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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Pel Khaav

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pel Khaav

The True Dunkmaster, Jarvan!!!

Pel Khaav Last updated on October 11, 2015
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Jarvan IV Build

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Jarvan is usually a tanky, jungling, team-fighting machine. But not today. Today we're gonna build him as a high damage bruiser, giving him the power to wreak havoc in the early and mid game. He does fall off in power during the really late game, but still has his high utility to make up for it.

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For mastering you're gonna want to take a simple 21/9/0 set putting points into (aside from jungle oriented masteries) AD and CDR. You don't need the attack speed because of the passive on your E.

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For runes I take flat AD quintes, 4 armor-pen marks and 5 AD marks, flat armor seals, and scaling MR glyphs.

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Start off with Machete and 2 Health Pots. On your first back get a Stalkers Blade and tier one boots. Buy a pink ward if you can. From there you wanna do some early ganks. If they turn out well, go warrior enchantment. If you suck (JK) and the ganks go poorly, go cinderhulk. From there you wanna rush Tiamat. If your ahead, or at least not behind get your Giants Belt and finish off your Titanic Hydra. After that finish up with your tier two boots. Either Merc Treads or Ninja Tabi will work. From there rush a Black Cleaver. Now from here you have more options. You can go Last Whisper if they have a lot of armor, Brutalizer if you just want some more damage, or if you're behind, the grad something tanky. I would normally go Frozen Heart, or Spirit Visage. From there, assuming they're not a full AD team, go Hexdrinker. If you didn't get a tank item earlier, get one now. Same options of course. If you did get a tank item, go Last Whisper. Finish up your Maw of Malamortious (is this how it's spelled?) and your all set. GOOD LUCK

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Skill Sequence


I think this makes since. If not Max Q first, E second, W last, and get your ult when possible.

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Go Flash and Smite. Smite is obvious, you're jungling, and since you are gonna use your EQ combo to engage, you need something to escape if you need it. Pretty basic setup.

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With this build your goal is to deal INSANE damage early and mid, while setting up kills for your teammates during the late game. TRUST ME. I just got into ranked (placed in silver) but my friends older brother (DoubleStylish) who is currently in Plat 4, said it was a great build, with only one problem. "It feels weird to carry with Jarvan". Sooooo yeah, this works pretty well.

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Ranked Play

I don't really know what to put here; you're gonna play him the same way you would in any other game. That is to say, kick some *** and carry.

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Pros / Cons

Great early/mid game damage
Great utility
Most people don't know much about him (he's not very popular in any elo) so they don't know how to counter him.

Falls off late game
Kinda squishy

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Team Work

Early game your gonna want to take the kills that you tank for, because this is quite an expensive build. However, during late game, or for lanes that snowball really hard (such as a draven) then your main goal is to set up kills for your team using your knock up, slow, walls on your ult etc.

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Creeping / Jungling

Your gonna want to start at blue buff, because you run low on mana really quickly, although no matter how good a leash you get, you're gonna run low on health after your first two clears. Start group then blue, and then get crab. After that go raptors, red buff, and then second crab and back. After that your gonna be mainly ganking, but don't forget to do camps when your not making plays.

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Unique Skills

Jarvan is GREAT at ganking, with his good base damage, knock up, slow and giant gap closer. If you can get your laner in your ult with you that's good to because it allows them to help with the brutal massacre that will insue (assuming that they aren't to low on health to help)

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Cool! This was my first guide so I hoped you liked it. I'm sorry if I didn't use a lot of the features that other guides have, as I don't know how to do so (such as adding pictures or links, etc) although it might be because I'm doing this on my iPad. Either way I hope this guide helps and that you enjoyed it, as well as the games you play using it. With that said, GLHF and GO CARRY!