frozen heart or more dps (Bloodthirster or Black Cleaver or Last Whisper). It really depends on enemy and their build at that time.

Sell back dorans when you get BF sword and when you are building infinity.

You will almost always be hitting a high 300 to 500 critical, depending on how tanky they are, at the end of this build.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite? The mastery give 5 extra damage with a strong spell. At level 1, you will kill any champion 1v1 with ignite and your high DPS. At level 6, if the enemy champion has half life or less, you will push creeps to the end of tower and dive them with your ulti, both offensive skillsm and ignite. It will always kill if they stay by tower (Watch for vlad). Doing this requires some skill because if you do it slowly or misplace yourself , that will cause some EPIC FAILS.

Flash? Self explanatory, it helps you get away.

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Never lane middle. Only bot or top, doesn't matter which.

DO NOT PUSH LANE. The only reason you should ever use your "e" to kill creeps is if the enemy is back at base, dead, or tower is about to fall. Do not use it to farm early/mid game. You will get raped by ganks and blame others. Pushing is ******ed unless your teammate has wards up EVERYWHERE and the opposing champion is weak.

When you are laning, you can basically "rape" any champion early game. But, as I said in the pro&con section, with exceptions.
At level 1, you can beat Jarvan. Higher levels, be wary to engage.
Harass Gangplank as much as possible, even though he will heal through your slow. Get more pots for him.
Kog'maw and Caitlyn portray the same issue. Their far range will destroy you. Use the brush to your advantage and play safe. If you feel like you can kill, commit to it. If you half *** attack or harass, you will take a ton of damage when retreating. Remember to get the boots+pots to stay on lane for longer periods. Ask for ganks and etc.

Kog, Cait, and GP are all counters to Kayle. They are not hard counters and you can rape all of them mid and endgame. You will beat any of them 1v1, if they foolishly commit. And your end game will destroy them within seconds.

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Team Work

DO NOT save your ulti until the end of the battle, it is way better to use it in the beginning/middle so that they can burn all of their spells. Your ulti can save lives, and lead your team to victory. Either use it on the carry or you. Do not use it on the tank. You can use it on the support if they are getting targeted down by their carry.

Basically, press "e" and win the game? Well, position yourself and don't get overconfident. Unless you're fed, DON'T start any team fights. =.=

If you play well, you will barely lose any team fights.

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Fearsome Enemies

The Most Fearsome enemies of all Time

[*] GangPlank - Counter Kayle, his heal removes both ignite and Reckoning. His harass is the most annoying **** ever, and it's really hard to lane against him.
[*] Kog'Maw - His passive is annoying when you kill him, so always ignite kill and run. Also his range shuts down your farming.
[*] Caitlyn - Dodge her ****ty attacks and traps, ulti when she uses her ulti. Her range is bs and use the brush to harass her like hell.
[*] Le Blanc - Her DPS + silence completely destroys you end game.
[*] Kassadin - Because he's a BS champion.

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Always buy a ward if you have the space+money. You must get a ward during the first trip back.

1. Must have wards during laning phase of the game.
2. Ward when Dragon is up.
3. Useful Warding positions to gank/prevent red/blue.

Also ward Baron.

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Good Luck to all the future Kayle's. WE shall dominate the battlefield and force those who defy us to bow and retreat. The only thing we shall see is the blood of our enemies. The only thing we shall hear is the scream and cries of our enemies. The only thing we shall feel is the joy and victory of our battles. Any hesitation shall be met with death and those who have faced our blade shall tremble in fear and awe.

Please help me correct/fix my guide and feel free to leave any comments good or bad. I accept criticism as I am obviously no where near the best Kayle.

This guide/build was completely made by me and inspired by my friend "scytheripper" who told me to make an adaptable build.

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Success With Build.

Just some of the success I've had with this build. You have to deal with lots of noobs who doubt you and it's a pain for you to work on any build now n days. There is very little positive support to create or imagine something out of the ordinary without people shooting it down for you. I believe that the LoL community fails to challenge the natural champion builds and therefore I have chosen to do so myself. And yes, I do ranked with this build and my success is double edged. I try not to blame my team for problems as it is an excuse but sometimes I feel that this excuse is rightly justified.