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Nidalee Build Guide by SnapCrackPop

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SnapCrackPop

The Tanky AD Nidalee Build

SnapCrackPop Last updated on February 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everybody, this is my first build I made so it might not be very good. I'll edit some things from time to time and even fix some mistakes I make. It might take a while for these edits to come because well this is my first build I've ever made. Anyway AD Nidalee is something I just started playing and found that my build that I made was very useful. I'm not sure if someone else has made this build but all I know is that I did not steal this from anyone. If my build is a copy of someone's build in mobafire please let me know.

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I get Armor penetration runes so I can easily pwn them with Nidalee's Q in couger form and tanky runes so I could take less damage because you're gonna have to go in the battle in couger form to deal the most damage so you have to stay alive.

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Not much to explain here I just go 21/0/9 for the armor penatration, crit, some damage, movement speed, and some spell vamp. You can replace the spell vamp in Utility for longer buffs if you feel that you really need the buffs and 1% spell vamp is nothing. Oh and the reason why I got the movement speed boost in Utility was so I could run away even better. Cause sometimes you running from bush to bush won't help u survive.

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For some reason you can't see the purchase order so I'll put it right here: Boots --> 3 hp potions -- > mercury treads --> wriggles lantern --> Sheen --> Frozen mallet --> Warmogs --> Atmas --> BloodThirster -- > Trinity

I'll explain item build right here. For the build you would want to start with boots and get 3 hp potions or 1 hp and 1 mp. You need to stay farming for a long time so HP potions would help. Another starting item you could get is Doran's Ring. That'll be your only AP item but it'll help you with your healing as well as gives you some mp regen. Anyway after that you get mercury treads and wriggles. When you get your atmas you would want to farm 2000 gold in order to sell your wriggles and then replace it with a BloodThirster. You then finally get your last item which is a trinity force. If you feel that your damage with just a sheen is too low you can get Trinity before Frozen mallet if you wish. But I think saving Trinity for last is good enough since the gold price is soo high I recomended that you get frozen mallet and warmogs to live longer so you can get all the gold from kills and assists for trinity. The reason I got Warmog and Frozen Mallet is because AD Nidalee needs that extra hp in order to actually survive in team fights. I pick up atma's right after and It gives me about a 70-90 attack damage boost which is really helpful because then my Q in couger form will do a lot more damage. Oh and if they have A LOT OF CC. Don't get a Frozen Mallet get a Quick Silver Sash or Banshee's Veil and then if you can farm the gold get your trinity before warmogs / after warmogs.

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Skill Combo

In order to have the most damage done by Nidalee you first have to be in human form. You then heal yourself for extra attack speed so you rape them faster and then you quickly go in couger form W to hop on them E to swipe them and then you use ur Q. The reason why you use Q in couger form last is because it does more dmg the lower hp your opponent has so if you do this combo then Q ur Q will do the most damage it could do in that combo rather then Q first then combo.

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This chapter will be very short. FARM as much as you can otherwise you can't get all those HP items which means you can't get any damage.

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Summoner Spells

For Nidalee i personally like to have [ghost] and [flash] because well Ghost so u can run away easily and flash so u can run away again!. You could also if u want get [ignite] but you really don't need ignite because well ignite finishes them off but instead of igniting u could just jav them. Javelin still does some damage. In fact if u can aim it right and if they're far enough it would do more damage than ignite if they dont have lots of magic resistance. But if you suck with javelin and think you need to finish a lot of ppl off then go ahead get ignite.

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Well hope this guide helps you with your AD [nidalee] and if you see CrackisGood in the game and we both want AD Nidalee GTFO SHES MINE! >:)