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Morgana Build Guide by Paravani

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paravani

The Total AP Package for Dominion

Paravani Last updated on September 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Morgana is often underestimated in Dominion, but I've found that she can be very successful, particularly in a defensive strategy. She can last long and focus on multitasking, due to her versatile skillset. In this guide I will talk about my personal strategy for using Morgana in Dominion. Bear in mind that Morgana will be depending on her team to be decent at their job, and to come and take over her post if it is disrupted. More often than not, however, Morgana can spend the majority of the game relaxing and ambushing foolish enemies that try to ninja her post.

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I use the same rune set for Dominion Morgana that I use for Normal Morgana, as none of the stats I augment are less valuable in this new game mode. With 9 marks and a quint in Magic Pen, Morgana can start the match with about 10.5 Penetration - add to that the penetration that her Masteries will allow, but that will come up later in the guide. Morgana is already a little beefier than your average mage, so adding flat HP seals is a good idea to further this advantage. Glyphs and 2 more quints will add flat AP, giving her nearly 20 starting AP on runes alone.

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With Masteries, I give Morgana a 9/0/21 build that grabs her the Magic Penetration Mastery and everything important in the utility category. In offense I grab the exhaust buff because I like to use it in Dominion - more on that later, but if you decide to use a different summoner spell, alter this accordingly.

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A lot of people like to grab boots first, to get the nodes faster. I like to counter this by starting with raw power - I grab Hextech revolver, intending to upgrade it soon to a WotA. The reason? For the money, WotA provides the best AP boost, and spell vamp synergizes perfectly with Morgana's OP passive. After that she needs the boots to keep up, but that can be accomplished in the first 5 minutes or so of the game. Morgana isn't trying to be as mobile as many of the others, however - chasers can't put up with her stun as long as she's within walking range of a friendly node, so she can afford to minimize her movement speed. Therefore, she takes Ionians to improve her CDR. With her Nikes in place, Morgana will want to maximize her punch. This might lead to a Deathcap in certain situations, but in most I find Morello's to be the next purchase. It's quickly grabbed, provides all the benefits Morgana needs, and she maintains a good punch with it. After that, Deathcap is icing on the cake for her nuke. From here, the two items I suggest are very customizable. My two suggestions give Morgana enough beefiness against any type of damage while continuing to add to her AP, but ultimately you should be open to countering whatever you're facing. If an AD DPS is really bugging you, consider a thornmail. Do whatever you want, but if there's no particular counter that you need, always go with more AP.

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Skill Sequence

This is a little odd for Morgana, compared to a Normal game. I want to maximize the nuke first and foremost, and that's your Q. With high damage and a .9 AP scale, plus a stun, it's great. We're also building up very decent Spell Vamp with WotA and Morgana's passive, and spell vamp works best with single target spells - like Morgana's Q. So this spell is going to be your bread and butter, stunning enemies while dealing massive damage and healing yourself. We also want to grab tormented soil early so that we can begin multitasking, stunning one champ and interrupting another if necessary, or the old standby of "stun 'em and then soil em". Black Shield is highly important for Dominion, denying enemies the ability to CC you or your carry in a teamfight - but it isn't necessary within the first few minutes of the game, and takes damage off of your nuke/soil if you take it early. Therefore, we hold off on it a little bit, then grab one level for the CC denial ability, and hold off on maximizing it until later. You can adjust your strategy and power up the Black Shield earlier if the enemy team is very AP heavy, but this sort of occurrence ought to be very rare.
Dark Binding - Your nuke. Use this to stun them, heal yourself, or just plain damage them. Avoid using this on minions.
Tormented Soil - Help clear minion waves with this, but don't stop to farm. Drop it and keep going. Also use against champs who are stunned, or to disrupt champs that are capturing next to each other. It can also be used simply to make it impossible to capture a node in a certain area.
Black Shield - Use this to protect a carry as they go into a fight, or save the life of a low-health champ. Sure, it only protects against magic damage - but don't think about that too long, or you'll miss an opportunity. Are they almost dead? Shield em!
Soul Shackles - Bust this when you can get between two or more champs in a teamfight. Also can be useful to stop champs that are focusing you. Only use it on a single enemy champ if it will guarantee the kill.

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Summoner Spells

I go with Exhaust and Revive. I'm not strict about this - go with what you're good at. The reason I use this duo is because exhaust will give me the extra cc I need to manage a teamfight - if the enemy comes down on my small squad heavy, I can stun on champ, exhaust their highest damage dealer, and shield someone on my own team in a very short span of time. A well placed exhaust can turn the tide of any fight, and shouldn't be underestimated. As for Revive, Dominion is the only game mode where I'd recommend it... and not for everybody. I take it because with Morgana I escape death the vast majority of the time - once they finally do bring me down, I'm back within seconds and often quick enough to stop them from taking the node they just fought tooth-and-nail to take from me. It's not coming back instantly that make Revive good, it's the speed boost.

If you look at the masteries setup I have, I've also gotten the boost for Ghost. This is largely because we needed a filler for the first tier of masteries, but also because it can make a great replacement for Revive if you aren't keen on my strategy there.

Both of these spells have long cooldown times. For some, that's a problem - our masteries are set up to alleviate it as much as possible, but as I said before - make edits where necessary.

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Good Partners for Dominion Morgana

Amumu - I consider this the best partner for Morgana. As a tank, Amumu can soak up damage and Morgana will augment that with Black Shield. He also serves in an anti-tank capacity due to the health-based damage on his "W" - furthermore, Morgana's WotA aura will benefit Amumu, making them a successful pair. That isn't even going into all the stunning going on. Whoo.
Udyr - Again, a tank who can benefit from Morgana's aura when in Phoenix Mode. The other benefit of Udyr is that he's as good at multitasking as Morgana is - if the two summoners think enough alike, they will both be prepared for anything along the way.
Akali - DPS champ to take advantage of Morgana's CC. She also gets some use from AP, so she benefits from WotA's aura.
Heimerdinger - Most of the time, Heimerdinger is considered good to go solo in Dominion, but with Morgana you could have a bit of an allstar team. He benefits from Morgana's WotA aura, and the two of them have enough CC and damage between them to wreck enemies who aren't prepared. This option should be considered against a tank-heavy team, but against heavy DPS they will probably fall quickly.

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With this setup, Morgana is prepared to play a strong defensive game in Dominion. Take a node, hold it, and let the rest of your team wreck face. The ideal situation is to camp the bushes behind windmill, from which Morgana can stun an enemy (who is, more often than not, watching their minimap while capturing instead of the screen and won't see your projectile) and then soil them, by which time the turret is all over them and they will either run as fast as they can or die very quickly. This isn't a one-trick pony though, Morgana is also excellent in a teamfight due to her CC, shield, and nuke ability. When using Morgana, concentrate on surviving - but don't be afraid to die in the right circumstance. Holding off an enemy team to delay them from capturing for 7 seconds or more at the cost of your life should buy enough team for decent teammates to arrive and slaughter the invaders.

The worst situation for Morgana to be in is to be defending her node while the enemy team has the rest of them. If you get stuck in this worst-case scenario, you can safely blame your team and feel guiltless about having chosen Morgana.