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League of Legends Build Guide Author RUSHUTORI

The True Fiddlesticks Mid Guide s6

RUSHUTORI Last updated on February 22, 2016
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Hi guys my name is RUSHUTORI in euw maybe a little bit known as YTCommanderAizen and im a consistantly rising in elo.Before 4 months i were bronze 1 and reached silver 2 shortly before the reset.The reset thow got me to bronze 2 but in no time i was silver 4 again.So in theory im the old gold 4 now and i can tell you getting out of bronze isnt that hard.My favorite picks in season 6 are defenitly Zed,Zilean,Lee Sin and Azir.On Zed i reached around 70k points because if you play him correctly youre almost unkillable till mid game.But before we talk too much about zed lets start with an unexpected mid laner called "Fiddlesticks" Not the best win rate but i show you how you can have an easier time.

Always get RoA
Always get resistance against your enemy laner.

RoA gives you good mana sustain and makes you lets say "not burtsable" like the normal fiddle.Combined with a tear and maybe an Athene's gives you VERY good mana sustain.And it synergises very well with the mana reliant ap increase.This makes you a very good late game team fighter if you land your ultimate correctly.

Resistance is still a must because it makes your drain in a 1v1 stronger.

He's a mage buy Rabadons sooner or later.

Good Items on Fiddlesticks-
Rylais Scepter
Tear of the Godess(and maybe an Athene's)
Abysall Scepter
Boots of Speed/Mercurials
Void Staff
Zhonyas Hourglass

Rylais Scepter is very good on Fiddlesticks because your w and ult want your target in range while your e has also a good range to make it easier to get your skills of and is essentialy for chasing what a normal fiddle isnt really able to do.
Tear makes you a late game beast and gives you good mana sustain.The Athene's makes you almost never be at low mana late game.
Abyssal Scepter makes you a crazy dualist against other mages who have to get close to you.
Boots of Speed really helps chasing and fleeing and the slow resistance is nice if you land a 5 man ult cause you will force some flashes mate.
Lyandries burns tanks thats it.Oh and it has flat magic pen(fap* fap*)
Void Staff same as Lyandries but more for the late game^^.
Zhonyas can really help you survive if the whole enemy team wants to blow you up when you get your 5 man ult (fap* fap*)

My favorite full build is-
Rod of Ages
Seraph's Embrace
Rabadons Deathcap
Boots of Speed(Swiftness)
Rylais Scepter
Zhonyas Hourglass

You will be a teamfighter as well as a duelist.

You may want to switch the Seraphs with the Abyssal or the Rylais with Athene's if they have a good ap focused engage.Remember you are a little bit more squishy which isn't that good.

Before you ask the idea behind Fiddlesticks Mid is to roam bot and get feed of them.Ofc you can go top as well but there is only one person to kill.And if you have zhonyas you even can dive them with full hp and with the help of your bot you should be able to do it especially if you can drain from them.However not every bot lane agrees with that so sometimes you might look for pulled lane's to roam to.Also most champions wont have their usually kill potential on you because your simply an ******* combenition of tankiness and selfhealing like a *****.But you still gotta be carefull because most mid laners run ignite and that sh*t hurts Fiddlesticks a lot.And pre 6 he's very vunerable because of the interruption of his main ability through cc.Well as you finished RoA you gotta do lots of damage with your ult alone. But on the other hand your ult has a long cooldown so dont use against high mobile champs like zed unless their mobility spells are down.Never get too close to the enemy laner just to drain from him because its a waste of mana.Better focus on farming.If you have problems with farming building RoA Tear and Athene's is always good just because farming with your E is easier.That's also the reason for us to skill it first.I still recommend getting used to his AA because you wont always have your e up.


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